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Road ID Winner, Run With All Your Heart and my Next Giveaway

on August 12, 2012

Yesterday I participated virtually in the 4 mile Run/Walk With All Your Hart race in memory of Sarah Hart.  A mother of three (pregnant with her fourth) that was killed during a run.  So very, very sad.  Senseless and sad. Since my kids were doing a kids mini mud run on base yesterday we walked to and from the race together.  Here is a pre-race picture.  My oldest didn’t make it because he got the stomach bug 🙁

This was also the perfect day to end my Road ID contest.  Would a Road ID have saved Sarah?  Unfortunately no, not in this case.  However safety while running was a huge theme of the race.  I was blessed to walk with my children in her honor.  God Bless you Sarah, your unborn child, and your family here on earth.

Thanks to all of  you for all the nice comments about the contest and about Road ID.  I am glad to have introduced some of you to Road ID for the first time.  It was nice also nice to see that for some of you this was just the reminder you needed to get one. I heard more than one comment of:   “oh I have been meaning to get one of those”.  My hope is even if you didn’t win you will still consider the purchase of one on your own.

Now on to the WINNER!

Well I stated that to enter you needed follow my blog, and so many of you did!!!  Thanks so much to all the new followers!  I hope you will continue to follow me on my journey to Find my Happy Pace in running and life.  However…..I guess I should have also had asked you all put your first and last names in the comments.  You see the comment posts list you by whatever name you use when you set up your account.

Therefore our winner is….Anne.  Yup that’s it, no last name, no other info.


For those of you who did not win PLEASE consider looking into Road ID and purchasing  one of your own.  Worth every dime, I swear.
So Anne I hope you see this!  I have a pretty good idea of which Anne it is by looking at the date on the comment and the date you “liked” my Facebook page.  So Anne please contact me at  We will have to verify your information.  Next time I will know better…oh we live and we learn don’t we, lol.

****  Up next I have a sweet tank giveaway from Lucky Number Tutu that would be just perfect for a Halloween run…..Look for details soon! 🙂  ****

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  1. Anne says:

    I may be the lucky winner 😉 hopefully this comment will help sort it out!

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