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JM Body Revolution Week 6 and RnR training

I made it!  Week 6 complete, workouts #5 and #6 defeated!  I can honestly say these two workouts have been the most challenging yet.  I can’t imagine how much more intense #7 and #8 are going to be.  I will keep you posted.  All in all I give Body Revolution a two thumbs up.  Jillian Michales is no joke and neither is Body Revolution.  Measurements are on track and I lost about another 1/2 lb.  (for those who are new, I am not in this program for serious weight loss but for cross training and overall strengthening)

The thing I love most is 30 minutes and done!  Jillian says she doesn’t have time or even like to workout for an hour.  Amen sister.  But in that half hour she will kick your butt, you will sweat like a pig and you WILL get stronger.  The only way you wouldn’t is if you just totally gave up.  The “supersets” are intense but I just keep telling my self working multiple muscles saves time and just gets it over with quicker.  Love that.  With three kids on summer vacation and a deployed hubby, it’s a win-win.

I have also continued with this weeks training schedule for the RnR (Rock and Roll) half marathon in September.  So far I have still been able to co-ordinate both the JM and half training together.  I am feeling stronger and more confident during my runs.  The biggest obstacle this week has been the extreme heat and humidity here.  See my last post for the gory details here “Suck it up Buttercup….”  Temps have been lows hovering just under 80 (which wouldn’t be too bad) if it weren’t for the HIGH humidity, even at 6 in the morning.  Grrrr.  Running in the evening hasnt’ been an option either.  Lows before sunset have been in the 90’s.  So I did sweat, a lot this week.  And one day I even broke down and did my run at the gym on the “dreadmill”.  Tomorrow I am supposed to do 8, looks like that might also be a treadmill run because highs are expected to be 100 (110 heat index) oh and humid, can’t forget humid now can we, of course not.

Hoping for a break in the heat by sometime next week. Forecasted highs only in the 80’s at some point.  Wahoo, party time!  Between now and then I think we are going to get slammed by one heck of a thunderstorm to get all this poop out of here for a while.

Have a great week!  Run Find your Happy Pace.


Suck it up Buttercup and Thanks US Marines

Super humid for my run this morning.  EWWW.  That is sweat not water all over me.  I got up early and opened the back door to check the weather, that was mistake number one.  This caused me to seriously debate going out to run.  Note to self get up and dressed in running gear first, then check the weather.  If you are ready to go there may be less to debate.  However a few things convinced me to suck it up and get out there.

1)  Corrie  a reader of my Facebook page said she was going to brave the humidity and give it a go.  (thanks for the push Corrie)

2)  The fact that RnR in September has a really good chance of being just as miserable (By the way RnR series directors:  WHY on earth do you pick early Sept for VB?  It’s still VERY hot here in Sept! Let’s hope its not Boston Marathon 2012 hot!)

3)  My hubby is deployed somewhere SUPER hot and he exercised today.  He skyped me about the time I was convinced I was NOT going out there.

So off I went.  After all it was only 4 miles.   4 miles.  In 86% humidity.  No problem.  What could possibly go wrong?  lol.  (I find myself so entertaining.)  Miles 1 and 2 were pretty good.  I stayed in the shade and on trails as much as possible and my pace wasn’t terrible.  In fact at mile 2 I decided to turn around and retrace my steps thru the mostly shade, great idea right?  I mean I had already cleared all the cobwebs from the trail anyway.  That’s always fun.  Back I went.  I figured I would slow it down a little for the second half…well that didn’t happen.  I came out of the path and straight into a platoon of marines doing a morning PT run.  In long pants and boots.  Nice for the view 😉  but a little hard on the ego.  There was no way I was going to let all these guys smoke me! (Insert ego here ) So I found a “break” of a few hundred yards between groups and in I went.  I decided to “draft” behind three bigger guys. (hey I needed all the help I could get). I was determined to keep up with them dang it!  So therefore there was not going to be an easy mile 3 today!  I am proud to say I hung in there, at least until I found the next possible turn, lol.  (We were on a straight-away so there was no cutting out, once you were in, you were in)  I hung with them for about 3/4 of a mile.  So thanks guys, it may have not been my “happy” pace, but it sure was some nice pace training for me, even if I am a drippy wet dog mess!

When I got back I drank two of these full of ice water.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Now if you will excuse me I really, really need a shower.


Staying Me

As some of you know I have been working to expand my Facebook page and my blog.  I would love to connect with as many moms, runners, military wives and just all around good people who enjoy the “love of the run” and the love of God.

As I was checking my page today a thought came to mind.  I have loved starting to do giveaways and all hearing from all the new people who have joined me.  I have been going out of my comfort zone to ask places / people if they want to partner up with me to do them.  I want to promote companies and things that I really use and believe in.  Help friends expand their pages and businesses.  So far so good!  The giveaways are fun above all and have already connected me with some great people.

However I also felt it was important to let people, especially those who don’t know me personally, know what I stand for.  I am a Christian, military wife, mom of 3 and a runner.  I really do support the walker all the way up to the elite athlete.  I am amazed by the will power of the person who comes in at the end of the race with a HUGE smile on their face, knowing they have just done something many will never do.  Willpower and determination are amazing things and that is better than any prize.  I marvel at the speed and grace of the front-runners.  The amazing gift that God has given them to be so fast and light on their feet.  Would I love to be that person too?  Of course I would love to be all those things, but God has a different plan for me.  So my hope is to always be me.  I am working hard to become the best I can be in running and life.  Do I fail sometimes…..of course. (ask my kids)  But I hope in the end to be the person God has intended me to be.  These past two years have been life changing for me. I moved away from my entire family for the first time in my life.  I was blessed by God’s grace to move to a house surrounded by some wonderful christian families.  Even though I was scared at the time I know now we could have not have made a better choice.  Our lives have changed for the better.  I am glad to be a stronger Christian, mom, wife and runner.

I hope I can continue to be the cheerleader to all that have joined me.  I love to hear when someone has exceeded their expectations and to offer a hand when the road ahead seems dark and overwhelming.  So to all those God has brought into my life I thank Him, and you, for sharing even a little of your time with me.  I hope you enjoy my ramblings as much as I like to share them.  Take care and keep being the best you that YOU can be.

Here’s hoping we all Run Find our Happy Pace in running and life!

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Active Band Review and Giveaway!

Active Band Giveaway is officially CLOSED!  Winners soon!  Thanks 7/29/2012

I run, I sweat, I have long hair and I love my Active Bands.  Really I do.  I have lets see 1,2,3,4,….9 of them and I just ordered 3 more.  Yup they are that good.  And now thanks to the nice people at Active Bands you can have some too!!  For FREE!!!

They DON”T SLIP!!  I swear, I haven’t lost one yet.  Before I discovered Active Bands I always had flyaway hairs that bothered me whenever I ran.  The hotter and more sweaty I got, the more those little suckers seemed to be flying around annoying me. And believe me it wasn’t pretty to look at either!  A girls gotta look good getting her sweat on right?  Flyaways seem like a minor inconvenience…until you are a few miles in to a long run, then it’s not such a little thing anymore!  There can be a lot of  distractions on a run, I don’t want my hair to be one of them.

I wear these whenever I run, and to be honest even when I am not running (yes I even have one on now, no kidding).  In fact I have this really cute one with orange that matches my orange volunteer t-shirt at church…ok well you get the point.  I LOVE them.  They are just so darn cute!

Active Bands come in different widths and an array of colors, patterns and even sparkles.  We girls do love our sparkles don’t we?  My favorites bands are the wide widths but I own them in a variety of sizes.  They also now offer tubular bandanas.

Click here to check out all the great styles.      

Active Bands

Me and my active bands…..just some of the places we have been!

 Shamrock Half                                       Virginia is for Lovers 14K                Disney Princess Half

OK here are the giveaway details…….Graciously Active Bands is giving “Run Find your Happy Pace”, not one but TWO gift certificates for $25.00 a piece!  Giveaway will run thru Saturday July 28, 2012 (at midnight).

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Good Luck guys!


Mini Peace Runner Girl Decal….and the Winners are….

Thanks everyone for entering my Runner Decals “mini peace runner girl decal” giveaway!  Visit their website for great ideas on where to put your girls, and many other great products like my 13.1 and flower decals.

Click here to visit their site!  Runner Decals

A special BIG THANK YOU to Susan owner of Runner Decals for giving me the chance to share these cute decals with you.  I have been blessed to met a such a great person and have had fun getting to know her.

**** Special offer for non-winners**** PER RUNNER DECALS – “You can mention to the non-winners that if they order anything from, I will throw in a Free mini. Have them enter the code HAPPY in the PayPal “Instructions to Seller”. They can even order one Mini Peace Girl for $1.00. Shipping is free, so they get 2 Mini Peace Girls for $1.00 (Better than the dollar menu at McDonalds and less calories.) Offer is good through July 10, 2012***    See I told you she was awesome!! 😉

OK Here we go.  And the winners are……………..

1)  Amanda – Running for Him

2) Jill Vollbeer

3) Kerri Truesdell

4) Lisa DeGroff

5)  Kim Prytherch – Barking Mad About Breast Cancer  Virtual 10K

6) Kelly Linman

7) Shannon Gottschalk

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11) Running While Mommy

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14) Sandra Wiscombe – Diva and Dudes Virtual Race Series for TNT

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19) Christy Warburton

20) Kmosryd

Email me   with your address and I will get them right out to you!  Congrats!