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JM Body Revolution Week 7 and RnR training

on July 14, 2012

It’s been a busy week at the RFYHP house!  Summers Best Week (aka:  vacation bible school) took place this week at our church.  Grace Bible Church if you ever would like to join us, by the way ;). Plus a touch of a stomach bug.  Eeww.

My oldest and I both volunteered and my two younger ones participated at Summers Best week.  It was a great week but also made it a little harder to squeeze in JM and half marathon training.  I got all but one JM DVD done. I can live with that.  Wednesday is a rest day from running on the schedule, but I should have done the JM cardio DVD…note “should have”.  Ok time for some TMI:  Between my PMS and the touch of the stomach bug, the Wed nite cardio didn’t happen, enough said.  However I did manage to get all my other JM workouts in and my running.  Weigh in showed no weight gain or loss.  I also call that a win because although I am making better healthy food choices I had PMS so some choices were not so good.  Again enough said, lol.

JM week 7

Workouts #7 and 8 are tough!  Jillian even says in #7 “ I bet you are wondering why you are dying in weeks 7 & 8?”  Why yes, yes I was wondering why I feel like curling up in the fetal position.  Well each 2 week cycle the workouts get tougher. Therefore I should be as strong as the Hulk by week 12.  By then I figure I should be able to impress my little guy (Mr. Cutesie Face) if no one else.

RnR Training

A few days on my running schedule give me “mileage” flexibility, therefore I had to go with the low-end on those days to fit them in this week.  (ex.  4-6 miles, 4 done…not six).  I got out there and did something which is ALWAYS better than nothing.  One night I tried to do a treadmill run, but I just couldn’t bear it.  I finally opted for running around (and around, and around) my neighborhood, in the dark, with my glow in the dark safety belt on.  (base rules, after dark you must have reflective gear on) Nice 😉

Tomorrow I am scheduled to do 10 miles on my long run.  First double-digit long run in quite a while.  I am hoping for a good one as I have had a couple rough runs this week and a “twinge” of my old enemy, shin splints.  Burr, I shutter at the words.  Hoping new shoes and no more PMS are going to help make it enjoyable rather than bearable or worse.

Next week looks to be another rough week for exercise.  Two of my kids will be in camp AND I need to have one of my wisdom teeth pulled on Monday.  UGHH, pray for me!   I hope to be good enough shape by the weekend to get together with my local “Moms Run This Town” (click to find a free local group in your town) group to do our virtual “Hot Mama” half marathon together.

Take Care!

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