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Road ID Review and Giveaway!

Giveaway is now CLOSED.  Thanks!  Winner will be announced 8/12/2012

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ROAD ID!!!  If you don’t know what it is, you should.

Run Find your Happy Pace is VERY excited to be partnering with Road ID for this awesome giveaway to one (1) lucky winner of a Road ID Bracelet!  The “must have” item for EVERY runner!  I know I like to joke around and not take myself too seriously.  But when it comes to safety, it’s no joke.  First off I want to thank Road ID.  After sharing why my bracelet is so important to me, they contacted me and offered to partner with RFYHP for this giveaway.  I was more than happy to share because I truly believe in this product.

What is Road ID you might ask?  Well I refer to it as my safeguard, running pal and ultra cool running bracelet. My bracelet lists my name, year of birth, city, two emergency contact numbers and of course my mantra FIND YOUR HAPPY PACE :).  (yes even the little smile)  But you can customize your bracelet with whatever you need, name, medical condition, etc.  This small bracelet can make a HUGE difference to you and ER personnel in an emergency situation.

Road ID speaks when you can’t.

The concept of ROAD ID came from Mike Wimmer (father) and Edward Wimmer (son)
Co-Owners of Road ID.  
If you want the true back story behind Road ID you can click here…. Road ID Our Story.

Why is Road ID the must have item for every runner?  Well if you can answer yes to any of the following questions (and I bet you can) you need one:

1)  I sometimes/always run alone

2) I have a medical condition

3)  I run alone with my young children

4) My spouse is often deployed / away on business

5) There is a chance of me being involved in an accident while running

6) I live alone

I know we can all answer yes to at least #5.  Running is awesome but unfortunately there is always a chance of accident/injury.  I personally can answer yes to at least 4 of the above.  I am a military wife and mother of three. I wear my Road ID every day!  In fact other than taking it off for the above picture, I never take it off.  I don’t even realize its there.

I wear the Wrist ID Slim (click for details) in purple, but it comes in many different colors and styles.  I just love purple.  If you look close in the following pictures you can see mine. Its on my left arm usually right next to my Garmin.  (at the Shamrock, Diva and and of course anytime I “Sweat Pink” )  I hope I never need it but I know I wouldn’t be without it.

that's me on the right

Road ID at the Diva Half

Now you can own one too, personalized to you, in your favorite color.  Road ID has given me a promotion code to pass along to one (1) lucky winner.

Even if you don’t win please consider purchasing one of your own.

My Road ID was less than $20 but nothing can put a price on my piece of mind.

Please visit Road ID  and  Road ID on Facebook and please let them know Run Find your Happy Pace sent you.

Since I believe in this product so much I am going to make this giveaway really simple for everyone.  

1) Become a follower of my blog.  That’s it.  One entry per person.  (and if your new come join us on Facebook too!)

2) Already a follower leave me a post on this blog.  Thank you everyone!

****T his giveaway will end at midnight on Saturday August 11th EST. Thanks!****

Please feel free to share this blog and Road ID with all your running friends.

Run Find your Happy Pace…with Road ID.


Liebster Award!! What in the World?

Liebster Award!!

Sorry, What?  The Liebster award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

Copied straight from Holly, who tagged me at  Running and Baking oh my!
The Liebster award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.

Rules for receiving this award:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.

2. Then answer the questions the tagger sent for them, plus create 11 questions for the people they’ve tagged to answer.

3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.

4. Notify the people you have tagged.

5. No tag backs.

Sounds fun right?  I thought so.  So here are my 11 random things about….well me!
1)  I didn’t start running until I was in my late thirties.  (my friend Susan drew this pic of me, lol)
2)  My favorite post race treat….cupcakes!  (This is decal is on my van I swear)
3)  I love ALL kinds of music.  Everything from Christian to Hard Rock.
4)  I use to really dislike Yoga, now I do it every Sunday, but I am still a beginner.
(someone’s been watching Mommy do yoga)
5)  I don’t take myself too seriously (that’s me in the middle)
6)  I ran down the street dressed in Star Wars attire to celebrate InterGalactic Star Wars day…see number 5.  And I have the picture to prove it.
7)  I volunteer in the infant room at my church to get my “baby fix”.  My three are a handful enough.
8) I really believe that Happiness is not a destination, its a way of life
9)  I am hooked on MUFA’s (see flat belly diet).  Plus I think the word is just silly 🙂
MUFA is the acronym for monounsaturated fatty acids
10)  I hide my dark chocolate so that my kids can’t eat it all on me.  It’s a MUFA!
11)  I love Jesus.  A LOT.
OK here are my answers to the questions from Holly:

1. How do you stay fit? What is your activity of choice and how did you get into it?

Running.  I got into in when my husband was deployed to Afghanistan to get some “me” time and stay sane.

A neighbor convinced me I could run a half marathon.  It took a lot of convincing and now I am hooked!

2. What is your favorite thing to do (other than #1) in your spare time?

Gardening..although in our current house (deployment) it is very limited.

3. What are some of your big goals right now?

To become a brighter light and spread the love of Jesus Christ

To finish a Half Marathon in under 2:30 (2:15 would be amazing!)

4. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? (all expense paid, take anyone you want)

I would take my family to Italy/Greece.

My hubby has been there with the Navy and always talks about how lovely it is.  I know it would make him really happy.

5. What is your favorite food? Least favorite?

Favorite…Dark Chocolate.  (spinach is a close second, lol)

Least favorite….brussel sprouts

6. What did you want to be when you grew up? What did you end up doing?

A singer or a hairdresser.  (I am a mediocre singer, at best, and I cannot cut a straight line, lol. )

I am a very happy and content military wife and Mom of 3.

7. Who inspires you and why?

My Mom, she has beaten breast cancer (8+ years survivor) but now battles with dementia at a very early age.

She has always been my rock and biggest supporter.

8. What’s your fave childhood memory?

Camping with my family at the beach each year.  Great times!

9. What’s your top songs on your playlist right now?

Move..Mercy Me


Show Stopper….Toby Mac

Lady Gaga…So Happy I could Die

I know, I know…very random!  😉

10. Are you watching the Olympics? What sport do you love the most?

Yes, Gymnastics…I am soooo not flexible, And running of course.

11. What’s your motto?

Run Find your Happy Pace !

OK here are my 11 questions for the people I tagged

1)  What is your favorite dessert

2) What is your favorite time of year and why?

3)  Dark, milk or white chocolate?

4)  How do you get your “sweat on”

5) Where is your favorite vacation spot?

6) What do you do to stay healthy?

7) When did you first start blogging?

8) What was your first post?

9)  Would you run for cupcakes?

10)  If you could meet one person (dead or alive) who would it be?

11)  What your favorite song to excercise too?


Lisa Runs For Cupcakes

Designing a Better Me

Running In Sanity

Back At Square Zero

Road Runner Girl

Burning Babi Fat

Running While Mommy

Shorty Runs

So Many Miles, So Little Time

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Running For Him


Active Bands Winners!!

Thanks so much for entering my Active Bands Giveaway!  I really do love these headbands and I know you guys will too!!

***If you didn’t win don’t fret …..Active Bands is doing a 40% off coupon good through tonight (Sunday July 29th)  use code 4thmarathon on their website at checkout!***

Also don’t forget to check out RFYHP and Running In Sanity’s first Virtual Race

“The Great Cupcake Race” click for details.

And the winners of the $25 girt certificates (1 each) are…..(picked by Mr Cutesie-face himself)…

Kimberly Prytherch

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Congrats!  Please send your contact information to me at  Active Bands will be in contact with you!

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The Great Cupcake Race Virtual 5k/10k

Registration is now open for RFYHP and Running Insanity’s first virtual race!  

Proceeds will benefit TNT (Team in Training)

“The Great Cupcake Race 5k/10k”

when:  September 8, 2012

where:  anywhere you are!

We have three options for the race:

1)  $20 for the race and BLING (pic coming soon)

Here is the pic!  

2)  $27 for the race bling andWill Run For Cupcakes” Bondi band

3)  Can’t race but still want to help?  Order the Bondi Band only for $8  (see the great pic below)

 The Great Cupcake Race 5k/10k.”  Click this link to register.


Getting My Mojo Back and Jillian Michaels Update

Thursday morning I completed my half of the Hot Mama Half Virtual Relay.  I teamed up with my buddy Cara from Running in Sanity.  I was pretty excited, can you tell?  😉  Thanks Cara for snapping this picture, in your pajamas, at 7:30 in the morning.  I love that she “gets” my craziness.

Why was I so happy?  Well for LOTS of reasons. Most important being it was my first decent longish run in weeks.  After a few weeks of stomach bugs, wisdom teeth extraction, summer camp, and just life in general, it felt good to run more than 3 miles. My Half Marathon training for the RnR is bit off track.  I would have liked to be up to long runs of 10-12 miles, but I’ll take just over 6 ….for now.  I will feel more confident when I get back into double-digit runs again.  It’s also been VERY hot and humid here this summer and my motivation to get out there has been a little on the low side, ok maybe WAY on the low side.  (see below for our ongoing “heat index warnings”) ugh.  Really hoping early September is at least not so humid!

And yes I got my run done really early in the day to avoid the 103 heat index.

In the meantime I need to keep an eye on my knee, which is hurting a bit due to a tight IT band.  Again my fault, been slacking on the stretching and rolling, that will be changing immediately.

However, on a very bright note my Plantar fasciitis (PF) that I developed back in December continues to improve.  I still have some tightness/pain when getting out of bed first thing in the am, but no serious pain throughout the day.  If you want to read some of the details about my PF you can click on this post.  Glass Slippers…. I have also managed to prevent myself from getting PF in my other foot.  I felt the tingle, and not the good kind ie:   “And it starts in my toes, And I crinkle my nose” (thanks Colbie Caillat) .  So I’ve been stretching a lot and I am convinced that incorporating  yoga & strength training into my week have been a huge advantage.  So far so good.

Jillian Michaels Update

I pulled a redo on week #8.  As I mentioned in my last update. (if you want to read it click here.  JM week 8.)  I wasn’t able to give it my all last week and didn’t feel strong enough to move on to workouts 9 and 10. I feel I did 7 & 8 a lot more justice this week and am going ready to move on next week.  I still believe know she will kick my booty yet again with the new workouts.

Measurements are great.  I even dropped a few more pounds unexpectedly.  I need a belt to keep most of my shorts up!  I wasn’t looking to drop a ton of weight so I need to keep an eye on that .  However I will gladly trade fat for muscle 🙂 any day.  I tend to pick up the nickname “Skeletor” from my bestie when I get to skinny.  So bring on the carbs, lol.  Just kidding….or am I?  How many carbs are in ice cream again, hmm.

Take care, thanks for reading and Run Find YOUR Happy Pace!

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Learning from God’s Creatures

I was out today (Monday) doing a little garden maintenance.  OK so I don’t have a really big garden, just growing some box veggies and a bunch of different flowers in pots.  Some from seeds, some from seedlings.  As I was cutting back a container of Impatients I noticed what at first I thought was a cricket on the stand holding my plant.  As I went to gently shoo him off I noticed it was not a cricket at all but a Praying Mantis.  Not something that is terribly common, definitely not something you see every day.  So I called my kids out to come see.   (that’s him to the right of the ball)

Cool they said as the examined God’s tiny creature commenting on his big eyes and long body.

After thorough inspection, we decided to just let him be.  He seemed quite happy there, he didn’t try to run or fly (do they fly?  Hold on, google check in progress) Ok apparently they can if they are a mature adult, I don’t think this one was…and there is some random information for the day.

As my 5-year-old continued to look he asked the obvious “Why do they call him a Praying Mantis”  I explained it was because the way they hold their front legs makes them look like they are praying.  Satisfied with my answer, as simple as it was, off he went.  A short while later he came back to check on it again.  “Why is he so slow and still” he asked.  Well I thought for a moment, I really had no idea and since I am definitely not an entomologist (people who study bugs…I goggled it 😉 random information #2 for the day, you’re welcome)  I told him this “Well when we pray don’t we stop what we are doing and be still?”  “Maybe he is being still and talking to God at the moment.”  After a short pause Mr. Cutesie Face agreed.

That answer got me thinking, as I was doing my gardening why don’t I pray. Even though I wasn’t totally still, it still seemed like such a perfect time to stop, at least mentally, and talk to God about what was on my mind.  And so I did.  I prayed silently in my little garden, with my children nearby, amongst the flowers and God’s little creature.  So thanks Mr. Praying Mantis, I enjoyed my time with God and it’s all because of someone I almost mistook for a cricket.

Look for God’s grace in your day, it’s there somewhere, even in the little things.  Have a great day and continue to run and find your happy pace in running and life.

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Why Virtual Races are so Great!

I finished my 3rd virtual race yesterday.  I participated in the Run Strong/Think Big 5k.  The “race” was hosted by Running While Mommy and benefited Team in Training (TNT) a great cause and a great reason to get my butt off the couch.  Unfortunately my run was done on the treadmill (thank goodness it was only a 5k)  I had hoped to run it outside but I was awaiting a phone call from the Boy Scouts regarding what time to pick up my son. I had tried to talk my other two kids into riding and rolling along with me before 10am, but alas they were not going for it.  And as luck would have it as soon as I picked my oldest up, we got a thunderstorm.  Oh well, I got it done and felt great especially after this weeks running hiatus.  

***Psst……Coming Soon!!! ****

 ***Be on the lookout for a Run Rind your Happy Pace along with Running In Sanity’s  VIRTUAL RACE ……benefiting Team in Training! ***

But why are virtual races so great?  Here are some of MY top reasons.

1)Most can be run at the date/time (usually within a the month/week of the virtual race) of your choosing, big bonus for Mom’s, wives of deployed spouses, 2nd and 3rd shifter, etc.

2) There are no packet pick ups…again great for all of the above.

3) They usually benefit great charities from Team in Training to animals and everything in between.

4) Many virtual races now include “BLING” and I am a HUGE sucker for Bling. 😉

5) No travel time or travel $$.  You walk out your door or go to YOUR favorite running spot and you are at the race!  Don’t get me wrong destination races are a blast but I can’t afford one every month!

6) Its you against you, or your friends.  No pressure, it’s just “you” time or some nice “Sole Sister” time.

7)  The are fairly inexpensive.  I have participated in ones ranging from $11 – $25…including the bling.

I have two more virtuals coming up soon.  The Barking Mad at Breast Cancer 10K which I am running in honor of my mother and aunt who are both breast cancer survivors..GO MOM!!  And the Run With All your Heart (run/walk) virtual which is in honor of Sarah Hart, a mother of three who was tragically killed while out for a run.  Two great charities.

So feel free to click on the links to find out more about these two races.  You can also request to join “Virtual Runs” group on Facebook, let them know “Run Find your Happy Pace” sent you.  They are listing information about virtual races on one easy page.

So get out there and run a Virtual Race and remember to Run Find your Happy Pace!!


Jillian Michaels Week #8 and RnR Training Interrupted

It’s been another busy week at RFYHP.  My oldest is away at boy scout camp and my girlie-girl is at day camp.  So its been me and Mr. Cutsie-Face.  I also had to have 2 teeth pulled this week.  (was supposed to be one or two Wisdom teeth but it didn’t work out that way and ended being a little more involved)  I am fine but it did effect this weeks workout schedule.  Due to that I have had a NO RUNNING week so far.  I hope maybe to get one in on Saturday.  Also been having car issues, but that could be a whole nother post so I am not going to go there.  I am going with the following mantra:

JM update

On a bright note I was able to do all 4 days of workouts. On the other hand, no cardio.  Even the cardio mixed into the workouts caused throbbing where my gums are healing, not pleasant.  So I did not do the cardio DVD and took it easy during the cardio intervals on the other workouts. Therefore I think I am going to repeat this week which will make it Jillian Michaels 97 day Body Revolution for me.  That’s ok.  I really want to do them to the best of my ability, not just skirt along.  I think Jillian would agree insist.

I am down 2 pounds but I am sure a lot of that has to do with living on protein shakes, yogurt and refried beans for a few days.  NO not mixed together!!  Ewww 😉


Unfortunately this ended up as a no run week for me.  As much as I didn’t want to take a whole week off I knew it would be better in the long run.  I still have over a month to prepare for my next half marathon and I would rather take the time off now or possibly be forced into it later and for longer.  Infections and dry sockets are not in my plans, no thank you.

In the meantime I have been entertaining myself reading Jillian Michaels Master your Metabolism and The Flat Belly Diet Family Cookbook , these are links to amazon, but I got them both on Ebay for cheap ;).  Still trying different healthy food options, learning about MUFA’s and loving the Fooducate  app on my phone.  You can click on any of those links to find out more for yourself.

So onward and upward, or repeat (JM week #8) and get moving (running) is on the schedule for next week.

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Who’s Ready to Sweat Pink?

I am so excited to announce (da,da,da, dahhh) that I have been chosen as a “Sweat Pink Ambassador” with Fit Approach!! 

I first heard about “Sweat Pink” after seeing their badge on another blog “Running for Dummies“.  Running for Dummies has a really inspiring story of changing her life through running and healthy food.  Her story intrigued me to find out more about what being a Sweat Pink Ambassador was.  So a special thanks to Running for Dummies :).

First of all I love Pink!  but what really hooked me was the awesome write-up on the  Fit Approach Facebook page.

Here it is:

“We believe that kicking ass is best done in pretty shoes. We’ve learned that real women sweat, and sweat hard. We know that assertiveness, strength, and ambition are the ultimate feminine qualities. We concede that sometimes it takes hours to get ready, but we’re also no stranger to just rolling out of bed and going. We’re convinced that we run faster in pink shoelaces. We believe in pushing ourselves, and we believe in giving ourselves a break, too. We’re all about the rush of endorphins and the thrill of the challenge. We’re all for looking great and feeling even better. We’re committed to finding our best fit, and making it stick.”

“How do we get there? We climb. We journey. We balance. We reward.” – Fit Approach.

How awesome is that!  Assertiveness, strength and ambition as the ultimate feminine qualities!!  Oh yeah baby!  And of course running, sweating, pretty shoes….I mean come on, it’s a perfect fit!  I was all in and so I applied.

I have been on a journey these past few years to find a better me.  A more involved follower of Christ, a better wife and a more positive role model as a mother and friend.  I want to be everything God had intended me to be.  I believe I am on the right path and would love to share that path with anyone willing to travel it with me.  Do I sometimes stray from the path?  Sure, we all do, but with the support of each other we can and will do AWESOME things in running and life!

I was so excited to find out I had been accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador (my first official title, hehe) and now I can’t wait to share all my new experiences with you!!

So who’s ready to  “Sweat Pink” with me?!


JM Body Revolution Week 7 and RnR training

It’s been a busy week at the RFYHP house!  Summers Best Week (aka:  vacation bible school) took place this week at our church.  Grace Bible Church if you ever would like to join us, by the way ;). Plus a touch of a stomach bug.  Eeww.

My oldest and I both volunteered and my two younger ones participated at Summers Best week.  It was a great week but also made it a little harder to squeeze in JM and half marathon training.  I got all but one JM DVD done. I can live with that.  Wednesday is a rest day from running on the schedule, but I should have done the JM cardio DVD…note “should have”.  Ok time for some TMI:  Between my PMS and the touch of the stomach bug, the Wed nite cardio didn’t happen, enough said.  However I did manage to get all my other JM workouts in and my running.  Weigh in showed no weight gain or loss.  I also call that a win because although I am making better healthy food choices I had PMS so some choices were not so good.  Again enough said, lol.

JM week 7

Workouts #7 and 8 are tough!  Jillian even says in #7 “ I bet you are wondering why you are dying in weeks 7 & 8?”  Why yes, yes I was wondering why I feel like curling up in the fetal position.  Well each 2 week cycle the workouts get tougher. Therefore I should be as strong as the Hulk by week 12.  By then I figure I should be able to impress my little guy (Mr. Cutesie Face) if no one else.

RnR Training

A few days on my running schedule give me “mileage” flexibility, therefore I had to go with the low-end on those days to fit them in this week.  (ex.  4-6 miles, 4 done…not six).  I got out there and did something which is ALWAYS better than nothing.  One night I tried to do a treadmill run, but I just couldn’t bear it.  I finally opted for running around (and around, and around) my neighborhood, in the dark, with my glow in the dark safety belt on.  (base rules, after dark you must have reflective gear on) Nice 😉

Tomorrow I am scheduled to do 10 miles on my long run.  First double-digit long run in quite a while.  I am hoping for a good one as I have had a couple rough runs this week and a “twinge” of my old enemy, shin splints.  Burr, I shutter at the words.  Hoping new shoes and no more PMS are going to help make it enjoyable rather than bearable or worse.

Next week looks to be another rough week for exercise.  Two of my kids will be in camp AND I need to have one of my wisdom teeth pulled on Monday.  UGHH, pray for me!   I hope to be good enough shape by the weekend to get together with my local “Moms Run This Town” (click to find a free local group in your town) group to do our virtual “Hot Mama” half marathon together.

Take Care!

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