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Say What? Runner “Lingo” 101

on March 25, 2013

Runner:   “I got a PR this weekend”

Co-worker, family member or non-running friend:   “You got a what? When? And should you see a Doctor for some antibiotics?”

Have you been here?  I have.  Are you a newer runner and have no idea what I am talking about?  I was there once too!  A PR?  Fartlek?  LOL, lets’s break it down a bit.  Check out this fun guide to some basic runner “lingo”

So what the heck is a________ anyway?

PR or PB –  PR or PB stands for Personal Record or Personal Best, it’s when you set a new personal time record for a run.  NOTE: You should totally use this whenever you run a new race or distance because well, you have an automatic PR and it sounds really impressive 😉

POP – Port-o-Pottie, sometimes a runners best friend. Note:  Watch out for splash because you don’t want blue butt and more than likely you won’t be the first one in there for the day…ewww 🙂

Download – one of the main uses for POP (see above)….or emptying your bowels pre-race

Half Mary = half marathon

Full Mary = full marathon

Taper – the one, two or three weeks before a marathon or half marathon when you cut back on your milage in preperation for race day.  You can rest, your body can recover and you an mentally prepare for your race.  Note: It may also make your crazy because you don’t know what to do with yourself.  So find a project, clean a closet….just find something productive to do with yourself.

Running types:

Overpronater (or Overpronation) – excessive inward rolling of the foot when landing while you run.  A good indicator is that the inside of your shoe soles are worn. (wearing the correct sneakers will help, getting fitted for the right shoe will save you pain, money and time)

Underpronater (or Underpronation or Supination) when your foot doesn’t roll in enough while running.  The outer part of your soles will show the most wear. (wearing the correct sneakers will help, getting fitted for the right shoe will save you pain, money and time)

Types of Training Runs:

fartlek – Ha, ha, ha…no it’s not what your thinking….fartlek is Swedish for “speed play” it’s a form of interval training and involves varying your pace throughout your run.

LSD – perfectly legal 🙂  This is your weekly long run done at a slow comfortable pace Long, Slow Distance

Easy Run = a run done at an “easy” pace.  Not sure of your pace?  You should be able to carry on a conversation (full sentences) while running an easy run.

Tempo Run = Torturous Runs, lol, just kidding.  Not my personal favorite, can you tell?  Are runs that are done at a steady effort level. They help you develop your lactate threshold, which in turn will help you run faster.  Want to find out more about Tempo Runs click here for a great article from Runner’s World

OK, ok what is lactate threshold? =

it’s the point where the lactic acid builds in the here for more info about Lactate threshold from
Injury/Problem Section:

RICE – some of the best advice you can get when you have an injury (although not always the easiest to follow when all you want to do is run)   Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

Runner’s Trots – also a main reason for POP….basically its poop … emergency poop. nuff said.

ITBS –Iliotibial band syndrome is one of the leading causes of lateral knee pain in runners and also hip pain….Note: basically my feakin’ knee/hip hurts when I run, make it stop!  Click here if you think you might have it for more info from Web MD.

Shin Splints –  your shins hurt like heck when your running and even sometimes when you’re not.  When I had them it was an achy shin that came and went throughout the day..they suck.  Click here if you think you might have them for more info from Web MD.   See RICE for some relief.

Train Like a Mother the book has a ton more fun run “lingo”  and some great half and full training plans.

Thanks to my facebook friends they reminded me of a few I left off the list 🙂  So here goes:

Snot Rocket (from Amy K)- when your running without tissues and your really, really need to blow your nose.  What to do?  Plug one side and blow (preferably away from yourself and other people)  eww, but a neccessity sometimes

Negative Splits (Stephanie F) – gradually increasing each mile (or any predetermined distance) at a faster pace then the previous mile/distance.  Incorporating these can help  increase your endurance and pace.  Here is more info on Negative Splits from Pop Sugar Fitness

Honorable Mention to Darcy C who also mentioned Fartleks and says ” I figure I will officially be a runner when “fartlek” no longer makes me giggle.” 

So get out there PR, hit the POP early, do some fartleks and most of all Run Find your Happy Pace!

*** I am sure I have missed some good ones!  So what’s your funniest runner “lingo” you’ve ever heard? ***

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  1. Hahaha! Thanks!!! I learned a lot of running lingos today!!! 🙂

  2. LOL! I love it!! Oddly, I didn’t know a couple of these 🙂

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