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The “Almost” Perfect 10K…and the Case of the Disappearing Medal

on September 22, 2012

I ran the Heart of Ghent 10k today in Norfolk, VA.  Now berfore I get into the ugly details about the dissappearing medal, here are a few pics and the highlights from the race.

The weather……..P E R F E C T especially after the dreadful weather of Rock n Roll VB in early September.  The actual course was very nice and well organized.  It was a small race only a little over 700 runners, not bad for an inaugural year of a race.  I ran it with just my bestie. (well we saw each other at the start and the finish) I have to say I really enjoy a 10k, it was a great race distance coming off a half  and preparing for another 10K in October and possible half in November.    Francena McCorory’s (Gold Olympian) was there at the end of the race signing autographs and taking pictures.  She was VERY nice and VERY generous. She even let me WEAR her gold medal for our picture!  Awesome!  So even though I couln’t take it home, darn, I got to wear something I probably will never wear again  A GOLD OLYMPIC MEDAL!!  So thanks Francena, you rock!    Here are some pics from the day.

As a post-race treat we stopped for cupcakes 🙂  Now I usually only do that for a half marathon, but we made an exception in this case and here is why:

The problem was the medal. Or in this case…the lack thereof?  You see there “was” suppose to be one.  Now granted Half and Full Marathons definitely deserve a medal, no question.  However I guess my problem isn’t the actual medal (okay maybe a little because I am a bit of a bling ho)  but you see I am a bigger stickler for INTEGRITY and HONESTY.  As most of you know I recently co-hosted a virtual race myself.  We did everything to ensure everyone got what was stated, in full at the price stated to the best of our ability…no changes and no exceptions!  Not because we wanted to be the best ever, but because that’s how you are suppose to do things …all things in life.

Today as I crossed the finish my bestie there waiting for me (yes she finished first, turd.)  she says “Where do we get our medal?”  Ummm yes where do we get our medal?  Now I know medals are not everything, I have done races that didn’t have them and that’s fine too, I will run a race for charity.  The difference here was prior to registering we asked if there would be medals.  Publically on Facebook we were told YES…ALL (as in everyone) finishers would receive a medal.  Not the top three, not just the elite ALL.  Now again that may not mean much to some but we are two military moms who try to choose our races carefully.  With deployed spouses we not only pay for the race, but also must pay a babysitter in order to  get to that starting line.  So I hope you can understand our dismay when there were NO MEDALS to be found anywhere.  When I got home I checked their Facebook page and lo and behold others were also questioning “What happened to the medals?”.  Ok so it wasn’t just us.

So I threw my question into the ring too and asked about the medal, including the above reasons for my disappointment.  Here is their reply:  Heart of Ghent 10k Race “After asking some local runners, we decided to provide the CHILDREN with finisher medals only because the adults were getting O’Connor, Moe’s, Ynot, live music, Gatorade and a shirt. Sorry if you were disappointed with our decision.”

OK I totally love that the kids got medals!  Our Mini Pumpkin Milers will also be getting medals 🙂  Yes the food was great, shirt decent. (I did not see any Gatorade?  Maybe that disappeared too?)  I don’t drink but totally get the whole run for beer thing so that’s a non-issue.  But if you state ALL finishers get a medal, you really shouldn’t change that after the fact without stating it publicly to ALL registered racers, not just the “locals” you polled.

So here are my questions to you guys…..Am I wrong?   What do you think?   And has this every happened to you?

4 Responses to “The “Almost” Perfect 10K…and the Case of the Disappearing Medal”

  1. I completely agree with you that if it’s advertised, it should be done. That’s awesome that they gave the kiddos medals but they should have clearly stated the change and then even gone so far as to offer a refund (pre-race, of course) for the change, after all there are some people who only sign up for medals. Sorry about the crummy communication but I’m glad you had a great time racing with your bestie! Y’all totally deserved the cupcakes. 🙂

  2. I would be disappointed – I am also a medal ho 🙂 – I typically sign up for races with medals b/c I like to get that “something extra” after finishing. Silly me I guess. It’s a shame they didn’t have even just the dog tags that I’ve gotten at other local races.

  3. Pam says:

    Also agree with you completely….I would be mad, since they did not give what was advertised. At the very least, you should have been given a flyer with your packet pickup stating the no medals policy. By the way, you needed a cupcake after that disappointment!

  4. Doctor, PhD says:

    I ran the inagural 13.1 Dallas race last year and I signed up for the half marathon. A week before the race, I tweaked my knee and I couldn’t run the half so I ran the 5 mile race that day. I thought it would be okay since they advertised on their web site and on Facebook that everyone who crossed the finish line would get one of their cool spinning medals. When I ran the 5 mile race that day they didn’t give anyone in the 5 mile race a medal. I was peeved, but when I got home I asked about the medal on their FB page and guess what? They scrubbed all references to “everyone” getting a medal and then changed everything to say that only the half-marathon finishers got a medal. I also like the bling, so I wish they would have said that if you ran the 5 mile you get a certificate and that’s it. I feel your pain, sister. 🙂

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