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Running and Rolling and Learning Things the Hard Way

on May 1, 2012

Two and a half weeks post Dismal Swamp and my knee issue is better, but not 100%.  Seems to be an IT band issue which in turn is leading to the knee pain.  I added some short runs back in only because of a half coming up. Otherwise I would take  more running time off. The longest was yesterday at 3.5 miles. In the meantime I continue to foam roll, stretch, do yoga and kettle bells.  From my research it seems I really need to strengthen both my core and glutes.  I dislike core work…really, really dislike core work.  I know I should do it but it’s just so stinkin’ HARD!!  (cue the whining) I would rather run 10 miles than do 10 minutes of ab work.  Isn’t that just sad.

But when I look back to last year, when I was faithfully doing P90X and its core workout, I know what I need to do.  Now to convince my brain to do it.  The addition of my Kettle Bell workout is definitely working my inner thighs and glutes, which from what I read will also help with my overall issues. I just don’t walk or sit very well for the next few days 😉  But I know its working and that makes me smile.

CROSS TRAIN people!! (really I am just yelling at myself) I think I need to tattoo that somewhere on my person.  I need to make it part of my routine every week like I used to.

I have one more half coming up this month. “Diva Half” in Myrtle Beach.  Therefore I have also been researching Pro-Tec IT band wraps, just in case I still need a little help.

So wish me luck.  I have a date with Tony Horton 😉

Also any suggestions from runners with former IT Band problems would be greatly appreciated.

Would love to hear from you!