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Running with Mr. Cutesie Face

My youngest is out of preschool and in “camp” (same preschool/different days) for the next few weeks.

In lieu of this situation I have had to make some adjustments to my weekly program.  Some days I have also started to run WITH him in tow.  Whoa, I forgot how hard running with a jogging stroller and an extra 40+ pounds can be!  Props to all the jogging stroller Mommas out there!  It’s good hardcore cardio isn’t it.

On the upside, this has also given us some together time we don’t usually have.  Last week we did 3+ miles that included some hill repeats.  As we approached the hill I said (in my most convincing voice) “Hey why don’t you get out and we can park the stroller and do these together! It will be fun!?”  Not sure if I was trying to convince him or myself, but there was no way I was pushing that stroller up that hill!  I guess I was pretty convincing because he agreed.  So up we went.  And I am proud to say he did make it up….once.  After that I let him stay at the top in the grass as I finished a few more.  (Don’t panic it’s not a main road, not even really a road at all, more of  U-shaped a path on base.  I could see him the whole time and there were no cars.)  He even cheered me on when I reached the top and c’mon you just can’t beat that!

Today was another of his days off so I asked him if he wanted to walk to the pond near our home and look for turtles.  Sure he said, “But let’s go for a run”.  Ok I said “but lets just run the path to the lake”.  In other words: Mommy is not wearing her jogging bra so lets take it easy kiddo!

When we hit the path off he shot.  I love this shady path on any run, but watching him today made my heart sing.  Feet flying arms swinging so carefree.  When we got to the lake, I looked down at him and said  “you know I really like walking with you.”   His response ” I love walking with you too Mommy”  Sigh…

Dear Jesus please help me remember these moments for a long, long time.  They grow up so fast.

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