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finding my happy pace in running and life

Don’t Hate Me Because My “Fit” is Different Than Yours

** First let me say I am not a trainer, nutritionist or a certified anything.

I have completed 9 half marathons, numerous  5k’s to 10 milers.  I also lift weights and I enjoy HIIT workouts.  NONE of those things make me a bad person.


If you “run” in online fitness circles than I am sure a lot of you have been hearing negative talk about running lately, especially distance running.  I sure know I have.

Running is bad for you, running will make you / keep you FAT.

Running is the opposite of healthy?

What the???  

Although I have read numerous articles the thing that bothers me the most is the Runner Bashing!?  Now first of all let me say I believe everyone has their idea of healthy and fit.  And just like “un-fit” body types, in my opinion, there are also many “fit / healthy” types.  I like to think I fall somewhere in between the runners and the builders.  If you’re a fast-ass distance runner (not me btw) and that’s your passion than you’re not going to need / want a ton of muscle bulk.  On the other hand if you’re a beast in the weight department and that’s your passion than distance running is probably not for you.  Are either wrong…NO, NO, NO!!!

Let me explain.  As far as running goes for me

  • I love the way a good run makes me feel.  A speedy short run to a long slow distance run
  • Sticking too and completing a multi-month training plan takes determination and persistence.  That not only includes time, but sometimes that time is really, really early or cold, or hot, or humid (or all the aforementioned)
  • Crossing the finishing line of a half or full marathon is a high that people who have not done it cannot understand
  • To get to that finish line I must be diligent in fueling my body properly to get there
  • my heart is healthy as a horse.  My doctor said “You must be a runner” when she listened to it
  • if I didn’t love it, I would stop doing it

Now on the other hand  I also like….

  • Lifting weights. It makes me feel strong
  • HIIT training makes me sweat like a beast….and I like it
  • Watching my body change is very satisfying
  • Getting my body to physically change takes determination and persistence (hmm that sounds familiar)
  • To get change I must be diligent and fuel my body properly for the process (again…familiar?)

Do I personally want a more “fit” looking physic?  You betcha, but what I consider “fit” may not be what you consider fit, and you know what…THAT”S OK!!

So I guess what I mean is that I think its time to step back and give each other a pat on the back because whether you run or lift or both:

  1. your ass is not sitting on the couch
  2. if you are running or lifting or whatever,  you are taking a lot more interest in your health than someone watching tv and downing a bag of Doritios
  3. who said one body type is the perfect body type?
  4. Can’t we just all get along 😉
  5. And most of all “Are you finding your happy “Healthy” pace in life.  If you answered yes, then your on the right path for YOU!!!!!!

Just as the world has many different colors, nationalities and faiths of people, so does the fitness world have many, many different types of “fit”.  Is one better than the other?  I don’t think so.  If we were all meant to look and do and be the same, I am sure God would have made us that way.

Oh and did I mention I enjoy yoga?  Yup I do.  Hope that doesn’t make me crazy?  And lets not even get started on my “unhealthy” love for cupcakes, lol.


Make Monday A New Start

So seems lately Monday’s have turned into kind of a motivational day for me. 🙂  Quick posts with, what hopefully you also find, a motivational message.

I am trying to use Mondays as a re-set day.  A way to set my tone for the week instead of oh my gosh it’s Monday!!!  Ahhhhh!!

Sounds like a good plan to me!  What do you think?

Make it a great week!



There are no Small Victories

Since when does a victory have to be a HUGE accomplishment?  In running and life be sure to celebrate your victories daily….

Find your Happy Pace in running and LIFE!



Are you a runner? I think yes.

Quick post today.  I know some people question whether they should call them selves a “runner” or not.  I say yes and here is why….


Get out there and run.  Your pace, your distance.  It not about being the best, its about being the best you!


Happy Pace Rewind

I haven’t had an official half marathon race since Nike in April.  Bummer.  However on the plus side I haven’t had a training plan since April, kinda cool.  I have more or less been on a continual training plan for a year or more.

My initial thoughts after Nike were “I am going to keep my long runs between 6 – 10 each week.”  That would keep me easily ready for my next half…whenever that would be.  Nice thoughts but that’s about all they were, thoughts.  My body and my mind had other plans.  The longest run I have had in over a month has been a 10K.  After Nike I suffered from some knee pain which I believe was from my IT band.  (There have been a string of IT band issues in my chapter of MRTT and I didn’t want to be out for an extended period of time so I backed off.)  However after a week or so I just couldn’t convince myself to go farther than 3 miles and I really pushed myself for the Virtual Cupcake 10k.  But when I took a step back I realized a few things.

It’s time for a….


  • I was pushing myself and NOT finding my happy pace
  • It was kind of nice not to be following a strict training plan
  • I enjoy HIIT workouts
  • I am really enjoying weight training
  • Why do runs always have to be long?
  • Maybe it was time to relax a bit and find my happy pace again

Does continual training work for some people?  Of course!  But for me I just needed a mental and physical “break” in my running.   Its been a nice and relaxed time for me. I have been running 1 to 3 miles 4 days a week.  My short (less than 2 miles) runs have now become my interval runs, working on some speed.  I continue to do HIIT training.  I have one more week of the current program I am on.  I have also added more weight training.

So I set a few new goals…hey a girls gotta have goals.  I joined a Sub 30 5k group hoping they will help motivate me to get under 30…nope I have never done that.  I also decided that I really, really want to put on some muscle so I have been working on that too.

I have a few runs on the agenda.  Pretty Muddy in September and last week I did sign up for The Rock n Roll Half Marathon RELAY with one of my running buddies Allie.  I decided to not force myself to train for the half this year.  The last two VB RnR’s have been pretty brutal as far as heat goes.

However I want to smash my time in the relay 🙂  Hey, like I said a girls gotta have a goal…. or two 🙂

So what about you?  Have you ever had to rewind to find your Happy Pace again?


Pink Awareness Winners! Thank You and Congrats!!!

Thank you so much for helping me raise funds for Breast Cancer Research!

I will be running Komen for the cure with my husband and kids in October in honor of my sister and mother.

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