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Easter Sunday 2013 “Inspiration for your Perspiration”

Happy Easter .  I will let Jesus do the talking this week.


John 14:6

      Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me”

John 11:25-26

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.


Words from: Jesus Paid it All – written by Elvina Hall

Jesus paid it all, all to him I owe…sin had left a crimson stain he washed it white as snow. – 

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Conscious Box Giveaway!

If your like me you’re probably on the look for different ways to keep your footprint on the planet as small as possible….like from your running shoes only!

I try to make good choices each day for my kids, the planet and generations to come.  Sounds corny?  Maybe. But I truly believe we ALL need to do our part.  From utilizing reusable lunch containers to everyday recycling.  No effort is too small.

So I was excited when I was contacted by Conscious Box.  Have you heard of them?  I hadn’t either so here’s a bit more about them straight from their website….


Discover the Best Natural

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Conscious Box helps you discover the purest, healthiest natural products in the world

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From natural beauty to health food and non-toxic home goods,

you’ll find better alternatives for all areas of your life. “

Pretty Cool huh.  I thought so too.  Click here to check out their website for yourself….

Conscious Box.

Or check them out on Facebook and please let them know Runfyhp sent you!

Conscious Box Facebook Page

After visiting their pages I liked what I saw.  So I am pretty excited that Conscious Box also offered a giveaway of a FREE 3 month subscription (a $59 value) to one of my followers!

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You can even head over to Conscious Box and create a profile…it’s free.*

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As an added bonus Conscious Box also gave me a discount code for everyone to use:

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Wohoo!  Imagine earth friendly items delivered right to your door.

They offer a monthly, 3 month, 6 month an year-long subscriptions.

So here’s a few Questions for you:  What do you do to help keep our planet healthy?

Do you subscribe to Conscious Box?  I would love to know what you think!

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Good Luck

** please note I was NOT financially reimbursed by Conscious Box for this post.  The opinions expressed are my own.


Kale Superfood or Just Awesome?

OK if you’ve been around my Facebook page for a while you might have noticed I <3 Kale……a lot.  The great thing about Kale is it’s one of THE healthiest veggies around.  With fiber, iron, Vitamins K, A, C, calcium and antioxidants.  This SUPER veggie is no joke!


It’s pretty and oh so green!  🙂

So Now that we know its good for us you might be wondering what you can do with it?

Good question.

Since I was looking for a few new ideas myself, I asked some fellow Sweat Pink and Girls Gone Sporty Ambassadors for their favorite Kale recipes. I decided these were just too good not to share, so here we go.  Click on the recipie name for complete details and let the ladies know Run Find your Happy Pace sent you!

Oh and here is my favorite simple Kale recipe:

Kale with Garlic

1 Tbsp of Olive Oil

Huge bunch of Kale

2-4 garlic cloves

heat pan, saute the garlic, add the Kale and cook until the consistency you prefer.  (I like mine slightly wilted with still a bit of crunch to it.)  I have used the finished product as a side dish and as an addition to soup.  As a stand alone it’s a quick and healthy snack too.

Additional Recipes from my buds

Heather over at Run Stylish – Kale and Quinoa Pilaf.…umm yum!  This includes many of my favorite things, Kale, quinoa and feta.  Oh my, so good.

From Better Believe Fit – Astrid gave me this simple and delish and Paleo friendly idea.

“I like mine wilted with a little coconut oil and sea salt. Its simple and whole30/Paleo friendly ” Astrid   *** I tried it, its good 🙂

From Jen over at Marathon Mom – Kale and Black Bean Quesadillas – ok this is going on my must try list ASAP!

and From Debbie over at Healthy Running Mom – Chickpeas and Kale…oh man, oh man 🙂

Thanks ladies for the delish ideas.

And so I have come to the conclusion that Kale is not only a superfood but also awesome.

 So get out there are eat this Super Green and let me know what you think.


Say What? Runner “Lingo” 101

Runner:   “I got a PR this weekend”

Co-worker, family member or non-running friend:   “You got a what? When? And should you see a Doctor for some antibiotics?”

Have you been here?  I have.  Are you a newer runner and have no idea what I am talking about?  I was there once too!  A PR?  Fartlek?  LOL, lets’s break it down a bit.  Check out this fun guide to some basic runner “lingo”

So what the heck is a________ anyway?

PR or PB –  PR or PB stands for Personal Record or Personal Best, it’s when you set a new personal time record for a run.  NOTE: You should totally use this whenever you run a new race or distance because well, you have an automatic PR and it sounds really impressive 😉

POP – Port-o-Pottie, sometimes a runners best friend. Note:  Watch out for splash because you don’t want blue butt and more than likely you won’t be the first one in there for the day…ewww 🙂

Download – one of the main uses for POP (see above)….or emptying your bowels pre-race

Half Mary = half marathon

Full Mary = full marathon

Taper – the one, two or three weeks before a marathon or half marathon when you cut back on your milage in preperation for race day.  You can rest, your body can recover and you an mentally prepare for your race.  Note: It may also make your crazy because you don’t know what to do with yourself.  So find a project, clean a closet….just find something productive to do with yourself.

Running types:

Overpronater (or Overpronation) – excessive inward rolling of the foot when landing while you run.  A good indicator is that the inside of your shoe soles are worn. (wearing the correct sneakers will help, getting fitted for the right shoe will save you pain, money and time)

Underpronater (or Underpronation or Supination) when your foot doesn’t roll in enough while running.  The outer part of your soles will show the most wear. (wearing the correct sneakers will help, getting fitted for the right shoe will save you pain, money and time)

Types of Training Runs:

fartlek – Ha, ha, ha…no it’s not what your thinking….fartlek is Swedish for “speed play” it’s a form of interval training and involves varying your pace throughout your run.

LSD – perfectly legal 🙂  This is your weekly long run done at a slow comfortable pace Long, Slow Distance

Easy Run = a run done at an “easy” pace.  Not sure of your pace?  You should be able to carry on a conversation (full sentences) while running an easy run.

Tempo Run = Torturous Runs, lol, just kidding.  Not my personal favorite, can you tell?  Are runs that are done at a steady effort level. They help you develop your lactate threshold, which in turn will help you run faster.  Want to find out more about Tempo Runs click here for a great article from Runner’s World

OK, ok what is lactate threshold? =

it’s the point where the lactic acid builds in the here for more info about Lactate threshold from
Injury/Problem Section:

RICE – some of the best advice you can get when you have an injury (although not always the easiest to follow when all you want to do is run)   Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

Runner’s Trots – also a main reason for POP….basically its poop … emergency poop. nuff said.

ITBS –Iliotibial band syndrome is one of the leading causes of lateral knee pain in runners and also hip pain….Note: basically my feakin’ knee/hip hurts when I run, make it stop!  Click here if you think you might have it for more info from Web MD.

Shin Splints –  your shins hurt like heck when your running and even sometimes when you’re not.  When I had them it was an achy shin that came and went throughout the day..they suck.  Click here if you think you might have them for more info from Web MD.   See RICE for some relief.

Train Like a Mother the book has a ton more fun run “lingo”  and some great half and full training plans.

Thanks to my facebook friends they reminded me of a few I left off the list 🙂  So here goes:

Snot Rocket (from Amy K)- when your running without tissues and your really, really need to blow your nose.  What to do?  Plug one side and blow (preferably away from yourself and other people)  eww, but a neccessity sometimes

Negative Splits (Stephanie F) – gradually increasing each mile (or any predetermined distance) at a faster pace then the previous mile/distance.  Incorporating these can help  increase your endurance and pace.  Here is more info on Negative Splits from Pop Sugar Fitness

Honorable Mention to Darcy C who also mentioned Fartleks and says ” I figure I will officially be a runner when “fartlek” no longer makes me giggle.” 

So get out there PR, hit the POP early, do some fartleks and most of all Run Find your Happy Pace!

*** I am sure I have missed some good ones!  So what’s your funniest runner “lingo” you’ve ever heard? ***


Sunday’s “Inspiration for your Perspiration” 3/24/2013


OK call me a “quack” if you want but my family and I love Duck Dynasty.  For those of you who are not familiar with it, I would dare to say its one of the best show you’ve never seen.

Duck Dynasty is a show about the “Redneck” Robertson family (their words, not mine) from Louisiana who created and have made their fortune making Duck Calls.  But that’s not why I like it at all, in fact I have never hunted, nor have I ever shot a gun.  So why do I enjoy Duck Dynasty and what on earth does it have to do with “Inspiration for your Perspiration”?

Well I love the show because for once in a very, very long time there is a weekly series on TV that actually addresses God on a weekly basis.  The family is close-knit, and Papa Phil keeps the whole family real and grounded.  He is especially real with his grandchildren.  He believes in making sure they keep sight of the important things in life.  God and family, not video games, money, cell phones etc.  The family also has no issues showing their love for the Lord publicly and that my friends is what I call AWESOME.  Not only will they talk about God occasionally during the show, each episode ends with the family sitting around the dinner table in prayer, thanking the all mighty for everything and everyone in their lives.  How often do you see that in person never mind on national television?

I ran across this video of Phil Robertson (Papa Phil) and I wanted to share it with you all.  It’s an honest testimony of how he came to know God.  I love that he is willing to admit his past not so “ducky” self to the world.  We are all sinners and “That’s a fact Jack”  (If your a fan of the show you totally get this)  If all of us as followers were just as bold to admit it, maybe we too would catch a few more “fish” or in this case “ducks” for God.  I hope you take a few minutes to listen to it and even share it with a friend.

God Bless!


Virtual 5 Mile – March for Babies Register Now

In April Running in Sanity and I are helping raise money for the March of Dimes by sponsoring the 5 Mile March for Babies.  We could use some help for this great cause.

click here to register 

The 5 miles can be done as a walk, run, bike, jog, even a stroll at the beach or park!

Here is the adorable artwork for the medal.



We are also offering non-slip Happy Bands in this great black and white zebra print from Running Happy.


Cost of the 5 mile march is:

$26 for the March, Medal and non-slip Happy Band

$20 for the March and Medal only

Thanks so much for your support of March of Dimes!

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Shamrockin’ PR

So as you may have guessed by the title I finally got my new PR (personal record) for a half marathon.  Its been a long time coming.  I haven’t PR’d since last May.  This was sweet on so many personal levels.  Its been a long training road both physically and mentally for me.  There are things I won’t discuss here but I was running this race with someone very special in mind and to that person I dedicate this race 🙂

After following the Train Like a Mother plan for Rock N Roll half marathon through the summer,  I wasn’t able to PR for Rock n Roll back in September due to the extreme heat and humidity.  Heck I was just glad I finished that one upright!  So for this race I was on a bit of a mission, I found my pace group and my plan was to stay with them throughout the race.

In the end I was proud to get a new PR by 6 minutes!  


The Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach put on by J&A Racing is one of my favorites.  The course is flat and pretty…tree lined streets, not one but two lighthouses and an ocean boardwalk finish.  It just doesn’t get better than that, except for maybe the weather.

Last year was P E R F E C T weather, this year, well…not so much.  It was colder and a lot more windy than I had anticipated.  I usually buy a throw away sweatshirt from the thrift store before a race (don’t worry they collect them and donate them to charity) and toss it once I warm up.  But this year I wore that sucker until around mile 5 or so and then kept it tied around my waist after that.  I am soooo glad I did because I had a sneaky feeling I was going to need it again when the course ran through Fort Story.  And boy was I right!  Although beautiful (that’s were you pass the two lighthouses and get an ocean view) these was a biting cold wind that just went right through you.  So back on went the sweatshirt, good call.

After debating wether to do so, I stopped once for a port-o-pottie break but the line was sooooo long I finally gave up waiting and started running again.  The woods were starting to look like the best option for a “rest” stop.  Believe me there were plenty of people taking advantage of them…mostly men, lol.  But I got so cold I forgot I even had to pee 😉

Unfortunately my “stop” also cost me the view of my pace group!  Arghhh!!  So I just began to run along at what I felt was a good pace to catch up.  When we were getting ready to leave Fort Story (just before mile 10) the pacer appeared out of nowhere!  *** Insert Angela’s singing here. ***  He had looped back to inform us that we were still in good shape and that the group was slightly ahead of pace.  Wohoo!!!  That could not have come at a better time because honestly at this point I thought my PR was out of the question.  So thank you pacer man 🙂  you sham”rock”.

After leaving Fort Story  I picked up my pace and had my goal in my sites.  I cannot tell you the renewed spirit that pacer brought me.  It was like a shot of adrenaline, ok maybe the Honey Stingers Chews I had at mile 9 had something to do with it too, but I was feeling great!  At around mile 10.5  there was a group handing out bagel pieces.  An on the go snack, perfect that was also just what I needed, I nibbled on it for about the next half mile.  Yum, salt and garlic!   During that time I also ended up behind a very speedy slightly older women who helped me kick up my pace even more for most of miles 11 and 12 until I passed her.  (Believe me she was kicking butt and passing people left and right!!  Awesomeness.)

Around mile 11 I finally ditched my sweatshirt and I actually PASSED my pace group never to see them again!  The finish line was sweet victory and my 6 minute PR.  All the sweat, speed work and long runs had finally paid off.  Ahhh, and the best thing was I totally found my happy pace.  Both my girlfriends PR’d too!   Alicia, pictured below, PR’d by 13 minutes!  Wohoo!!

Alicia and I celebrating our PR's

Alicia and I celebrating our PR’s

And yes I did celebrate with one of these 🙂

Green Velvet Cupcake

Green Velvet Cupcake

Speaking of celebrating, what could be more perfect than this years surprise finisher item?  A Fleece Blanket!!!  Since I ditched my sweatshirt just a few miles back it was like gold to me 🙂 for the after party and the walk back to my car.

J&A Racing Rocks!

Oh we also got gatorade, pretzels, shamrock cookies, bananas, granola bars, a finishers hat, beef stew and beer!  (however I don’t eat beef or drink beer, but see what I mean about awesome!)

Shamrock Ninja...or just really cold half marathoner, you decide ;)

Shamrock Ninja…or just really cold half marathoner, you decide ;)

My only issues post race as far as physically is that my IT band on my right leg is causing me some knee issues.  I will need to do extra stretching and be careful before my next race.

Next up Nike Women’s DC in April with Team in Training!

** Please note the views expressed are my own.  I do not get paid nor am I officially affiliated with J&A Racing, Honey Stingers, or Train Like a Mother **

I just love them 🙂


Sunday’s Inspiration for your Perpiration 3/10/13

This week I would like to share with a book I have been reading, it’s a yearlong daily devotional I picked up a few days before Disney Princess.

Jesus Calling

Enjoying Peace In His Presence

by Sandra Young


My  girlfriends and I actually read the daily devotion together the night before our race.  The devotion talked about living in the the light of Jesus presence and came along with the perfect two verses that night……

Psalm 89:15


Hebrews 12.1-2.


A perfect theme of endurance and a favorite amoung runners.

I am really enjoying this great devotional with wonderful reminders about keeping Jesus first and in charge of your life daily.  The devotions are short but fit in nicely with a busy schedule and are helping me to reconnect daily with God.  It’s been a great extension of my 10 minute daily challenge I posted a while back.  If you’re looking for a daily devotional to help you get back on track this may be right for you.  I hope some of you check it out.

Have a great week everyone!



Disney Princess Half Recap: Part 2 Race & Recovery


2 AM is early!  Especially when you hardly get any sleep.  I think I got less than 4, and that was interrupted sleep.  Sigh.  The good thing is I am a morning person and once I’m up..I’m up.  The four of us decided on a staggered wake up time in order to give each of us a chance to use the “facilities” and get ready for the first bus at 3 AM.

Ok so I know some of you are thinking why on earth would you get up at 2 for a race that starts at 5:30?  Well for one this….

Hello!  I have never seen so many open port-o-potties in my life!


LOL, no but in all seriousness when you’re talking about 22,000+ Princesses running, the earlier you get out to the race the better.  I also lucked out an met up with these two lovely ladies, bloggers and fellow Virginia Beachers right after we got off the bus.  Pam and Christine from We Run Disney!  It’s always funny to run into friends when you are far from home.  We even got to stop for a quick picture, thanks ladies.


We Run Disney Ladies

Pre-Race photos…check out that sea of princesses headed toward the corrals!


After enjoying some tunes spun by the Disney DJ we headed thru the dry bag check and out to another waiting area where we chilled while awaiting the opening of the corrals.  The “walk” to the corrals is a bit of an experience all on its own. I didn’t remember Disney splitting up the corrals along the path headed toward the corrals last year, and I think that helped with the congestion some.  After hitting the port-o-pots one more  quite a few more times I finally settled into coral C with my friends.  Disney keeps you entertained with live MC’s and Fairy Godmother sends each corral off with a bibbidy-bobbidy-boo and some fireworks.  Just after the starting line I passed Dimity co-author of Run-Like-A-Mother (remember I had missed her at the expo) however there was no chance of a picture this time 🙁 I did yell out to her, cause I’m cool like that 😉 and she yelled back “have a great race.”

Off we went!  Did I mention the weather?  Oh yes the weather….80’s and humid, really humid.  That would be all fine and well for a southerner who had trained thru the “winter” in those conditions.  For the rest of us it did add an extra challenge.  I made sure to take extra fluids on the course, but by mile 10 even I was a little woozy.  I did switch to a walk run 4/1 for a good chunk of miles 10-12.  Better safe than sorry.   I also had some IT band induced knee pain.  The one unfortunate thing at Disney is there tends to be some slanted roads and sometimes narrow roads which forced me into the grass.  I think a combo of the two caused the pain.  Since Disney I have become besties with my foam roller again.  So far, so good.

Pictures, now I thought maybe this year I would stop and wait in some of the character picture lines, but my inner self-competitive side just wouldn’t let me do it.  I did stop for a few on the run pictures…check them out, but I didn’t do any of the character lines.  However both times I “stopped” the person taking the pics got blurry ones.  🙁

IMAG3600-1 IMAG3602 IMAG3601-1

Had to get a castle shot, one for my Dad who also plays the accordion, and the halfway point.

And I knew from last year there would be a few chances in the party area after the race.  Like this one with Jasmine.


Now these days I only measure competitiveness with myself, or at least I try to.  So when I realized that it was possible I could PR well I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop,  and that just made me even more excited.  In the end I missed my PR by 1 minute!!!!  I did however get a PR for myself in a Disney race by beating my last year’s time by 11 minutes and 30 seconds over Princess 2012!!

Yeah! 🙂

I am really looking forward to Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach this month!  As long as I stay healthy I am sure I can get a new PR for a half marathon!

Celebration dinner at Chef Mickey’s!  All you can eat and Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy 🙂


Monday we spent the day at The Magic Kingdom with our medals and “I Did It!” shirts.  It’s so fun to see all the princesses walking around the parks the next day.  And the workers at Disney are very gracious in asking about your race, if you had fun and how you did.  Disney may really be the happiest place on earth!

Oh and we also had our celebratory cupcakes!


WDW post race


Pretty Muddy FUN!

Just a quick post to say that I am SUPER excited to have been picked as part of Team Pretty Muddy!


So what is Pretty Muddy?  Well it’s an all women’s 5k Mud Run.  I have NEVER done a mud run so I can’t wait because they look like sooooo much fun!

Have you ever done a mud run?  I would love to hear about it.

 I will be in Richmond Virginia but they have others around the country.  Click on the link below to check it out, grab some girls and go have some muddy fun!

Pretty Muddy!