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Work it Girl! A Diva Pace is Any Pace She Wants.

on May 7, 2012

Tried to do a long(ish) run today.  Note the word “tried”.  I have the Diva Half coming up on the 20th, unfortunately it doesn’t look like my knee/IT band issue is going to cooperate.  Don’t get me wrong I am still doing it (Girls Weekend!!)  Plus there are going to be chicken fajitas (my favorite pre-race meal) and cupcakes (my favorite post race treat), I’m so in. However I have officially made peace with the fact that I will NOT be getting a new PR during this Half.  And you know what I am ok with that.  I may even be walking….a lot.

In the meantime, through research, it seems I need to work on my core strength and continue working on flexibility.  Not really a huge surprise.  I knew the middle was getting a little weak.  Therefore I have started P90X core workout again.  Ouchie.  I really should have been doing this all along.  Woulda, shoulda, coulda.  And I also need to work on my tight hips. I apparently like to learn things via “Trial by Fire” technique.  Not really, but the old saying “an ounce of prevention” really fits into this scenario.

So note to myself (and any newer runners)….do NOT avoid core training, flexibility and cross training in general!  I will continue enjoying the stretching of a Yoga routine.  Nothing too hard-core, a nice beginner Yoga routine can help one keep (or in my case, become) flexible.  Also a giant plus for a runner.

In hindsight I believe I had gotten too focused on just running in order to do 13.1 racing miles. Diva will be my 4th Half of 2012.  It’s also hard to fit in everything we should be doing (cross training vs. getting in mileage) when you’re a Mom.  I know many of you hear what I am saying.  Now don’t get me wrong for a well-rounded, more experienced runner 4 half marathons would probably not be an issue.  However,  I was not born a natural-born runner and seeing as I am not in my 20’s or even 30’s anymore, it time to take a step back and regroup.  It’s just so darn addictive!

I still plan on doing my best and enjoying the Diva, its gonna be a great girls weekend with some good friends and we are gonna work it!  Plus you get a crown and a boa (oh yea) even if you have to crawl past the Diva station!!!  😉  and I am pretty sure that my Happy Pace as a Diva is whatever pace I want it to be.  After all being a Diva has its benefits.

After the Diva my next Half isn’t until Rock-n-Roll in September and I want to ROCK it!!  Patience and cross training will be key.

Would love to hear from you!