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Don’t Hate Me Because My “Fit” is Different Than Yours

on June 25, 2013

** First let me say I am not a trainer, nutritionist or a certified anything.

I have completed 9 half marathons, numerous  5k’s to 10 milers.  I also lift weights and I enjoy HIIT workouts.  NONE of those things make me a bad person.


If you “run” in online fitness circles than I am sure a lot of you have been hearing negative talk about running lately, especially distance running.  I sure know I have.

Running is bad for you, running will make you / keep you FAT.

Running is the opposite of healthy?

What the???  

Although I have read numerous articles the thing that bothers me the most is the Runner Bashing!?  Now first of all let me say I believe everyone has their idea of healthy and fit.  And just like “un-fit” body types, in my opinion, there are also many “fit / healthy” types.  I like to think I fall somewhere in between the runners and the builders.  If you’re a fast-ass distance runner (not me btw) and that’s your passion than you’re not going to need / want a ton of muscle bulk.  On the other hand if you’re a beast in the weight department and that’s your passion than distance running is probably not for you.  Are either wrong…NO, NO, NO!!!

Let me explain.  As far as running goes for me

  • I love the way a good run makes me feel.  A speedy short run to a long slow distance run
  • Sticking too and completing a multi-month training plan takes determination and persistence.  That not only includes time, but sometimes that time is really, really early or cold, or hot, or humid (or all the aforementioned)
  • Crossing the finishing line of a half or full marathon is a high that people who have not done it cannot understand
  • To get to that finish line I must be diligent in fueling my body properly to get there
  • my heart is healthy as a horse.  My doctor said “You must be a runner” when she listened to it
  • if I didn’t love it, I would stop doing it

Now on the other hand  I also like….

  • Lifting weights. It makes me feel strong
  • HIIT training makes me sweat like a beast….and I like it
  • Watching my body change is very satisfying
  • Getting my body to physically change takes determination and persistence (hmm that sounds familiar)
  • To get change I must be diligent and fuel my body properly for the process (again…familiar?)

Do I personally want a more “fit” looking physic?  You betcha, but what I consider “fit” may not be what you consider fit, and you know what…THAT”S OK!!

So I guess what I mean is that I think its time to step back and give each other a pat on the back because whether you run or lift or both:

  1. your ass is not sitting on the couch
  2. if you are running or lifting or whatever,  you are taking a lot more interest in your health than someone watching tv and downing a bag of Doritios
  3. who said one body type is the perfect body type?
  4. Can’t we just all get along 😉
  5. And most of all “Are you finding your happy “Healthy” pace in life.  If you answered yes, then your on the right path for YOU!!!!!!

Just as the world has many different colors, nationalities and faiths of people, so does the fitness world have many, many different types of “fit”.  Is one better than the other?  I don’t think so.  If we were all meant to look and do and be the same, I am sure God would have made us that way.

Oh and did I mention I enjoy yoga?  Yup I do.  Hope that doesn’t make me crazy?  And lets not even get started on my “unhealthy” love for cupcakes, lol.

20 Responses to “Don’t Hate Me Because My “Fit” is Different Than Yours”

  1. Pam says:

    Love this post Darlena. I must have been under a rock when all the negative posts were on the net, but running or exercising is your own choice and judging others is just not cool. I try to encourage other people in their fitness endeavors, but think, like you, that everyone should do what they like. I would like to tell the haters to have a cupcake! 🙂

  2. I haven’t seen any running bashing, but I do believe that it’s out there! I just started attending a total body weights class at my University’s gym because I want to get faster, stronger, and a tighter physique, but people can tell that I am “fit” or “in-shape” even if I am not all muscles! I hate that our society is all about comparisons. It’s silly. I don’t care what you do, don’t care about what I do!

  3. Yay for cupcakes!

    I think there will always be haters of everything. I file the opinions appropriately (in the circular receptacle) and go about my business. There is no shame or harm in being active, no matter what form that takes.

  4. I love this post girl! SO true!!!

  5. Thank you for this post! It is completely true and it reinforces why I love to run 🙂 People always tell me, “you look so fit, you are so fast, how do you do it?” I always respond with, “a lot of hard work, discipline and determination and I am still working on it!”.

  6. wdickson210 says:

    This is absolutely one of the best articles I have read this week. 😉 I am alsways able to directly relate to many of your articles, but this one hits home. I mentally defeat myself by focusing on items mentioned in this article. You’re right! Being fit is doing something- MY way. I can’t be fit my someone else’s standards. What works for them, may not work for me. Thanks!!!

  7. I love lifting weights too but running just invigorates me! I know all the reasons why some people think it’s not good for you, and I say BAH. I don’t care. I love it. So there. 🙂

  8. I love the quote on the top of this article. It is so true, and I completely agree with you 100%. Either way, as long as we’re aiming toward a healthy lifestyle, that’s all that matters!

  9. Kim says:

    I love this!! I think it is easy to fall into a comparison trap with fitness and I know there is plenty of “judging/ranking” fitness – I love the idea of everyone just realizing that my fit is different than yours and that is OK!!

  10. Karen :0) says:

    You made SO many good points here. I agree that what is right for one may not be right for another.

  11. Cindy says:

    I have to constantly fight myself for feeling so slow. I finished the MCM in 6:45:45 and all I could focus on was that I was almost too slow to finish, but then I have to remind myself I finished a freakin’ marathon! Like you, I have run a lot of half-marathons (eight or so – can’t remember, but I have two more this year) and numerous 5Ks, 8Ks, 10Ks, 14Ks, and 10 milers. I will be 43 next month and other than my PFAs I ran during my 23 years in the Navy (69 miles), I do not have a Runner’s World running physique. I have only been running since I was 37. I see women that run faster and have been running a lot less time and wonder why can’t I do that and realize it’s a choice I make to not train as dedicated as they do, but I do get that runner’s high crossing the finish line so I continue to sign up and run. I love your blog. It was a real pleasure meeting you at the CHKD 8K, and keep up this blog. It’s amazing!

    • Thanks Cindy for taking the time to post. I too am not super fast and I started running about the same time in life as you. Its just so important that you do what works for you. It was a pleasure to meet you too and thanks for your kind words. 🙂

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