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Disney Princess Half Recap: Part 2 Race & Recovery

on March 8, 2013


2 AM is early!  Especially when you hardly get any sleep.  I think I got less than 4, and that was interrupted sleep.  Sigh.  The good thing is I am a morning person and once I’m up..I’m up.  The four of us decided on a staggered wake up time in order to give each of us a chance to use the “facilities” and get ready for the first bus at 3 AM.

Ok so I know some of you are thinking why on earth would you get up at 2 for a race that starts at 5:30?  Well for one this….

Hello!  I have never seen so many open port-o-potties in my life!


LOL, no but in all seriousness when you’re talking about 22,000+ Princesses running, the earlier you get out to the race the better.  I also lucked out an met up with these two lovely ladies, bloggers and fellow Virginia Beachers right after we got off the bus.  Pam and Christine from We Run Disney!  It’s always funny to run into friends when you are far from home.  We even got to stop for a quick picture, thanks ladies.


We Run Disney Ladies

Pre-Race photos…check out that sea of princesses headed toward the corrals!


After enjoying some tunes spun by the Disney DJ we headed thru the dry bag check and out to another waiting area where we chilled while awaiting the opening of the corrals.  The “walk” to the corrals is a bit of an experience all on its own. I didn’t remember Disney splitting up the corrals along the path headed toward the corrals last year, and I think that helped with the congestion some.  After hitting the port-o-pots one more  quite a few more times I finally settled into coral C with my friends.  Disney keeps you entertained with live MC’s and Fairy Godmother sends each corral off with a bibbidy-bobbidy-boo and some fireworks.  Just after the starting line I passed Dimity co-author of Run-Like-A-Mother (remember I had missed her at the expo) however there was no chance of a picture this time 🙁 I did yell out to her, cause I’m cool like that 😉 and she yelled back “have a great race.”

Off we went!  Did I mention the weather?  Oh yes the weather….80’s and humid, really humid.  That would be all fine and well for a southerner who had trained thru the “winter” in those conditions.  For the rest of us it did add an extra challenge.  I made sure to take extra fluids on the course, but by mile 10 even I was a little woozy.  I did switch to a walk run 4/1 for a good chunk of miles 10-12.  Better safe than sorry.   I also had some IT band induced knee pain.  The one unfortunate thing at Disney is there tends to be some slanted roads and sometimes narrow roads which forced me into the grass.  I think a combo of the two caused the pain.  Since Disney I have become besties with my foam roller again.  So far, so good.

Pictures, now I thought maybe this year I would stop and wait in some of the character picture lines, but my inner self-competitive side just wouldn’t let me do it.  I did stop for a few on the run pictures…check them out, but I didn’t do any of the character lines.  However both times I “stopped” the person taking the pics got blurry ones.  🙁

IMAG3600-1 IMAG3602 IMAG3601-1

Had to get a castle shot, one for my Dad who also plays the accordion, and the halfway point.

And I knew from last year there would be a few chances in the party area after the race.  Like this one with Jasmine.


Now these days I only measure competitiveness with myself, or at least I try to.  So when I realized that it was possible I could PR well I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop,  and that just made me even more excited.  In the end I missed my PR by 1 minute!!!!  I did however get a PR for myself in a Disney race by beating my last year’s time by 11 minutes and 30 seconds over Princess 2012!!

Yeah! 🙂

I am really looking forward to Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach this month!  As long as I stay healthy I am sure I can get a new PR for a half marathon!

Celebration dinner at Chef Mickey’s!  All you can eat and Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy 🙂


Monday we spent the day at The Magic Kingdom with our medals and “I Did It!” shirts.  It’s so fun to see all the princesses walking around the parks the next day.  And the workers at Disney are very gracious in asking about your race, if you had fun and how you did.  Disney may really be the happiest place on earth!

Oh and we also had our celebratory cupcakes!


WDW post race

6 Responses to “Disney Princess Half Recap: Part 2 Race & Recovery”

  1. Oh, that looks and sounds like so much fun! Great race and I am sure you will get your PR at Shamrock!

  2. Awesome recap! I had so much fun with this race I could have written 10 recaps 😉 I’m hoping to do a VA Beach race or 2 this year!

  3. Pam says:

    So fun meeting up with you and your friends prior to the Princess Half. Good luck at Shamrock, Christine will be there too!

  4. So cute!! I had to comment too hehe 🙂 Loved running into/seeing you – that was SO fun!! That is amazing that you nearly PR’ed – you will totally get it at Shamrock! I am a bit like you too…we talked about taking this race easy and doing lots of photos and we didn’t take a single photo on the course, likely because it was a tough race for me physically and I didn’t want a totally crummy time ha! See you next week eek!!

  5. Oh My! That is sooo cute! I would love to run in an event like that! 🙂
    You guys look so cute in your pictures! 🙂

  6. Thanks so much, it is a lot of fun keep it on your bucket list!

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