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40+ Fit and Fabulous Woman # 1 and a Little About Me

on October 17, 2012

I am over 40….and proud of it.  I am probably more fit now than I have been in most of my life.  I had not run a half marathon until I was 40, I never had a blog and I was not nearly as confident in myself and my abilities as I am in my 40’s.  In the past year I have become a Sweat Pink Ambassador with Fit Approach and a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador.  I am honored and  humbled to serve as both.  And also really proud that both these groups have reached out to not only the younger fitness ladies but also to those in my age group and beyond in promoting fitness at any age.

Here is a little background about me:  I grew up active and played sports from the time in was in kindergarten.  Soccer was the sport of choice in my house.  My Dad was born and raised in Poland and probably played soccer as soon as he could walk.  I LOVED it.  I was a tomboy at heart and sports was my idea of fun.  I played soccer from K – 7th grade with my Dad as my coach.  I played softball in the summer with a small group of girls that met at the local grammar school.  I rode my bike there and back (and everywhere) for practice, sports was my “thing”.  I was good at it and it made me happy.

When I got to high school they did not have a girls soccer team (I am happy to say they do now!) so I joined the volleyball team and fell in love with it.  I also played a year or two of basketball and a year of softball.  But Volleyball was my passion. By senior year I was co-captain of the Volleyball team.  A tad on the short side (I am 5’5″) for a volleyball player, I didn’t care.  I have the determination and luckily the jumping skills to fit the bill.  I made All-Conference my senior year.  After high school I joined the YMCA, did a stint and Gold’s gym and kept fairly active.  I never got so out of shape that I had a hard time coming back.  I did pregnancy DVD’s through my first pregnancy and walked and lifted weights through the next two.  I started running in my late 30’s after my husband joined the Navy and was deployed for over a year.  The YMCA became my new best friend.  It gave me some “me” time and kept my children safe and happy while I worked out.  But most of all kept us all sane.  I didn’t start any serious distance running until I was almost 40.  When I moved to VA a neighbor (now my bestie) asked me if I was interested in running with her.  We started running (run/walk) on a fairly regular basis on a 5 mile loop.  At the time I ran with not one but two kids in tow.  Fun right?  lol.   Another neighbor (Sue) finally convinced my friend and I that we could do a half marathon, how she managed that I still have no idea, but it was probably one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  I completed my first half at the age of 40, and I have never looked at myself the same.  I have now completed 6 half marathons, a 10miler a few 10ks, a couple 5ks and a 14K with many more to come.  I have done 2 rounds of P90X, completed JM 90 Day Body Revolution and am currently starting month 2 of Insanity.  I enjoy working out and make it part of my daily routine, it’s a passion not a chore.

My point is this I am 40+ and I feel fit and fabulous….and you can too and I wanted some really great woment to help me prove it!  So I put a call out to some SPA’s and GGSA and a few great fitness blogs I love.  In the process I have had the wonderful opportunity of getting to know some other great 40+ AWESOME women.   I am honored to share some of their stories with you, I hope you find them both inspirational and motivational.

My first fabulous woman is Pam K. you can find her and her daughter on We Run Disney on Facebook  and their blog We Run Disney (click on each to connect)

1) What got you into “fitness” and how old were you when you started? 

I have been active and fit my whole life. My mom found me scaling bookshelves before I turned two….I was meant to run or play a sport!  My family (parents and siblings) were all very active in numerous outdoor sports including: running, skiing, tennis, golf, hiking, mountain climbing…..My parents are still active at 91 and 86 and my mom (86) still walks 3 miles every day.  They are a real inspiration!
2) What are you most proud of (achievement/moment)?
This is a tough one.  I feel that most any time you compete, you should be proud of your results, even if they were not your best.  My running career started just shy of my 57th birthday and after running the Princess Half Marathon in February (which was supposed to be my “one and done”), I decided I liked running.  So I signed up for the Disneyland Half Marathon  which would be just eleven months after I started the journey.  With alot of hard training during a very hot summer, I was thrilled to place 12th in my age group with a time of 2:06.

3) Name a good thing about being an “older” active woman.

If you are an older active woman, you can take up a new sport and enjoy it with ease.  I also feel that nothing is too big a challenge as I have signed up to run the Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World in January.

4) Give a great piece of advice that you have learned that younger women can learn from.

Probably the biggest piece of advice I have learned is to enjoy the journey.  While race day, the tennis match or golf tournament are all important, the results do not define you as a person.
Stay tuned to my blog for more great 40+ Fit and Fabulous Women!  

11 Responses to “40+ Fit and Fabulous Woman # 1 and a Little About Me”

  1. reginafaura says:

    This is such a great post! I will be 40 in December and I also just started my running journey almost 2 years ago. I also am in the best shape I have ever been! And Pam, wow, what an inspiration at starting running at 57!

  2. YAY Mama! So proud to have a Mom that sets such a good example. Now if only she didn’t kick my butt at running so bad!! 🙂

  3. Jenna says:

    This is awesome!! I’m only half way to 40, and it’s the amazing women like you all that inspire me daily!! Xo Spa love!

  4. Christine Lesmerises says:

    This is very inspiring! I, too, just began running this summer, when I turned 40. I just completed my first 5k and am looking forward to running more and getting stronger every time I run.

  5. You rock! What an inspiration. Keep it up!

  6. Belle says:

    I’m 46 and have finished 1 round of couch to 5K. I have to work around a very gimpy low back problem. I’m in the process of completing another C25k after healing my back yet again. I’ve never been super out of shape and am a veteran of exercise videos. Although I’ve carried extra weight as a mother. It did take me 10 years to drop my 40 pounds of baby weight (I lost the last pound on my son’s 10th birthday). I just wanted to challenge myself past exercise videos and that’s why I started running. Before I turn another age, I will finish at least 1 5K race and I think I will be unstoppable from there. P.S. My son is now 15, several inches taller than me and “jogs” along with me so that I’m not lonely on my runs.

  7. Phyllis says:

    This is a great post. I am in very good company! I started running at 50 and just completed 2 half marathons!

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