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Awesome Skirt Giveaway from iGlow Running! I Glow do YOU?

on February 3, 2013

**** UPDATE!!!  As of today Feb 7th.  iGlow Running has added the matching Pink Tank Top to the giveaway!!!  Now you can win the complete outfit!!!!  ****  Here is the pic….Good Luck 






I am so excited to share this giveaway with you.  I found this really great shop on Etsy while searching for some fun new fun running gear.

iGlow Running (check her out her on Etsy)

iGlow Running on Facebook here

They carry sparkly, glowing totally cute running skirts and tops.  Check it out………


I mean what girl doesn’t want to sparkle like that!

So I was thrilled when the owner (who is awesome by the way) made me a cute pink top AND offered me the matching skirt to give away!

So cute!  This skirt is brand new with tags, promise I haven’t worn or sweat in it, not that I didn’t want too.  I mean look at it!  How cute would this be for a Disney, night-time or heck any run. 🙂

Pink iGlow Running Skirt

Pink iGlow Running Skirt

Please note the skirt does NOT have attached shorts, just slip them over your favorite shorts or leggings and your set.

These are very professionally made and are light and comfortable.  They shimmer and are very princess-like 🙂

Speaking of Princesses iGlow Running has a whole new line of Complete princess inspired outfits….

Cinderella Inspired

Cinderella Inspired

Rapunzel Inspired

Rapunzel Inspired

Belle Inspired

Belle Inspired

Not looking for a complete outfit?  No worries iGlow Running also offers tops and skirts separately.  I wish I could show you all the beautiful stuff they make but you will need to check them out for yourself.

Please stop by and let them know Run FYHP sent you.

Now who’s ready to win that great pink skirt!  Just follow the Rafflecopter link at the upper right of my page.

Ready….set…get your GLOW on!

Contest runs until Feb 15th and must claim their prize

by Feb 20th!!!

41 Responses to “Awesome Skirt Giveaway from iGlow Running! I Glow do YOU?”

  1. Lisa Jones says:

    I love the Cinderella inspired turqouise blue skirt!

  2. Rina Teel says:

    I like the red heart one!, they r all real cute!!’m

  3. Love the iglow products! Especially like Cinderella – mostly b/c it’s Miss Fiona’s favorite princess!

  4. Keri says:

    I would love this Pink skirt!! I don’t have any running skirts and this would be perfect for my first ever Glow Run in April!! 🙂

  5. carol says:

    My fave is the purple tank and skirt outfit.

  6. Pam says:

    I like the IGlow pink outfit 🙂

  7. mom27g says:

    I like the IGlowpink running outfit 🙂

  8. Keri says:

    I commented on iGlow Running on FB and tagged you in the post. I think my favorite iGlow outfit is the SNOW WHITE inspired running outfit!!

  9. Anne W. says:

    I love the navy skirt with silver polka dots!

  10. Joyelle says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stars! (the purple one is cute too)

  11. Maryalicia Verdecchia says:

    Sooooo awesome! heir stuff looks fun!

  12. So cute! I love these and do not have anything like it. It would be so fun to run in one.

  13. It’s a toss up between the Cinderella and the Snow White outfits! I love them both! 🙂

  14. I love the pink running skirt!! I think I’d also love the blue, because I teach children’s literature and get told I look like Snow White, so it’d be a great costume!

  15. Wanda G says:

    Thank you for all your great comments, they really made my day. I also love to wear my glowing skirts to go to the gym and everybody loves them. They are really comfortable.

    iGlow Running

  16. Laurel C says:

    The Belle Beaty and the Beast inspired running outfit is perfection!!! omg want want want!!!

  17. Keri says:

    I tweeted about the RFYHP and the awesome iGlow Running skirt giveaway!!

  18. Walisa Dickson says:

    I like and am budgeting to buy the iGlow with Stars, Colors, and Rapunzel outfits. I was drawn to the site by the iGlow Pink outfit. It’s very pretty.

  19. I love the Belle inspired outfit! She is my favorite princess!

    • Walisa Dickson says:

      iLove them all, but I am a FAN and have not yet even purchased. I am making iGlow out plans for the scheduled races I have. ;0)

  20. Shelley says:

    This would be so awesome to win since I am doing a race this month that I need a costume for. I love the tinkerbell race outfit.

  21. I love running in costume! These are so gorgeous!

  22. I love running in costume! These are great!

  23. hopestick06 says:

    I LOVE the Cinderella Inspired outfit! Perfect for the Princess!! <3!!

  24. I’ve been admiring her etsy shop for months. Already have my costume for this year’s Princess race, but I’ll be needing something for future Disney runs. The Cinderella is my favorite. 🙂

  25. Gigi says:

    Sooooo torn! I love the Snow White and tinker bell best I think……

  26. Thanks for this lovely giveaway. I love the pink iglow skirt!

  27. I like the white top with the black and white polkadot skirt!

  28. i love the be my valentine skirt!!

  29. missy traub says:

    This would be so cute to race in!! 🙂

  30. Since I’m such a runDisney fan..I LOVE the Cinderella outfit!!! Precious!!!

  31. erindegroff says:

    I love the iGlow red ensemble!

  32. erindegroff says:

    I love the red iGlow ensemble!

  33. Sue Scheungrab says:

    So cute! Love the Ariel costume!!!

  34. I love the iGlow purple skirt and tank ensemble! Very cute!

  35. runnergal22 says:

    This is so great! I tweeted and liked iGlow. What neat stuff!!

  36. Leah F. says:

    I like the iGlow Pink and iGlow Colors! These are all super cute! Plus, what a great way to run in sparkles! After all my blog is called Glitter on the Go! Looks like this line is perfect for me!

  37. Maryalicia says:

    Did you draw the winner and I missed it?

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