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A Shamrock’n good time

on March 19, 2012

Hello all,

I had a awesome Shamrock Half Marathon this past Sunday!!After months of training with an injury I set a PR (personal record)!  I beat my old record by a whopping 9 minutes!!  Praises to God for all his help and faith in me. I am lucky that my injury hurts when I stop running not while I run.  Strange but true and very much appreciated.  I know there are lots of injuries that would just take you out of the running game completely.  I was so happy crossing that line that you could not have paid me to wipe that smile off my face!  You would have thought I won the whole darn women’s division.  It sure felt like it! 

I want to thank Kelly my running coach for all her support.  Kelly had asked me what my plan was. I told her “start off slow and Find my happy pace” yes I really did.  She gave me two time splits to check for during the race at miles 6 and 10.  I made both. In fact at mile 10 I realized I was almost 3 minutes faster that what she told me would be considered “in even better shape” to beat my old half.  What a great feeling that was, definitely gives you incentive to knock those last 3.1 miles out.

I am also proud that I was able to run with my best friends and neighbors as a complete group (plus one additional sister in running).  You see, as military life goes, one of our own is leaving soon.  Sue you have been a great inspiration to myself and Alicia.  I am pretty sure we would have never run a half marathon without your support.  Gosh a year ago I thought I might die after the Shamrock 8k!  Now look at us!  And since a series of foot injuries plagued our group it was nearly a miracle that we made it to the starting line at all.  I will miss watching your butt ahead of me and your smiling face at the finish.  Forget destination weddings….I think I hear a destination race calling our names. 😉

So thanks to all of you prayed and supported me.  Now I have a new record to work on breaking!

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  1. Definitely hear a destination race calling! Maybe Europe? 🙂

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