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Happy Holidays Enjoy This Guest Post from Run. Stretch. Repeat.

on December 28, 2012

Hello! I’m Lindsey from Run. Stretch. Repeat. ( I’m a new mom that picked up running to lose the baby weight and now I can’t live without it! My blog is full of motivation to get up and move! I mainly focus on running and yoga, but I think anyone can come and enjoy a laugh with me. Follow me on Twitter (@ljmcpherson) for updates.  I am so excited to be guest posting today!

Darlena thought it would be fun for me to share my bucket list and goals for 2013. That meant I actually had to think ahead to 2013. Where did 2012 go?!

My race calendar for 2013 is already getting full. In January, I’m travelling to Miami to do the ING Half-Marathon with my dad. It will be his first and my second. My only goal is to not let him beat me by too much!  For February I am going to Disney to do the Princess Half-Marathon. I am so excited! This race is the reason I wanted to start doing half-marathons in the first place. It will really be a “dream come true” for me. I just found out, that I will be doing the Nike Women’s Half in DC in April! I am totally stoked for that. I’m also doing the Disney Expedition Everest Challenge in May with my dad.

I like goals, but I’m not a good goal-setter. Obviously, I would love to do each race faster than the last, but beyond that, I’m not very sure. My first half I did in 2:30, so I would love to get down to 2:00 during 2013. I also hope to get my 5k time closer to 25min. My current PR is 28:04.

What else is on my bucket list for 2013?

  • Color Run- I really wanted to do this and I missed the registration. I’m going to be stalking it all year.
  • Run in Chicago- I don’t care if it’s a race or just a long run on vacation. I love Chicago, but when we went before I wasn’t in to running yet. I think Chicago would be a wonderful place to pound out some miles.
  • Disneyland Half Marathon- This is dreaming big since I am already traveling for a few races early in the year, but if you run a Disney World and a Disneyland race in the same you, you get an extra medal!
  • Mud Run- I’m not in to getting dirty, but I think a mud run sounds like a blast.
  • St. Jude Marathon Relay- I know I could probably train to run this by myself, but I love the idea of teamwork and accomplishing this with friends and family.

I can’t wait to get 2013 started! I have so many fun things to look forward to!


My happy race for 2012. It was hard to choose between this and my half-marathon. This is me crossing the finish at the Viva la Diva 5k I ran in November. I won 2nd in my age group and PRd with a time of 28:04. I was so incredibly happy!

Would love to hear from you!