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Lend a Helping Hand – Run a Virtual 5K

on May 28, 2012

This Weekend I participated in my second Virtual 5K race.  The Divas and Dudes Virtual 5K.  Don’t you just love the name!  This race benefited TNT (team in training).  I love to run for something more that just myself!  Especially a 5K, I am NOT particularly fast and I much prefer to run long rather than short and fast.  So motivation on a 5K helps me….a lot.  Here is my sweaty “dreadmill” and dreadful picture, lol.

My first virtual race also benefited TNT.  Are you interested in trying one?  A fellow blogger of mine is hosting one in July.  “Running While Mommy” is running with TNT in memory of a friend’s daughter.  She has been training through injury (I can relate) and raising money for TNT while working towards a half marathon in October.  Here is the link to both her TNT page and her blog.  And yes you get BLING!  ( you can connect to her fundraising page from her blog also)

Someday I hope to get more involved with TNT, but for now I am just glad to lend a hand.  After all isn’t that what God asks of us, to help and support one another?

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  1. Jennifer Gagnier says:


    Ran my first 5K this weekend!! Exhilarating….and addicting! Looking for my next one…and am dragging the hubby along.. Hope all is well. Thanks for the motivation.

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