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Motivational Monday Aug 26,2013

I hope this post motivates you to take action.  Do your self exam, make your appointment, and join me in raising funds to find a cure through my Pink Awareness Virtual 5k, 10k or half marathon.  Very cool swag included 😉  Check out all the info in the events tab on my Facebook Page.


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Why I am NOT a Jerk and Neither are YOU


A running friend sent me an interesting blog link last night…

So apparently this pic of my car (you may have seen it)


has been used in a rather non-flattering anti-runner blog post?  Side note:  This pic is a bit old and I now have 9 flowers…too offensive?  lol.  The post was NOT directly targeted at my blog (just my picture was used not my blog name etc) so it wasn’t literally personal.  Nevertheless I will NOT be linking to that article because I personally found the blog page’s additional content offensive and don’t want to direct my online friends there. (some people will use anything to boost hits)  Sorry not my deal.  If you have read it and you’re a runner you probably weren’t that happy about it anyway.  Can you imagine what he must think of my “I run for cupcakes” decal….oh the horror 😉

As for me after reading the post (yes runners do read by the way) Susan from Runner Decals and I decided to spread the joy of Peace Runner Girl decals around a lot more 🙂  because well I love mine, I love to see other cars with running decals and I love to share 🙂  ….. see totally NOT a jerk.  Plus if we get additional decals spread all around the country maybe the author will get to see even more of them every day!  Wohoo!  That sounds fun and makes me giggle on the inside 😉  ok it makes me LOL.

So first off kudos to my good buddy Susan and her Runner Decals because apparently her designs and my ideas were cool / obnoxious enough to garner the attention of this blog amongst a sea of  other runner related posts out there floating in cyber space.  My car decals are now famous, hehe.

I’m fairly certain I am not a jerk and neither are you.  However, let free speech rule!

On the other hand we as runners do understand each other and that’s what counts.  Running is fun, it keeps us healthy, sane and most of all we are a strong, supportive community.

So keep running, keep smiling and keep finding your happy pace peeps 🙂

Oh and how about we give a few more of those now famous Runner Girl decals away 🙂

 Want a Peace Runner Girls to plaster your ride 🙂  Click on the rafflecoppter link to enter.  Top right corner.

Due to free rafflecopter set up this contest will not officially open until tomorrow. – don’t worry I will remind you 🙂

****Contest Starts Aug. 24th and runs thru August 31st****


Frozen Dark Chocolate Protein Shake

The first time I ever had frozen hot chocolate was with Cara my buddy from over at Running In Sanity during our celebratory dinner after Nike DC.

Recently I found a recipe for a frozen hot chocolate protein drink.  I loved the idea BUT didn’t agree with all the ingredients 100%.  I do not use “diet” hot chocolate.  I do my best to steer away from aspartame, sucralose etc.  They also added stevia.  So they took out real sugar, added fake crap and then put in stevia?  Seemed kinda strange to me.  Call me crazy but I prefer raw sugar and yes I eat real butter too, but that is a whole different topic.  Anyway I went with Organic Hot Cocoa that uses raw cane sugar in it.

So this is how I reconfigured it and made it dark and delicious:

1) switched to dark chocolate (because I love, love, love dark chocolate)

2) I used Green & Black’s brand organic dark hot chocolate mix instead of diet hot cocoa (yuck)

3) Dark Chocolate Cocoa powder instead of milk chocolate powder

4) I added a half cup of coconut milk because I didn’t want to add whip cream (which was suggested in the original recipe)

5) I used my fav – Garden of Life Raw protein powder

Ended up with 32 grams of protein thanks to my protein powder and cottage cheese. Not too shabby!

It was AWESOME 🙂  Maybe not something I would have everyday…well maybe 😉  But I thought I would share:  I took this straight from my MyFitnessPal page:


Runfyhp Frozen Dark Chocolate Smoothie

Blue Diamond – Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla 30 Calorie 1/2 cup 15 1 1 1 1
Cottage Cheese – Cottage Cheese Breakstone’s – Small Curd Fat Free, 1/2 Cup (120g) 80 8 0 11 0
Garden of Life – Raw Protein Beyond Organic Protein Formula (Vanilla), 23 grams (1scoop) 90 4 0 17 3
Hersheys – Dark Chocolate Cocoa Powder, 1 tbl 10 3 1 1 2
Green & Black’s Organic – Hot Chocolate Drink – Dark Chocolate, 4 tsp 80 15 2 2 2
Add Food

275 31 4 32 8

10 -12 ice cubes

Mixed in my Vitamix….YUM

Totals:   275 Calories, 31 gm carbs,  4 gm fat,  32 gm protein, 8 gm fiber 


Pink Awareness Cupcake Virtual 5k 10k Half Marathon

My family and I are proud to be participating in Komen for the Cure in October.

I have a strong and close family history of Breast Cancer.  My aunt, mother and most recently one of my sisters has been affected.  I decided it was time for me to make a personal effort to help aid in the fight against Breast Cancer.  I have committed to raising as much money as I can for the cause with the  help of my friend over at Running In Sanity and our Cupcake Virtual Runs for Charity.

So today I am happy to announce that in addition to my Breast Cancer Non-slip Headband fundraiser (for info on that click here) Running In Sanity and I are holding a Virtual Pink Awareness Cupcake 5k, 10k or half marathon.  Not only will you be supporting a great cause you will get a beautiful two-tone pink glittery (because a girls got to have sparkle) diecast custom medal.

 I will be running for my mom, sister and aunt….who will you be running for?

click  to register now:

Look for Pink Awareness Cupcake on the right hand side

5k 10k or half marathon $20

International Races $25

Here is the proof of the medal.


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Motivational Monday – Get it Done

I have to admit this motivational monday was aimed at me 100%  I had a hard time today, but I got out and got it done.  I ran….that is all.  No regrets.



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Non-Slip Headband Fundraiser for Komen for the Cure

Hello all!

My family and I will be running Komen for the Cure in Virginia Beach in October.  I have a close family history of breast cancer and I am in the fight to help find a cure!  My mother (10 year survivor) aunt and now my sister have all been affected by Breast Cancer.  That’s way to close to home for me!!  I hope you will consider donating to the cause.  Please visit my Facebook Page

Run Find your Happy Pace 

for complete details on how to donate and get your choice of one of these sparkly breast cancer awareness headbands.  Thanks for your consideration.


#findacure #breastcancersucks

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Runfyhp Hill on the Mill Workout

Disclaimer:  Runfyhp is not about being fast, it’s about being your own personal best.  This workout is to help me achieve that.  If you’re looking for advice on how to be a fast a$$ runner I am sure I can point you in the right direction…it’s just not here 🙂  

Also note that I am not a running coach or trainer, I adapted this from a workout I had found.  If you do try it do so at your own fitness level and at your own risk.  Cover my a$$ over, Enjoy!

I seriously need to get my boo-tox in running shape for the Rock n Roll relay labor day weekend.  Yea for me for not signing up for the half…good call.  This summer I have been doing Body Beast in an attempt to put on some muscle.  (Future post on that.)   I have been running but not more than about 6-10 miles a week. (yes that was week, not day)  Thank goodness I have been doing at least that.  However its time to get back on track so I don’t totally tank my relay.  I was also feeling frustrated over some personal issues so was looking to blow off some serious “sparkle”.  Hill = extra sparkle.

Side note: A nice hard rockin playlist doesn’t hurt for this workout.  Suggested playlist:  Disturbed – Stupified; Rihanna – Hard; Drowning Pool – Bodies; Nickelback – Animals, etc.

While going through some old workouts I found a sheet with a hill workout I used to do.  I was signed up to do a hilly half in CT this past May.  This was my best attempt to prepare for it.  Virginia Beach is well…pretty darn flat.  Due to the hubby’s unexpected deployment that race never happened but the workout is a good one.  (That’s if you like hills and sweat and pushing yourself a bit.)

Anyway I decided I really needed to up the ante so to speak so I decided to pull out this workout.  I am going to try to put it into my rotation once a week until the relay.  I cannot remember where I found it but I have adapted it to my own specs. because I’m cool like that.


Actually that isn’t true.  It’s because my top speed on a hill is NOT 6.5 as was on the original.

Here is my version and it uses speeds of 5.0 – 5.4 which is good for me on a hilly course.  Remember to warm up / cool down / and do a good post workout stretch.  Times and speeds can and should be adjusted (up or down) to your fitness level.   Walk breaks on an incline are not a bad thing in my opinion, if I have to take them I do so but keep the incline.  The workout is about 40 min and you should cover just about 3 miles of rolling hills.



Motivational Monday – The Elements of Sparkle According to Me

For those of you that follow me on a regular basis, you have probably heard me talk about how I love to “Sparkle” aka: sweat/glisten.  So I thought it might be fun to look at what S.P.A.R.K.L.E. means according to me, Runfyhp.  So here it goes…

I hope you do something to get your “Sparkle” on this week!


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