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Disney Princess 2013: Part 1

Just call me Princess ūüėČ

I was happy and lucky enough to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon for my second year in a row.  I was also blessed to do it for with three of my best buddies again.

I really enjoy this race.  Disney does NOT disappoint.  I would say this would be a great first half for someone as long as you can handle the early (extremely early) wake up time and the crowds.  BIG crowds.  This year the race had over 23,000+ runners.  A few years back there were only 7,000+.  However if Disney knows anything its how to handle big crowds and I would say they did it even better this year than last.  More on that later.

Cara from Running In Sanity and I left on Friday morning and decided to fly down this year rather than drive. ¬†Did I mention I am not the best flyer? ¬†However 12+ hours compared to under 2….hmm works for me, so with a little help ūüėČ off I went. ¬†We were in the sunshine state before 11AM and off to meet our other 2 friends at the Orlando Airport.

At the hotel one of my girlfriends showered each of us with “Cupcake Princess” gifts. ¬†ūüôā ¬†My buddies rock!


We decided to forgo the expo on Friday and opted for some park fun! So off to Animal Kingdom and ¬†Hollywood Studios for the day we went. ¬†I had few things on my agenda for the long weekend but this was one of them….

Hello Mickey Bar!  :)

Hello Mickey Bar! :)

With a few days before the race I indulged just a little, hey it’s not a cupcake

but it may just be the next best thing.

Here are some pics of our fun day! ¬†Warning: ¬†Picture overload ūüôā

Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios

Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios

Saturday:  Expo Day

Saturday morning we hit the expo.  And admittedly this was the only time I developed a slight twinge during the weekend.  When we pulled up to the expo (by Disney bus straight from our hotel) there was a looooooong line to get in to the expo.

expo line....wowie!

expo line….wowie!

Uh-oh! ¬†But never fear (remember I said Disney knows how to handle people) we were off the bus and moving in no time at all. ¬†I would say it took maybe 5 minutes to get through that line and into the expo. ¬†Once inside things moved quickly and painlessly. ¬†Bibs check, shirts check, official merchandise check! ¬†No problemo easy peasy…Disney rocks!

The four of us then scoured the expo. ¬†I just love expos you never know what or WHO your going to see or meet…

Sarah Bowen Shea co-author of Run and Train Like a Mother!

Sarah Bowen Shea co-author of Run and Train Like a Mother!

Unfortunately Dimity was off on her lunch break when we passed by, however I did get a few minutes to chat with Sarah. ¬†She was interested to hear that I had used Train Like A Mother for last years RnR and was kind enough to take a picture with me ūüôā ¬†Thanks Sarah!

There was also a HUGE “wall of princesses” at the expo this year. ¬†The four of us each found our name and had our picture taken. ¬†It was very cool to see your name up there with all those other runners. ¬†Did I mention Disney rocks? ¬†ūüėČ ¬†I was truly feeling princessy. ¬†We also had this group shot taken….don’t we look sweet.


Saturday afternoon we headed over to Downtown Disney for some shopping and dinner at Rainforest Cafe. ¬†Our usual pre-race dinner is fajitas, however RC had no fajita this year ūüôĀ ¬†but I did have a wonderful Tuscan chicken and potatoes that was super yummy and did the trick!


Back to the hotel for sleep (ha-ha, yea that didn’t happen) and alarm set for 2 AM. ¬†Yup 2AM, told you it was early.

Next up race recap……


Sunday’s “Inspiration for your Perspiration” 3/3/2013 – Sandy Hook Memorial 5k

Friday I ran a virtual 5k in memory of the lives lost in Sandy Hook, CT.

Until now I have not ¬†publicly blogged about the event. ¬†It is close to my heart as I not only grew up in Connecticut but my sister lived in Sandy Hook for many years. ¬†As she described it after the tragedy Sandy Hook is a quiet and lovely New England town, ¬†things like this shouldn’t happen here, or anywhere.

This year my youngest, Mr. Cutsie-face,  also started kindergarten and that could have been his, or any of our kids class, friends, teachers, principal.  When I heard the news, like many of you, I cried, I broke down and I prayed.  In fact I did so more than once.  Even today I prayed while running and felt the tears welling up.  With sadness and anger I have turned to the Lord to help me with my feelings about Sandy Hook and all the lives lost.  I cannot imagine what any of the families, friends and relatives have been and continue to go through.

However I think the town of Sandy Hook has set an inspiring and faithful example to us all.  They refused to let this tragedy define them, rather they have chosen to let is strengthen them both faithfully and as a community.

God will ALWAY reign over evil…always.

So Friday I ran for those lost, those who have found God through this tragedy, my own family and yours.  I also found a special place to hang my medal.  Even though I did Disney Princess last weekend I felt this medal deserved a place all its own.  I have hung it in front of my treadmill next to the pictures of my own children as a reminder to me of how special they are and to never forget


Sandy Hook





God Bless and have a wonderful week.




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