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Wicked 10K a Wicked Good Time

on October 29, 2012

I ran in the Wicked 10K this past Saturday.  This was my second Wicked which is put on by J&A Racing in Virginia Beach.  First off kudos once again to J&A, they never disappoint.  Great races, delicious food and awesome swag.  Even with Sandy aka Frankenstorm on the way they managed to pull off a great race.  The after party (which is always kicka**) was moved last-minute from the beach to the Virginia Convention Center, where the race started.    Everyone was kept well-informed and the party went off without a hitch from the participants point of view.

As with most Halloween themed races costumes are encouraged.  Of course I will wear a costume to run for any reason 😉  so fun.  I was also happy to see one of the elite racers (in #2nd place when they passed me) was also dressed up.  You don’t see that too much with the front-runners, so that was nice.  I dressed as Minnie Mouse and my bestie dressed as Batgirl.  I opted for a Minnie Hat with ears safety pinned on due to the wind and possible chance of rain.  Thank you Target, the hat did the trick and was super cute!

I did not run this race planning to PR. I had just run “The Great Pumpkin Race 10k” a few weeks back and had PR’d.  My bestie and I decided to run together and enjoy the views and costumes.  We had not done that in a long time as she is usually a little faster than me.  There were some pretty funny costumes…a KISS group in full makeup, a half-naked Zoro (hats off he could actually pull off that tiny costume) a few other Minnie’s and quite a few batgirls and superheros.  There was also a “bit” of wind due to the outskirts of hurricane Sandy heading our way Saturday.  The hardest part of the race was when we were running between the tall buildings down by the shore…complete wind tunnel.  I asked the lady next to me to check and make sure I wasn’t going backwards.  No I seriously did.  It was so windy that my left ankle kept getting pushed into my right leg every time I picked it up!  On a good note when the wind was at your back you were flying…almost litteraly.  I wish it had been at my back a little more, I might have just PR’d after all.  However I fought the wind and didn’t stop running…lets hear it for small victories!  All in all I had a great race and time.  Just over a minute slower than my PR….not too shabby.  If you ever have a chance to run in a costume race I suggest you do it.  It’s a Wicked good time!

I also had the pleasure of meeting up with and getting to know some members of our local Moms Run This Town (I missed the group shot, darn)  I also got to meet the nice ladies from We Run Disney.  If you will remember Pam of We Run Disney was the first 40+ Fit and Fabulous Woman I had featured a few weeks back.  It was so nice to get to meet her in person!  I recognised them by the picture of their shoes they posted on Facebook, lol.  Who would have thought?  And they were both also dressed as Minnie. 🙂  I ran into them in the finish chute right after running, which also meant my brain wasn’t at full function and I didn’t get a picture….duhh.  Next time ladies.

8 Responses to “Wicked 10K a Wicked Good Time”

  1. Nice medal! I love running with the wind pushing me, always makes me for a happy run.

  2. Sounds like a fun race! I love your costume…so cute!!!

  3. Super cute costume! Looks like it was a lot of fun 🙂 Sending good thoughts your way from GGS <3

  4. Mindy Artze says:

    You are too cute! i haven’t gotten into the costumes yet for races! I am thinking of venturing out to the world of running skirts, and that is pushing it. 🙂 Keep up the great work! GGS <3

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