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Run, I shall. And not take it so seriously

on May 4, 2012

So in case you missed it today is “Intergalactic Star Wars Day”.  COOL!  Yes I grew up in the 70’s and am a slight Star Wars Geek.  And you know what, I am not ashamed to admit it.  Ok I have never been to a convention or anything like that, but I still love the movies and now so do my kids.  It’s so nice to have something that my 12-year-old down to my 4-year-old can share and enjoy together.  We embrace all that is Star Wars.  Old Star Wars, New Star Wars and Star Wars the Clone Wars, doesn’t matter.  So today, in honor of the day, my youngest and I played out a Star Wars battle (see pics)  I am pretty sure he won.

I even ran down our front sidewalk in a Darth Vader cape complete with lightsaber in hand. See I told you….geek 😉

Why you might ask?  Why not I say!  Life and running should be fun!!  When it gets too serious I lose interest.  I’m the girl you see in a race with the crazy socks, the sparkle skirt or the funny shirt.  I am never going to win a race (well maybe if I hang in there till I’m like 90).  However I will race against myself.  Me against me.  I may PR, I may not.  I will talk to the guy/girl next to me when I need some distraction or it looks like they do.  Running for me is something I enjoy, sure I worked hard for my last PR, but my PR does NOT define me.  I am a child of God and only he can define me.  Cape or no cape.

So work hard, race against your self, but please don’t forget to have some fun.  Find your happy pace every day in running and life.  If you have a hard run….remember you still got out there and did it!  People think your slow, who cares!!!!  We are not all fast, but we are all runners.  

Laugh at yourself and hopefully others will laugh with you, if not…their loss.  Oh and don’t forget to eat cupcakes….I love cupcakes, they also make me happy!

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