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Batman, belly bumps and tears

on March 30, 2012

Our very dear friends and neighbors left today. 🙁  Big sigh.  Today they Begin their new adventure from VA to AZ to Japan.  Last night we had shared one last meal and some laughs together.  My hubby’s famous pizza on the menu, 13 kids, 6 adults and the wonderful joyful noise of semi-controled chaos. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

After dinner, as the kids laughed and played, the adults helped finish last-minute packing of the U-haul and suburban.  We, the adults, kept ourselves in check emotionally…until a sad, teary eyed 3 year old ran back to say his last goodbye.  And thus started the waterworks. Tears were shed, many tears.  The heart has such a huge capacity for love but can be broken in a million pieces by a single tear. The culmination of two years of joy and fellowship came to a head.  Although we all knew it was coming can one ever really prepare for a goodbye?   As the Mom’s tried to hold it together the kids started to fall apart one by one.

Soon it was past dark and it was time to finish our goodbyes and head home to get the kids settled.  We tore the girls away from each other, the ones staying here still in tears. The older boys hugged and slapped each others back.  Finally it was time for the little guys to say their goodbyes.  They are better known around here as Batman and Robin.  So what do Batman and Robin do?  Well at first they just hugged and we started to walk away. Suddenly Batman yells back to us “hey” and lifts his shirt, little belly sticking out.  Our little man runs back over lifts his shirt and they belly bump each other.  They depart in laughter instead of tears.  What could be more perfect for them and more heartbreaking for us?!

I was able to hold some semblance of composure until I turned in for bed.  My hubby and I started talking about how much we would miss our dear friends.  But what got to us the most was a blonde haired hazel eyed Batman and his cute as a button buddy Robin.  You see our youngest made his very first best friend in our neighbors youngest son.  Their favorite game is dress up Batman and Robin.  Our little guy is Robin.  It breaks my heart to see him lose his buddy, his bestie, his Batman. Batman has spent lots and lots of time at our house and we loved him like a 4th child.  Don’t get me wrong we loved all 4 of our neighbors children, but it was so special to see our youngest develop from a toddler when we first moved in, into someones true best friend.  One of God’s true gifts is the gift of a true friend.

Therefore we bid you farewell Batman and friends, take care of each other, email and Facebook often, Skype when you can.  We will miss you all and I thank you for showing our family what true friendship, fellowship and love for each other means.  We will miss you in body but keep you close in spirit.  We hope to see you again someday on this earth.  In the military, stranger things have happened (who knows I hear Batman and Robin have a lot of pull around here.)  But we know we will see you all again someday in God’s heavenly kingdom, and then we will never have to say goodbye.

With deepest love and affection…….BELLY BUMPS all around!

5 Responses to “Batman, belly bumps and tears”

  1. Nicole says:

    Oh, this post brings tears to my eyes. It is so hard to say goodbye to friends that you love. I totally get what you said about your sons best friend. This, sadly happen to my son right before he turned 3. We have kept in touch and they have visited and it is always a wonderful time. My son has always dressed as Batman, so this post is especially close to my heart.

    • Darlena says:

      Thanks Nicole. I still need to get myself together. He would come over our house everyday after preschool and today he will not be coming. I am a wreck!

  2. I hope the Suburban doesn’t flood…so many tears. Love and miss you all. 🙂

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