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Healthy Surprise Box Review

on December 13, 2012

I received a box of healthy snacks from Healthy Surprise to review.  I WAS NOT financially compensated and the views and opinions expressed are my own.

Visit Healthy Surprise for more info:

Healthy Surprise Website

Healthy Surprise on Facebook

Twitter @HealthySurprise

OK with that being said let me give you a little information about what Healthy Surprise and what they are all about .

(taken direct from their Facebook page)

“Healthy Surprise is a monthly service that delivers packages of vegan, gluten-free, all natural snacks directly to customers’ doors. Each month the boxes boast a different assortment of large and small, sweet and savory snacks – introducing customers to a variety of new products and brands. Products are thoroughly vetted to ensure their ingredients and business practices demonstrates a dedication to health, quality, and sustainability.”

First off lets talk about the actual box.  It’s 100% recyclable, just throw it in your bin.  Cool, we at RunFYHP household are big into recycling.  And my oldest son (aka: the trash man) is probably the only one to complain about that. 😉

But let me just show you the generous amount of snacks in their December box.  This is my first box ever so I was pleasantly surprised at the amount included.  The boxes are come in different sizes starting at $33/month (plus shipping)  for a 16-20 serving box, like mine and according to the website contents change monthly.  And yes they do deliver to Canada (additional shipping applies)

My Healthy Surprise Box - Dec 2012

My Healthy Surprise Box – December 2012

Here is a list of what I received and some nutrition info:

I am going to use these abbreviations to make things easier

R=raw  GF= Gluten free  DF=dairy free  LG = low glycemic 

O=organic  V=Vegan  NF = Nut Free SF=soyfree

K=Kosher  LF=lactose free  NGMO= No GMO’s

(and *** was a Runfyhp favorite!)

Coco-Roons Brownies 6 oz bag (8 ct) from Wonderfully Raw  GF, DF, LG, O

*** Kale Krunch Southwest Ranch Flavor 2.2oz from Alive & Radiant Foods R,GF, V, O (yummy with a great kick to them!)

Lemon Super Cookies 3 oz from Go Raw GF, WF, NF, O, R

*** Crunchy Cinnamon Apple Chips 1.69oz from barre fruit  GF All Natural No added Sugar or preservatives  (one of my youngest favorites from the box, see pic)

Thumbs up!

Thumbs up!

*** Dried Pitaya (Dragonfruit) 1.5oz from pitayaPLUS No Preservatives or additives, O (I had never had Dragonfruit before…they were yummy!)

Gone Nuts Sesame Teriyaki Cashew & Almonds 3oz. from Living Intentions R, V, GF

Happy Hemp powder 2oz from Happy Hemp V, GF, R, O

Almond Cookie Pow Wow Bar from Thunderbird energetica SF, GF, R, LG, V All-natural (and it comes in a compostable wrapper!)

Carmel Corn 1oz from Cocomocorn  O, LG, GF, O

*** Cheesy Almonds 1.5oz from Sun ibiotics O, R, GF, DF, SF, V , NGMO  (Almonds are some of my favorite snacks, these are probiotic enhanced….interesting)

Coconut Bar Mango Bar from Oskri GF, K, V, LF

Peach Oat bar 3oz from Bobo’s Oat Bars GF, V

Apple & Mango Bar 1.2oz from That’s it Nutrition GF, K, V all natural

Orange Rosemary Pecans .88oz from Hail Merry R, V, GF

*** Chocolate Chip Brownie Bar .78oz from L’A’RABAR GF, K, NGMO  (already a fan of L’A’RABAR  one of the few bars I would choose in a pinch)

*** Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies .95 oz from Home Free NF,WG, GF, No GMO’s, DF, Tree Nut Free, egg free (yummy and a big hit with everyone at RunFYHP)

*** Apple and Apricot Bar 1.2oz from That’s it Nutrition GF, K, V (Ingredients Apples and Apricots, that’s it! Would be great for grab and go if you don’t have fresh on hand)

And a cute Healthy Surprise Sticker 😉

I have to say I am pleased at the amount and variety included.  There are some items I have tried before and a bunch I had not.

So what happens if you aren’t satisfied or don’t like the snacks you get?

per Healthy Surprise “No worries! We think you’re going to love eating healthy. If you don’t like the snacks, just contact us and we’ll make it right or refund 110% of your money.”

And you can cancel at anytime so there is no long-term commitment at sign up!  That’s a good deal.

So what’s my verdict?

All in all I enjoyed the variety I received in the box.  Normally I myself snack a little more bland, lol.  (Plain raw nuts and yogurt are some of my favorite snack things.)  However I would say if you are on the lookout for help with the following:

  • healthy snacks ideas for 2013
  • Gluten Free  / Vegan / All Natural Snacks
  • looking to try something new
  • or just have no idea where to start when snacking healthy
  • no long-term commitment
  • 110% money back guarantee

than Healthy Surprise may be for you!

Would love to hear from you!