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Jillian M Body Revolution Update and First Official Training Week

on June 22, 2012

I did it!  I made it through another week of Jillian Michaels.  Did I tell you she rocks?!  I am really loving this 90 day body revolution.  I continue to get stronger and my measurements continue to change for the better.  Workouts 3 and 4 were not as scary as I had anticipated.  Thank goodness.  I think having a good head start (running program) has helped a lot.  Each week I continue to make myself proud with what I have accomplished.  Now I do have one confession….I did miss one workout this week.  I didn’t do the JM cardio on Wed.  I had an appointment Wed morning and decided to put it off until evening, well that didn’t happen.  But as promised in my last blog, I wasn’t too hard on myself.  Wed also happened to be a scheduled running day off so I did NOTHING as far as exercise goes that day.  And you know what, I am alright with that.  Because in addition to JM I also started my official Rock n Roll Half training schedule.  The half is in Sept.

As far as training goes, I have decided to follow the “Train Like a Mother” half marathon “Finish It” program along with continuing the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Program.  I looked into the “Own It” Half Marathon Version, but just didn’t see that happening with the hubby away and because I really want to continue JM. This way I feel like I am getting the best of both worlds.  So in a way its kind of like my “Finish/Own It” program.  I also have been concentrating on my running form.  When I first started running I apparently was a heel striker (hey at the time I had no idea).  This lead to shin splints.  I don’t even want to talk about that!  So I forced myself to become a forefoot runner.  I switched to a very light minimalist type show and it worked for a while, but my feet always felt tired and sore after any long runs, even after months and months.  Then in December I developed PF.  I switched to a more supportive yet still fairly lightweight shoe (I had been running in Saucony Kinvara 2’s now I am in Asics Gel Excel 33’s)  so I could make it thru my scheduled (and PAID for!!) 3 half marathons.  What a HUGE difference!  I visited a reputable running store and the man spent lots of time with me to find the right shoe.  My feet were very thankful and I have never looked back.  In the end I actually did 4 half marathons Feb-May instead of the scheduled 3. 🙂

My goal now is to become an efficient midfoot runner.  I am really concentrating on all the Chi Running techniques I have read and slowly introduced since July of last year (it takes most people quite a while to learn)  and I know it is finally paying off.  This week I did a 6 miles with an average pace of under 10min/mile.  I had never sustained that before.  And the great thing is I never got tired or fatigued during the entire run!  It was an AWESOME feeling.  I know the weather contributed a lot too.  We had been having some really cool/comfortable running weather recently.  But hey I will take it!!  The rest of this week has been HOT and humid, I was glad to have already gotten that 6 miles in.

So my goals for this upcoming week will be to continue to work on my form, stretch a lot, and try to keep up the schedule.

Would love to hear from you!