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Beating the Heat for My Long Run

on June 30, 2012

So today’s high was supposed to be a predicted 100.  Oh and humid, gotta LOVE humidity.  So last night I conferred with my new best buddy, the local on-line hourly forecast.  According to the forecast my best shot for any sort of comfort was going to be between 6;30 – 8 AM.  With a whopping low of 76 with high humidity.  So after considering my babysitting options and setting up the kids I was set for sometime early morning.   On Friday I also consulted with my Facebook page buddies (thank you) for some additional heat related running tips.

Last night the weather got crazy.  High winds (60+ mph) and a thunderstorm woke and kept me up between 11:30 – 12:30.  I flicked on the tv to make sure I wasn’t missing any tornado warnings.  Yup it was that bad out.  There weren’t any, thank goodness. Gotta love VA weather!  Irritated on one hand but hopeful this would change the forecast on the other hand.  aka..hoping for a silver lining 😉

After getting up at 6:05 and eating my usual Whole Wheat Potato Bread with peanut butter (I cannot run on an empty stomach, some can, I cannot), dressing, waking up the babysitter, hydrating and umm downloading (I will leave this up to your imagination, I know my buddies know what I mean, lol) but lets just say it is a really good thing before a long run…enough said. I was out the door by 6:50.  It was 76 as predicted and humid!  Love it.  So no luck breaking the humidity with last night’s thunderstorm.   I already had a plan to HYDRATE, Hydrate, hydrate.  In addition to my usual water I did one of my fuel belt bottles with a Gatorade /water mix.  This is a really great thing to do on hot long runs.  I also took the advice of my buddy Amanda who suggested wetting my hair down before leaving the house.  Great idea!

Before leaving I also decided to go for a time goal rather than purely a distance goal.  In other words I knew the elements might be against me but I also knew about how long it should take me to do 9 miles.  I read a really great article last week about pace / distance, etc. ( I linked it below).  Worth a look for sure.

Runner’s World “Ask Coach Jenny

So off I went.  Luckily there was a nice breeze for my first 4.5 miles.  Thank goodness because miles 1-3ish usually suck for me, recently I was glad to hear I am not the only one who has these issues.  So persist new runners!  It gets better the longer you go, really it does.  It takes me about 3 miles just to get everything moving loose and smooth.  Thus why I am not a big fan myself of 5K’s (3.11 miles), by the time I feel good…it’s over, lol.  Anyway for some reason when I turned around (I did an out and back loop) the breeze was totally gone.  UGGH!!  How does this happen people?!?  If you know please share!   And of course this was at the “running into the sun”  part of my run.  (insert whinny baby face here)

In the end I was only short by less than a quarter-mile.  Pace wasn’t all that bad and ending temp was 78 with slightly higher humidity.  So I consider it a win-win for the day.

Next week will be a fall back week for my long run.  I will only be doing 8.  It looks like a really HOT week coming up, I may just keep my hair wet all week! 😉

Would love to hear from you!