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Sunday’s “Inspiration for Your Perspiration” 11/25/12

on November 25, 2012

Since it’s a holiday weekend and we at RFYHP are kicking back and relaxing 🙂

I am linking one of my favorite songs to kick off the

Christmas Season!


Mary Did You Know

Kenny Rogers and Wynnona Judd

(I decided to link a version with the words because they are so beautiful)

If you have never heard it I hope you enjoy.

If you have look at the words and let them really sink in.

“Mary did you know that your baby boy will save 

our sons and daughters.”

“Did you know that your baby boy, has come to make you new?”

“This child that you delivered, will soon deliver you!”……….

“Did you know that your baby boy has walked where angels trod?”

“And when you kiss your little baby, you kiss the face of God”

Merry Christmas to you all

6 Responses to “Sunday’s “Inspiration for Your Perspiration” 11/25/12”

  1. fun2race says:

    How did you know this is one of my all time favorite christmas songs 🙂 Have you ever heard the Kathy Mattea version, if not you need to, it’s my favorite!

  2. That is a good song! I have found myself turning radio stations every time i Hear a Christmas song, I think I am in holiday denial, this year went by too fast. I need to wrap my head around it and start getting in the spirit!

  3. One of my favorite songs!!

  4. Debby H says:

    Mary Did You Know, is my ultimate all time favorite Christmas song!!

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