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From 8 to 1 plus “Sue”

on April 2, 2012

Today was the First church service since our dear friends Sue and Matt moved.  Four Couples usually sit together in some sort of combination, 8 of us when we are at full “power”. Sometimes 4 of us when all the guys are deployed somewhere around the world.   But today there was only 1…me.  No Sue, no Alicia, no Cheryl.  No Matt, Issac, Robert or Ron.  You see one spouse is currently deployed, and the others were coming to late service or were away for the weekend.

So there I sat, just me.  Before the music started I looked around, slight sadness filled my heart.  My formerly full row now mostly barren. Then I noticed a woman I had recently met, sitting a few seats from me.  Good morning I said ” We met on Wednesday, your Susie right?”  ”Yes” she replied.  We talked a little as the music began to play.  Soon I was swept up in the music and by the spirit.  My sadness dispersed and only the joy of  being with my Lord remained. You see I wasn’t alone after all, the Lord was right there by my side, waiting for me to take notice.  He is there for all of us, always.  I just needed a little reminder today.  So in the end it doesn’t matter if there are 1, 2 or 8, you are never alone.  Right this minute he is here with you.

On a funny note;  Since I was especially missing Sue (knowing she would no longer be able to join us at service) wasn’t it ironic that God sat me next to a new Sue…Susie.  And even more ironically I spoke to Alicia after she attended second service. I told her about Susie, and she in turn told me she sat next to a person she had not previously met.  Her name…..Sue!  Coincidence?  I think not, lol.

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