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Running with my Lovies

on June 18, 2012

School’s out!  Yeah for them…possible chaos for my training schedule. Especially since Dad is currently deployed.  However I did manage to get a long run in alone this weekend, 🙂 and today I got a decent paced 4 miles in with all three of my kids.  Yup all three, even my 12-year-old.  Surprisingly he asked me if he could come with me.  He wants to try out for the football team in August, and he realizes he better get in better shape starting now.  Good plan.  I was proud of him for coming along.

For todays outing he opted to bike, along with his sister (mini-me)  He knew he wasn’t going to run the 3+ miles on tap for today right from the get go.  Good thinking.  Baby steps I told him.  That way you don’t get discouraged.  Mini-me was all about riding along, whew.  I am glad I no longer have to push two kids.  I only had to push Mr. Cutesie-face.  Here is a picture of my view, it made me smile a few times on the way.  I was a proud Momma.

Our “run”  turned out a lot better than I expected.  Minimal whining (Mr. CF wanted to ride his bike too), no one crashed into each other,  and we managed a steady peaceful pace.  Ahh, SUCCESS!  Here’s hoping the rest of the summer goes as smoothly.

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