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Long Runs, GU and Small Victories

on March 10, 2012

Last long run before The Shamrock Half next week.  Three words to describe this run…rough, windy, and GU-less. 🙁

It was one of those days when a jacket is too much, a long sleeve tee is too little.  From the inside looking out it looked perfect. Sunny and cool.  One problem…the wind.  Around here (by the shore) wind can be a big challenge. Think running forward while feeling like your going backward.  Jacket on, jacket off, jacket on, well you get the picture.

Also due to poor planning on my part I had none of my usual GU at home this morning.  So I brought along the only thing I had a Chomp Shot I got at the Princess half but never used.  Lets just say the description “shot” fits this.  Now some of you may like Chomp Shots but I did NOT.  It definitely felt like a shot of energy all right, but I didn’t feel my body used it the same as my usual GU.  It was like a shot up and a crash and burn.  I also “like” to hit my rough patch at about mile 6. Ok I don’t like it at all, in fact it sucks!  If I could skip from mile 6 to 7 that would be a dream. (Somebody work on that…thanks) So anyway, after the crash mental games definitely came into play.  My mind started wander and all I wanted to do was run (okay walk) home like a whinny little baby.  Then I remembered something I had heard. Set up small goals for yourself on a tough run, a point A to point B mini goal if you will.  So I did.  From here to that tree, from here to the bridge, from here to the Campground, to Boon (my neighbors will know what I mean) and you know what IT WORKED!  Thank goodness for small victories that set you on the path to big ones.

So here’s to long runs, GU, small victories and  finding your happy pace!

P.S. God bless you full marathon runners, I couldn’t imagine hitting a wall somewhere between 16 and 20, hats off to you!

2 Responses to “Long Runs, GU and Small Victories”

  1. Good job getting the run in this morning. That wind was brutal! Hoping to get a 5 miler in this week to test out the sprain before making a decision about running Shamrock. Cheering you on either way (and hoping the weather is a little warmer and less windy)!

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