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Getting My Mojo Back and Jillian Michaels Update

on July 27, 2012

Thursday morning I completed my half of the Hot Mama Half Virtual Relay.  I teamed up with my buddy Cara from Running in Sanity.  I was pretty excited, can you tell?  😉  Thanks Cara for snapping this picture, in your pajamas, at 7:30 in the morning.  I love that she “gets” my craziness.

Why was I so happy?  Well for LOTS of reasons. Most important being it was my first decent longish run in weeks.  After a few weeks of stomach bugs, wisdom teeth extraction, summer camp, and just life in general, it felt good to run more than 3 miles. My Half Marathon training for the RnR is bit off track.  I would have liked to be up to long runs of 10-12 miles, but I’ll take just over 6 ….for now.  I will feel more confident when I get back into double-digit runs again.  It’s also been VERY hot and humid here this summer and my motivation to get out there has been a little on the low side, ok maybe WAY on the low side.  (see below for our ongoing “heat index warnings”) ugh.  Really hoping early September is at least not so humid!

And yes I got my run done really early in the day to avoid the 103 heat index.

In the meantime I need to keep an eye on my knee, which is hurting a bit due to a tight IT band.  Again my fault, been slacking on the stretching and rolling, that will be changing immediately.

However, on a very bright note my Plantar fasciitis (PF) that I developed back in December continues to improve.  I still have some tightness/pain when getting out of bed first thing in the am, but no serious pain throughout the day.  If you want to read some of the details about my PF you can click on this post.  Glass Slippers…. I have also managed to prevent myself from getting PF in my other foot.  I felt the tingle, and not the good kind ie:   “And it starts in my toes, And I crinkle my nose” (thanks Colbie Caillat) .  So I’ve been stretching a lot and I am convinced that incorporating  yoga & strength training into my week have been a huge advantage.  So far so good.

Jillian Michaels Update

I pulled a redo on week #8.  As I mentioned in my last update. (if you want to read it click here.  JM week 8.)  I wasn’t able to give it my all last week and didn’t feel strong enough to move on to workouts 9 and 10. I feel I did 7 & 8 a lot more justice this week and am going ready to move on next week.  I still believe know she will kick my booty yet again with the new workouts.

Measurements are great.  I even dropped a few more pounds unexpectedly.  I need a belt to keep most of my shorts up!  I wasn’t looking to drop a ton of weight so I need to keep an eye on that .  However I will gladly trade fat for muscle 🙂 any day.  I tend to pick up the nickname “Skeletor” from my bestie when I get to skinny.  So bring on the carbs, lol.  Just kidding….or am I?  How many carbs are in ice cream again, hmm.

Take care, thanks for reading and Run Find YOUR Happy Pace!

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