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Why I’m a Dumba$$, you live an learn

OK I am officially a dumba$$.  NOTE TO SELF…NEVER (unless illness injury or death)  take a full 10 days off from running!

Why? Well it SUCKS when you start again.  It’s been hard to get motivated, harder to breathe and just frankly a pain in the booty!  Admittedly I must bow to those of you that run in the “REAL” winter conditions.  Snow, Ice, below freezing temps.  I went to CT for a week + just before Christmas to just before New Years Eve.  I wanted to run, especially the first few days.  Really I did.  You know that itch, that restless feeling you have when you want to just want to get out and move?  But it was cold (insert sissy face here) and it was going to snow, and did I mention it was cold?  Now I did get caught by the hubby doing some self-taught kick-boxing moves one morning… was amusing, for him 😉 but other than that and a few sit ups…nothing, nada, zilch.

The problem is this (at least for me)….it’s extremely easy to talk yourself out of running when its cold and your on vacation.  WAY to easy.  Add on the gluttony I mean festivities of  the Holidays,  plus my love for (and lack of) polish food in Virginia and you have a recipe for fitness disaster.   Pierogies, pierogies, and some more pierogies…cookies, cookies, cookies.  Add on our favorite mexican and italian restaurants back home and BAM!  I have decided NOT to weigh myself for the next two weeks.  Almost one week down, one to go.  I didn’t eat myself into this mess in a day and I can’t work it off in a day…or a week 🙁  apparently.  Sigh.

So to get myself back on track for Disney Princess Half I am back on the wagon, or at least dragging myself thru the mud while hanging off the wagon and pulling myself up.  Since January 1st  I have gotten in 2 runs and 3 Jillian Micheals workouts.  Gotta tell you the runs have not been easy.  So I have had to adjust.  Slower and some walk/run intervals but that’s ok.  Like we say around here…no matter what the speed it’s still the same number of miles covered by runner 1 or runner 1001.  So I will keep on keepin’ on.

I have also decided to track my mileage for 2013, which I have never done before.  Should be interesting.  I have no set number of miles in mind as a goal.  I want to love the run…not the goal. There is a Mom’s Run This Town Challenge for getting in 500 to 100 miles, and since I love MRTT I joined, can I make it?  Honestly I have no idea but we shall see 🙂

Hoping you guys did better than I did over the holidays!


2013 It’s ON!!

Quick post guys….still getting settled back home, it’s been a whirlwind this past week and a half.  Here are a few great challenges for January and 2013.  It’s not too late to join.


I am participating in a January Challenge with one of my fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador’s Healthy Heddleston…and it’s not too late to join!   It’s fun and there are prizes to be won 🙂

Check out her link for a fun January challenge calendar and how to win…..great motivation for a clean start to 2013.



Another daily challenge for January 30 Day Homies with fellow SPA and Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador at How My World Runs.  TODAY you could win a Happy Band from Running Happy 🙂

Check it out here….   How My World Runs  30 Day Homies Challenge



And don’t forget about the running challenge 13 in 2013.  I have committed to doing 13 races in 3013. Are you in?


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