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Falling in Love with Peanut Butter All Over Again. PB2 = YUM. Review and Giveaway


PB2 you either love it…..or you have no idea what I am talking about.  

I have a few friends that have been using PB2 for years so I am a little late to the party.  But in this case it is truly better late than never.  Bell Plantaion’s PB2 is a great healthy alternative to the traditional Peanut Butter you find at the grocery store.  It’s slow roasted peanuts that are pressed to remove fat and oil.  The result is powdered peanut butter that has 85% less fat calories than traditional peanut butter.  It comes in PB2 original and PB2 chocolate.  Yes that’s right I said chocolate….YUM!  For me peanut butter is way up there on my “I LOVE IT”  list.  So I was super excited when Bell Plantation sent me a jar each of PB2 and PB2 chocolate along with 2 bags of PB thins to give them a try. 

I couldn’t have been more pleased.  These are awesome!

There are lots of ways to use PB2, here are two of my favorites.

PB2 chocolate protein shake:

8 oz unsweetened almond milk

1 cup of frozen dark cherries

2 T  PB2 chocolate

1 cup of spinach

Greek yogurt and PB2

The second way is mixing it with in greek yogurt  along with a handful of slivered almonds.  Easy peasy.

I have also mixed PB2 with a little water to create a traditional peanut butter spread for my PB&J.  Here is a link to the PB2 website recipe page for more great ideas.   They have recipes for everything from entrée’s to desserts!  And my favorite sections NO Bake and Kid-friendly.

PB Thins

The PB2 thins were a great “go to” snack to throw in my backpack when we were on the go this summer.  They have a great peanut taste!

So if you are a peanut butter freak like me you won’t want to miss this giveaway.  One (1) lucky winner will receive a box of PB2 goodies including 1 jar of PB2, 1 jar of PB chocolate and 2 bags of PB thins!!

Here’s how to enter:

  • Visit Bell Plantation on Facebook and tell them you heard about PB2 on Run Find Your Happy Pace.
  • Check out the Bell Plantation recipie section and tell me which one you will try first
  • Follow me on Twitter @runfyhp and tweet “I want to win PB2 from @runfyhp and @bellplantation” or retweet this blog.
  • Share Run Find your Happy Pace with a friend and tell them to let me know you sent them.

***Winner will be chosen at random and will have 2 weeks to claim their prize.  After that a new winner will be chosen.  You snooze you lose!***

Giveaway ends on September 9th 2012 so hurry!

Good Luck my friends!


Inspiration for Your Persperation “Yup There’s an App for That”

“Inspiration for your Perspiration”

Did you know that even God has an app?  He sure does.  Actually he has a lot of them.  But today I am going to focus on this really great one I recently found.

“Daily Bible”(Joansoft) (click to view the Android version)

I downloaded it to my Android phone for FREE.  I don’t see it for Iphone but if you search I am sure you can find it or something similar.

Once you download it there are four tabs at the top of the screen.

  1. Daily Verse – a new verse every day
  2. Daily Plan 
  3. Devotions  which are Podcasts (awesome!)
  4. Search tab where you can search for any verse or passage in the bible by book (ie: John 3:16) or by term (ie: Jesus)

One of my favorite features is the Facebook and Twitter share tab on the Daily Verse screen.  Tap it and you can easily share the word of God with everyone you know.  How cool is that!

I am still learning all the great features of this app but I encourage you to check it out!  Now I have no excuse bot to get in the word every day!  In the morning, waiting for the kids at gymnastics, right before bed…anytime/anywhere.

So don’t be surprised if you see a tweet or two show up on Run Find your Happy Pace 🙂

Thanks everyone, have a great Sunday and a great week! Now get out there and #sweatpink!


Registration Closes Tomorrow for “The Great Cupcake Race 5k / 10k”

Just a quick blog to let you know “The Great Cupcake Race” registration closes tomorrow.  Don’t miss out on this fun opportunity to support TNT!

Thanks everyone!  You can register at the link below.

“The Great Cupcake Race”

(We are also hosting a virtual in October ” The Great PUMPKIN Race” (ages 13+) and “The Mini PUMPKIN Mile” (for kids 0-12) You can also find the link on that page.)

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I Did it!! My Jillian Michaels 90 (well 97) Day Body Revolution Review

I finished all 90 (well 97 for me because I redid a week) days of Jillian Michaels 90 Day Body Revolution!!  If you are new to my blog the reason I did 97 days was because I re-did a week after I had my wisdom teeth out.  Wanted to give it my all for that week.  So 97 days later here I am and I am very proud of myself.

Now I admit I didn’t pick this program to lose a ton of weight. Actually the most important reason I  chose these workouts was as a compliment to my running.  You see after a 5 half marathons I finally figured out it was probably a good idea to add in cross training.  In fact it was a really, really good idea.  I needed a stronger core and a stronger boody ;).  Now that I have them I have seen a significant drop in how sore I am after long runs.  I used to get up the morning after a long run feeling like I was about 90.  Extremely sore  hips and bad PF in my right foot.  I would seriously wake up and think… “man getting out of bed is soooo not going to be pleasant”, and it wasn’t.  It’s MUCH better now, so that right there was worth all the sweat of the last 97 days.

 ***As a side note I also practice Chirunning and do Yoga at least once a week and all have contributed to less aches and pains. ***

Here is a basic breakdown of MY 97 days:

-There are 2 types of DVD’s in the program.  Workouts (cross training) and Cardio.  You have 4 days of workouts (cross-training) per week (M, T, Thur, F) and 2 days of a cardio DVD (Wed, Sat).  I did do the cardio a few times but only if it fell on days I didn’t run.  I have been running on average 4 days/week along with the workout dvds throughout the 97 days.  (I am training for a Half Marathon.)  So I was doing cardio 4-5 days a week.

-The workout DVDs change every two weeks.  Example: you do workouts #1 and #2 for the first two weeks and then switch to #3 and #4 for the next two weeks, etc.  There are #12 workout dvds in all.  This was probably my favorite part of the program because you never really get bored.

-Every two weeks the workouts become more challenging.  It’s Jillian Michaels so that is no joke, nuff said.

-Jillian also works your core without a ton of sit-up type moves.  AWESOME because I really dislike sit-ups.

-These were my first experiences with JM workouts.  I have to admit I never watched Biggest Loser (no I don’t live under a rock) but YES I did know who she was, lol.


Did I change my diet?  A little I use the basics of the Flat Belly Diet, which relies a lot on MUFA’s being included in every meal.  I also try to eat pretty healthy overall.  

Did I “cheat”?  Umm yeah…a few cupcakes! 🙂  I love Jillian’s 80/20 rule…eat right 80% of the time.  Plus dark chocolate is a MUFA, and you just can’t beat that.

Have I lost both weight and inches?  Yes and no.  I lost about 9 lbs but more importantly I have definitely traded weight for muscle. So some inches actually increased like in my arms.  I actually like the new arms a lot. (I have skinny arms and legs thus the nickname skeletor.  Not the worst reason for a nickname I know.)  I also now need to wear a belt with most of my shorts and pants.  🙂  Goodbye muffin top, or in my case cupcake top, and hello abs.

So my opinion is …..LOVED IT!!  I really liked Jillian’s style and I feel much stronger and more fit.

The 97 days actually ended at a perfect time.  This upcoming week is a taper week before my Half Marathon.  I hope all this hard work will pay off there too.

My only problem now?  Where do I go from here?  I am thinking JM 30 day shred…my hubby says Insanity.  I think he’s insane 😉  Do you have any workout programs you have enjoyed?  I would love to hear some suggestions.


The Great PUMPKIN Race and Mini Pumpkin Mile

First Running In Sanity and I want to give a HUGE thank you to all of you who are up to running in the virtual “The Great Cupcake Race 5k/10k” in September.  We have over 100 participants!  And yes we will be keeping our word and be running as cupcakes for the 5K!

Now we are SUPER excited for our next virtual race which will also support Team in Training (TNT)

The Great Pumpkin Race 5k /10k”


“The Mini Pumpkin Mile”  

When:  On or around (you decide) October 13th, 2012

The mini pumpkin mile is for kids only ages 0-12.  Costumes for both races are optional but greatly encouraged 😉

We are also excited to share the bling!!!  Here they are….. super cute or what!




And here is print for the Bondi Band that is available.  They call it Pumpkin Dot, perfect!




There are 2 different options for “The Great Pumpkin Race 5k / 10k “

1) The Great Pumpkin Race 5k/10k with Bling  – $20

2) The Great Pumpkin Race with Blind and Polka Dot Bondi Band  – $27

The Kids “Mini Pumpkin Mile” (because our kids really wanted the cupcake medal, lol)

1) The Mini Pumpkin Mile 1 mile kids fun run with Bling (ages 0-12) $10 each

We hope you will join us for some great Fall Fun!

Here is the link to register:

The Great Pumpkin Race and The Mini Pumpkin Mile 

Adults register under the great Pumpkin Race, kids register under the Mini Pumpkin Mile, thank you

Thank you from Run Find your Happy Pace and Running In Sanity!!!


(so you can have your really cool bling for race day!)


Say hello to “Running In Sanity”

I got a this great idea from a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador Mindy @Road Runner Girl.  Thanks Mindy.

I want to introduce you to blogs and bloggers I love!  So here we go with my first guest appearance…..

Say hello to my friend Cara at Running In Sanity.  Sounds familiar?  I thought she might, she is co-hosting “The Great Cupcake Race” with me.  She is the brains behind the operation, I am the Public Relations/Publicity Guru…well sort of.  She might say I am the crazy idea, keep you on your toes, not so silent partner, lol.  She is also a close friend and fellow military wife!!!

Name: Cara  “Running In Sanity”       

State: Virginia

When and why did you start running?  I started running a little over a year ago. I started because it was something I always wanted to try. I wanted to lose weight and set a better example for my children by being more active as well, so it worked together.

What is your favorite race and race distance?  Even though it seems so long when I’m starting out, I really do think that the half marathon is my favorite race distance. My favorite race so far would have to be the Disney Princess half marathon. That was a wonderful weekend with friends and I can’t wait to do it again!

What is your typical race day routine?  Pretty simple I get up and get dressed (I always lay my clothes out the night before to make sure I don’t forget anything). I will usually have some kind of protein bar while I am waiting for the race to start.
What is your absolute favorite piece of running gear? My iPod…tried to do a half without it and it wasn’t pretty! Other than that, I would have to say my spi belt. It’s amazing how much stuff you can pack into that thing!

Do you follow any diet or take any specific supplements that complement your running?  
Currently I am following weight watchers. I started with that back in January 2012 and by sticking to healthy meals that I cook at home (so I can control what goes in the recipe), I have had success with losing weight and feeling better overall for my running.

What do you wish you’d known when you first started running?  That the only thing I need to worry about is running my own race. I don’t need to try to keep up with anyone. It is about setting goals for myself and meeting those goals in my time by trying my best and putting in the time it takes to meet those goals.

What is your fondest running memory?  
Finishing the Disney Princess half would have to be my fondest memory so far. It was a PR at the time and my third half marathon. It was also the second half of my coast to coast challenge with runDisney, meaning I had successfully completed a half on each coast in the same year. It was such a great feeling to accomplish it and I got to share that experience with some wonderful women that was a definite plus!

What is one thing that most people do not know about you?  
Sorry, can’t come up with one…… :)***
***RFYHP can “Cara is a super woman…blogger, runner, mom to 4 AND owner of The Paisley Platypus on Etsy (super cute stuff for kids!)
And those are just some of her secrets!  Plus she has already completed 5 half marathons this year!!  Number 6 for 2012 is just a few weeks away.  You GO girl!  Check her out if you get the chance:
You can find “Running in Sanity” at 
Twitter:  @runinsanity

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Inspiration for your Perspiration

OK this is going to be a little different that my usual weekly running blog:

I have been blogging for a while now.  As many of you may know I am not only a runner, military wife, mother but also a Christian.  My invitation from the beginning has been “Join me as I find my happy pace in running and life“.  Over the past few months I have been trying to share the word of God, at least occasionally, on my Facebook page.  Tonight while lying in bed these words came to me…“Inspiration for your Perspiration”  kinda catchy, a little silly (that’s me) but I love it.  In fact although it is now actually Monday morning where I am, I am up and writing this because I was inspired.  And in my opinion one thing you should never pass on is inspiration.  Don’t set it aside and don’t wait until later whenever you can.  It usually happens for a good reason!  So from this week forward I have decided to do weekly short blog/tweet/status update/instagram on Sunday and I will call it:

 “Sunday’s Inspiration for your Perspiration”

I may quote a bible verse or a line or two from an inspirational song, maybe a link to a video.  We will see.  I realize some of you following me may not also be followers of Jesus.  I also realize many of you signed up to follow strictly for  running tips/amusement/advice, etc.  I get that, but I also feel that it doesn’t hurt to put a little Jesus in your week.   I may lose a few followers and I am 100% OK with that.  I would rather be called a Jesus Freak than an awesome blogger. (heck, I know I will never be called an awesome runner, lol)  I want to use my page and life for the greater good, not just product giveaways, although who doesn’t love those!  I love them too and will continue to do them, so fun!  But the best thing this blog and running have brought into my life are some great new friends.  So thank you.

It is my hope that this too may bring even more great people into my life so that we may inspire eachother on many levels.  Take care, Run Find your Happy Pace and here is:

Sunday’s Inspiration for your Perspiration 8/19/2012:

Wether you’ve  had a bad run or bad day remember:

“When I don’t measure up to much in this life Oh, I’m a treasure in the arms of Christ….”

Sanctus Real– From the song Forgiven

(Click to find out more about Sanctus Real and this inspirational song)

Have a great week, feel free to share and thanks for joining me as I Find My Happy Pace in running and life!


Jillian Michaels week #11! Instagram? Twitter? Running Cupcakes? and that Poor Treadmill Guy

Week #11.  I am so wicked proud of my self! And I really don’t care if that is correct grammar or not, lol.  I am almost to the end of my 90+ days of Jillian Michaels 90 day body revolution.

And you know what after 3 kids I still have abs!!  Wahoo!  Yup I can even see them 🙂  Not like a 6 pack but maybe a 1/2 pack 🙂  Now granted I admit that I am lucky and have a fairly generous metabolism and weight has never been a huge issue for me.  But I have to say I think this is the best shape my abs have been in since being pregnant with my first kid 13 years ago!  Holy cow did I just say 13, my, my time really does fly.  I may (may) even be brave enough to post a 90 day pic at the end of this.  That is still up for debate, we will see.

This week I started workouts 11 and 12.  Quoting Jillian The final 2 weeks, the mother of all workouts.  I don’t believe that I could have made this harder if I tried…”  But you know what I am still loving it!  Hard yes, impossible no.  Well maybe one move in workout #12, wheel push ups.  Basically you need to be able to do a push up in a backbend position….umm so far that isn’t happening.

Insta..what?  Oh Instagram….

OK I have just entered the world of Instagram!  Prior to this month I had no idea what that even was.  By admitting to this I am probably showing my age, oh well.  But thanks to some Sweat Pink Ambassadors, now I do.  I am not able to hook it up to my Facebook page at this time (not a capability on the Android yet)  But you can follow me @ runfindyourhappypace if you are on there.  I would love to have you.  I have uploaded some inspirational quote pictures and some pre and post race pics on there too.  Hope you will join me.

Twitter (tweet, tweet)

You can also find Run Find your Happy Pace on twitter….@runfyhp    Bear with me while I get a hang of this, lol.

The Great Cupcake Race 5k / 10k & Even a Running Cupcake

Things are looking great for my and Running In Sanity‘s first virtual race.  We have 57 participants so far.  We also have the artwork for the bling.  Isn’t it cute!

Thanks to JBRugby for helping us out with that.  The actual medals should be done on Monday next week.  I will definitely post the pic ASAP!!!!  This design will be the center of the medal, the outside will be a white sparkle bling.  We love it and hope you do too.  It’s not too late to sign up and support Team in Training (TNT).  Click here   “The Great Cupcake Race”

Also in case you haven’t heard if we get up to 100 runners I will be running at least the 5k as a cupcake.  Yes for real and yes there will be pictures.  Below is the costume.  And as some of my freinds have stated… “who wouldn’t want to see a cupcake running down the street :)” riiightt.

Poor Treadmill Guy and RnR Update:

Training is going very well.  I accomplished a great feat for myself last weekend by completing 10.5 miles (mostly) on a treadmill!  First time I have ever done over 7 on a treadmill.  Why on earth would you run that far on a treadmill you ask?  Good question and normally I wouldn’t believe me!  However two of my kids had a mini mud run last Saturday morning (see pic)

which pushed my long run to the late afternoon.  Late afternoon in Virginia = way too hot.  But dang it I was going to get at least 10 miles in!!  So I ran 6 miles on my treadmill at home, when I started to hit that dreaded wall of boredom.  I decided it would be better to run outside than quit.  Mother-nature on the other hand had some tricks of her own.  As soon as I went out, it started to rain.  Ergo plan B.:  I ran 1/2 mile to the gym, jumped on their treadmill for 3.5 and ran a 1/2 mile back home.  10.5!

The only casualty of my madness was probably the poor older man who decided to run next to me at the gym.  Why?  Well 1)  I was pretty sweaty and stinky by mile 7 (eww) and 2) I started to struggle a little at mile 9, so decided to strike up a conversation.  Treadmill guy was reading a book while he walked, so conversation was probably not top priority for him.  However I must not have been too annoying, or stinky for that matter, because he did appease me with a little senseless banter for a while.  Me:  “Reading anything good?”  “Trying to get 10 miles in”  blah,blah….So thanks Mr. Treadmill Guy you rock, and sorry about interrupting your reading time.  Your cooperation was much appreciated.

How about a smoothie recipe to end the week, shall we?  This week I accidentally bought Silk Coconut instead of Silk Almond, but I gotta tell you it’s not bad.

So thus this is my favorite smoothie for the week.  I call it:

Coconut cherry:

8oz  Silk Coconut Milk

1 cup frozen dark cherries

1 scoop vanilla whey protein

1 tablespoon PB2 chocolate


Simple yet delicious!  Enjoy.


Because We All Want to be Wonder Woman – Lucky Number TuTu Tank Giveaway!

******Contest is now closed!  Thanks for participating!!******

I am so excited to share this really FUN giveaway with you from Lucky Number TuTu.

Because if you know me, you know I like to do more than just show up at a race…

I like to do it in style.

Luck Number Tutu has generously offered to give away 1 (one)

Super cool custom Wonder Woman Tank!  (tank only)

(no additional purchase necessary, however a special offer will be given to the winner if they wish to purchase the matching tutu)

How perfect would this be for your upcoming Halloween Race!  Personally I would also wear it around the house….just to remind the family just how awesome I am 😉

Because shouldn’t running and life be fun!!

Check out the link for their Etsy page here….Lucky Number TuTu .  They carry many other Super Hero tanks and sets, TuTu’s (of course), socks and soooo much more.  Lucky Number TuTu can even do custom work for your special race or event!  This is a really fun company!

Here is just a small sampling of the great items available at Lucky Number TuTu .  Can you say Disney Princess Half? Military/Mud Run?  Mom’s Gone Wild?!  Wahoo!!!

Ready to enter…because who doesn’t want to be Wonder Woman!  Here is your chance:  

1)  Visit Lucky Number Tutu on Etsy .  Come back here and let me know which is your favorite!  Leave a comment .

2)  Check out the Facebook Page for Lucky Number TuTu and let them know Run Find your Happy Pace (RFYHP) sent you!  Leave me a comment.

3)  Share this giveaway with a friend!  Leave me a comment and let me know you did

4)  Join us on Run Find your Happy Pace.  Already like me, leave me a comment here…..a new fan, thanks let me know what you think.

**** Giveaway ends August 31st at midnight (EST) ***  

NOTE:  Prize MUST be claimed within 2 weeks or we will do a second chance drawing.


Road ID Winner, Run With All Your Heart and my Next Giveaway

Yesterday I participated virtually in the 4 mile Run/Walk With All Your Hart race in memory of Sarah Hart.  A mother of three (pregnant with her fourth) that was killed during a run.  So very, very sad.  Senseless and sad. Since my kids were doing a kids mini mud run on base yesterday we walked to and from the race together.  Here is a pre-race picture.  My oldest didn’t make it because he got the stomach bug 🙁

This was also the perfect day to end my Road ID contest.  Would a Road ID have saved Sarah?  Unfortunately no, not in this case.  However safety while running was a huge theme of the race.  I was blessed to walk with my children in her honor.  God Bless you Sarah, your unborn child, and your family here on earth.

Thanks to all of  you for all the nice comments about the contest and about Road ID.  I am glad to have introduced some of you to Road ID for the first time.  It was nice also nice to see that for some of you this was just the reminder you needed to get one. I heard more than one comment of:   “oh I have been meaning to get one of those”.  My hope is even if you didn’t win you will still consider the purchase of one on your own.

Now on to the WINNER!

Well I stated that to enter you needed follow my blog, and so many of you did!!!  Thanks so much to all the new followers!  I hope you will continue to follow me on my journey to Find my Happy Pace in running and life.  However…..I guess I should have also had asked you all put your first and last names in the comments.  You see the comment posts list you by whatever name you use when you set up your account.

Therefore our winner is….Anne.  Yup that’s it, no last name, no other info.


For those of you who did not win PLEASE consider looking into Road ID and purchasing  one of your own.  Worth every dime, I swear.
So Anne I hope you see this!  I have a pretty good idea of which Anne it is by looking at the date on the comment and the date you “liked” my Facebook page.  So Anne please contact me at  We will have to verify your information.  Next time I will know better…oh we live and we learn don’t we, lol.

****  Up next I have a sweet tank giveaway from Lucky Number Tutu that would be just perfect for a Halloween run…..Look for details soon! 🙂  ****

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