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Pretty Muddy FUN!

on March 6, 2013

Just a quick post to say that I am SUPER excited to have been picked as part of Team Pretty Muddy!


So what is Pretty Muddy?  Well it’s an all women’s 5k Mud Run.  I have NEVER done a mud run so I can’t wait because they look like sooooo much fun!

Have you ever done a mud run?  I would love to hear about it.

 I will be in Richmond Virginia but they have others around the country.  Click on the link below to check it out, grab some girls and go have some muddy fun!

Pretty Muddy!

10 Responses to “Pretty Muddy FUN!”

  1. Erica says:

    I have done this event before and it is awesome! I posted pictures from it on my Facebook page as well as the wall of pretty muddy

  2. april says:

    I do mud runs and I love them!!! I find them very empowering! Have a blast 🙂

  3. april3006 says:

    I do mud runs and I love them! I am signed up for about one a month for the rest of the year…lol…I find them to be very empowering. Have fun!!!!

  4. I did it last year, it was SO much fun!!

  5. Barbara affinito says:

    I would love to do a mud run but my hip won’t allow it. Thanks for including me in the information. I can cheer! Any running opportunities I would love to be a part of. Thanks so much.
    Barb affinito

  6. Congrtats! Looks like tons of fun!

  7. Gigi says:

    I have not done this one but I have done a bunch from the Merrill Down and Dirty to Spartans and I LOVE THEM!!!!

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