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Run for Sherry

on February 11, 2012

Today I did the Virginia is for Lovers 14K with my bestie and my hubby.  But I also did it with someone I don’t know and will never meet.  I ran with Sherry.

Who is Sherry you ask?  Sherry Arnold was a wife, a mother, teacher and a runner.  She lived in a small town in Montana.  One early January morning she set out for a run but never returned.    The only thing found, so far, has been one of her running sneakers.  Two men have been arrested and one has confessed to her murder.    Scary….very.  Do I run alone?  Sometimes.  Do I run early? Sometimes.  But thanks to Sherry I now run smarter.

So how did I learn about Sherry?  Well, I follow her cousins facebook page “Shut Up and Run”.  That was the first time I heard of Sherry and her tragic story.  In pain and wanting to honor her cousin she took to her facebook page and asked people to run in honor of Sherry.  And from there it took off, literally.  From person to person, facebook page to page, blog to blog, etc.  Today people all over the world, not just our country, ran and walked in her memory.  I did too.  I ran my race with Sherry behind me the whole way.  When my PF started bothering me I thought of Sherry.  I continued to run because I could and I was not going to let her down.

So today, even if you didn’t run, take a moment to think of Sherry.  If you’re a runner take a minute to rethink if you run safely.  Could this awful incident have been avoided?  No one can know but I know one thing for sure…Sherry can now Find Her Happy Pace and run any day, any time and anywhere.  But today she blessed my life by running with me a stranger, a mother, wife and runner.  Thanks Sherry 🙂

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