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Learning from God’s Creatures

on July 24, 2012

I was out today (Monday) doing a little garden maintenance.  OK so I don’t have a really big garden, just growing some box veggies and a bunch of different flowers in pots.  Some from seeds, some from seedlings.  As I was cutting back a container of Impatients I noticed what at first I thought was a cricket on the stand holding my plant.  As I went to gently shoo him off I noticed it was not a cricket at all but a Praying Mantis.  Not something that is terribly common, definitely not something you see every day.  So I called my kids out to come see.   (that’s him to the right of the ball)

Cool they said as the examined God’s tiny creature commenting on his big eyes and long body.

After thorough inspection, we decided to just let him be.  He seemed quite happy there, he didn’t try to run or fly (do they fly?  Hold on, google check in progress) Ok apparently they can if they are a mature adult, I don’t think this one was…and there is some random information for the day.

As my 5-year-old continued to look he asked the obvious “Why do they call him a Praying Mantis”  I explained it was because the way they hold their front legs makes them look like they are praying.  Satisfied with my answer, as simple as it was, off he went.  A short while later he came back to check on it again.  “Why is he so slow and still” he asked.  Well I thought for a moment, I really had no idea and since I am definitely not an entomologist (people who study bugs…I goggled it 😉 random information #2 for the day, you’re welcome)  I told him this “Well when we pray don’t we stop what we are doing and be still?”  “Maybe he is being still and talking to God at the moment.”  After a short pause Mr. Cutesie Face agreed.

That answer got me thinking, as I was doing my gardening why don’t I pray. Even though I wasn’t totally still, it still seemed like such a perfect time to stop, at least mentally, and talk to God about what was on my mind.  And so I did.  I prayed silently in my little garden, with my children nearby, amongst the flowers and God’s little creature.  So thanks Mr. Praying Mantis, I enjoyed my time with God and it’s all because of someone I almost mistook for a cricket.

Look for God’s grace in your day, it’s there somewhere, even in the little things.  Have a great day and continue to run and find your happy pace in running and life.

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