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Peace Runner Girl Decal Giveaway!

on June 11, 2012

You know you want one! Peace Runner Girl Decal Giveaway

A week or so ago I posted a facebook picture of my car window with my cute runner girl and flowers (a flower per half marathon completed).  It got a huge buzz going on my page and many questions about where I got them.

It was such a big buzz in fact that I was contacted by the designer of the decals Susan from Runner Decals..

                                                      Visit their site here….Runner Decals

She thanked me for posting the picture.  As we got to chatting (she is super nice!) she offered to send me some decals to share with you guys!!  See I told you she was nice.

I have 10 pink and 10 purple mini peace runner girls (approximate size is 1 1/2″) to give away!  Wahoo!  The great thing is mini decals can go almost anywhere.  I have one on my computer and one on my phone case.  Cute aren’t they.

You can find alot more fun ideas for your mini girls at the Runner Decal website.  Also check out the other decals they offer not only for running but walking, biking, tri-athletes and so much MORE!

Want to win one of these cute girls for your very own?  Here are 4 ways to enter:

1)    Like me “Run Find your Happy Pace” on facebook.  (You can get there by clicking on my facebook tab to the upper right of this page). Then leave me a comment at the bottom of this blog post. Let me know you liked my facebook page.  Already like me :) (awe shucks) let me know that here too.

2) Share my page with a friend.  If they like my facebook page have them leave a note about who sent them and you get another entry!

3) Follow my blog  here “Run Find your Happy Pace” on WordPress and you will get updates whenever I post a new blog.  Click on the follow button on this page.

4) Become a facebook fan of Runner Decals  and let them know Run Find your Happy Pace sent you.  Leave me a note here that you liked their page here.

I will run this contest thru June 30th and will randomly pick 20 winners.

You know names in hat, shake and pull.  My kids will love it ;)    Thanks guys, good luck and Run Find your Happy Pace!!

If all goes well I hope to have more giveaways Running Decal giveaways in the future!

*****Do you have a running related product you would like me to review and share, just let me know!****

24 Responses to “Peace Runner Girl Decal Giveaway!”

  1. Christy Warburton says:

    I liked your FB page, I will figure out how to follow your blog (can’t seem to find how to follow from my phone), I referred my sister, and I liked the decal page too 🙂 the decals are super cute! I am a new runner…started in January with Couch to 5K and graduated that in April…it is the first and only exercise I like and have stuck with EVER and I have lost 40 of the 90 pounds I need to lose 🙂
    Christy 🙂

  2. Shannon Gottschalk says:

    I just liked your page! Enter me in the giveaway please 🙂

  3. Kate Fullmer says:

    I did it all! Hope I’m lucky!

  4. Carrie says:

    Now you know I like your page!! LOL

  5. Karen Morris says:

    Run & Peace running ….. I signed up for the virtual run in July. Thanks for encouraging running, walking, jogging …

    • Darlena says:

      Run, walk, job it’s all good! Your off the couch and moving! That’s what really counts. I love the saying “Even if your slow your still lapping everyone on the couch!” Thanks for visiting and good luck!

  6. Sue Scheungrab says:

    I live you on FB as well. Love the decals!!! Now Liked Runner Decals on FB as well. Thanks for introducing me to them!

  7. sandra says:

    i like u on fb and follow ur blog 🙂

  8. Darii says:

    Cute blog. Found it last night when I was looking up reviews for JB Body Revolution. I am a Christian military wife and mom to 3 as well. I also live in the Tidewater area. Small world!!! I know how hard weight loss is with all we have on our plate and just wanted to wish you good luck. I will enjoy following you. My son’s oncology nurse is training for the Va Beach Rock and Roll and I love hearing about her progress when we go in to the hospital. Running is just not my thing. Spent my youth trying to run and my knees are paying for it. Thought I would try the JB workout instead. Loved P90X but got kinda bored. It’s all about finding something you enjoy. Cute sticker but liked your blog more. Especially running with your little guy.

    • Darlena says:

      Small world indeed. My prayers to your son, if there is anything specific I can pray for let me know. I have also done P90X and although I had great results the 1+ a day was time consuming. JM is about 30 min a day and fits in to our summer schedule very well. I am so glad you found me! Hope we can keep in touch thru the blog! Take Care, and God Bless your family.

  9. Darii says:

    Thanks so much. We are in our second relapse of pelvic rhabdomyosarcoma with our 10 yr old son. He is currently doing well but it is a day to day struggle. Feel free to follow us at, site name: aidanlane. You can read all about our story. Any and all prayers are greatly appreciated.

  10. Jessica says:

    I actually saw that on your page and I did end up ordering some decals for myself. And she sent them to me right away and I just love them. I just started running last year and this is the first year I have done races only 5K’s and one 8K. I am working my way up to a 10k and then hopefully a half. Thanks for sharing that photo that day!

  11. Jessica says:

    Also, I liked you and them on FB. They are super cute decals!

  12. Amy says:

    “liked” your page with my “Running for Health and Fun” and my home page! Looking forward to motivating eachother! ~Amy 🙂

  13. kmosryd says:

    Run find your happy pace

  14. kmosryd says:

    Reblogged this on Kmosryd's Blog and commented:
    WooHoo find your happy pace

  15. Mary Ann Anderson says:

    I love your decals! Especially the 13.1 with flowers!#your the best! 🙂

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