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Glass slippers not needed…but thanks

on February 9, 2012

OK so my foots not killing me literally, but it hasn’t felt shall I say “pleasant” since Dec 31st of last year.  Doesn’t that sound dramatic….last year!  Not a great way to end 2011.  But in reality it has only been just over a month.  Nonetheless its bugging me and I know it’s partially my fault.  Not the original injury but the continuation for sure.  I may or may not have Plantar Fasciitis.  

According to my “doctor” , and I use that term loosely, it’s not.  He wondered what I wanted him to do for me?  Well lets see…….ummm its my foot, it hurts and it’s not suppose to right?  Well needless to say that got me no where, except thinking maybe I need a new doctor of course.  No Physical Therapy no other suggestions.  Oh wait he did send me for an x-ray.  Thanks.

So after speaking with other runners, the cool running guy at Running etc, my friend from bible study who is a retired PT, and searching the internet..well, I am pretty convinced its PF.  And unfortunately that’s not short for pretty funny.

So now I am a self-proclaimed (and husband proclaimed) crazy person.  Even though my coach Kelly ( has been super supportive and wonderful for my moral support (thanks Kelly)  I have now tried every tip, trick and fancy  insole I can find to get rid of this nagging, annoying, irritating pain in the a**…. I mean foot :)

Icing (check) stretching (check) on an upside of stretching I think my legs have even grown an inch,  massage = ouchie (check),  yoga (check), two pairs of insoles and a pair of heel seats later (check, check, check)…….still discomfort and additionally frustration.

Ok discomfort isn’t so bad and I am sure my “doctor” would agree with that.  But every Saturday and Sunday……ughh, ouchie, oooo etc, etc.   You see Saturdays are my long run days.  I am in training people!  Training for what you say?   The Olympics?  The Boston Marathon? (thanks for the props from my cousin Nikki who actually gave me enough credit to think I would qualify.)….oh no.  The Disney Princess Half Marathon.  That’s right I am training for the big time!  We’re talking D.I.S.N.E.Y.  I want to be a sparkly, bling covered Disney Half Marathon Princess dang it!!!  That’s right Princesses don’t sweat they sparkle people!  Get it right.

And so I continue this vicious cycle.  Short runs during the week along with stretching, icing, etc. = discomfort.  OK I can do this.  Then the long run. Did I mention I used to love the long run?  Actually I still do its AFTER the long run when it all goes to heck.  But even me, at my meager slowish pace, am determined to get thru this and cross that finish line at 13.1.  I guess only other runners will understand.  It’s a ”runner thing”.  I mean I overcame shin splints for my first half-marathon right?

But let me tell you this for sure…..Mickey and Minnie and the whole darn legion of princess had better be at that finish line with it’s a small world blaring, banners waving and the biggest bling I have EVER seen!  Can I hear an Amen?  However the one thing I will absolutely pass on is Prince Charming and that flippin’ glass slipper!  There is NO WAY I would ever put that thing on this foot…ever.  OUCHIE!!!  So wish me luck because if I can make it thru this and walk I have another one scheduled for March.  Note to self……Your an idiot.    Just find your happy pace.

PS  who needs the glass slipper anyway…I already have my Prince Charming, right this minute.

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