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Shakeology Winners!! Is It You?

on January 14, 2013

Thanks to everyone who entered my Shakeology Giveaway!  Wowie, a lot of you wanted to try it.  Congrats to those of you that won.  I hope you enjoy trying it out and getting your “Healthy” on in 2013!

If you didn’t win and are still interested in Shakeology have no fear, please contact one of the wonderful Beach Body coaches below for more info about purchasing some of your own.  Let them know Runfyhp sent ya!

Without these coaches this would not have been possible.  

Thanks once again ladies 🙂  You Rock!


Dianne Lebold – Beachbody Coach

Dianne provided me with not only samples but this awesome Shakeology Tee and BPA Free Shakeology Bottle!  Thank you Dianne.

Carrie Patterson – Beachbody Coach 

Carrie provided not only samples but also envelopes and stamps and some  30 day Shakeology recipe calendar :)  Thanks Carrie.

Michelle Bowie – Beachbody Coach

Michelle provided me with samples and a recipe …Thanks Michelle :)

*** Winners please email me with you address.  Congrats!!! ***



 Shakeology Sample and T-Shirt Winner
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Shakeology Sample and Bottle Winner

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Shakeology Sample Winners (1 each)

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