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Frozen Dark Chocolate Protein Shake

on August 21, 2013

The first time I ever had frozen hot chocolate was with Cara my buddy from over at Running In Sanity during our celebratory dinner after Nike DC.

Recently I found a recipe for a frozen hot chocolate protein drink.  I loved the idea BUT didn’t agree with all the ingredients 100%.  I do not use “diet” hot chocolate.  I do my best to steer away from aspartame, sucralose etc.  They also added stevia.  So they took out real sugar, added fake crap and then put in stevia?  Seemed kinda strange to me.  Call me crazy but I prefer raw sugar and yes I eat real butter too, but that is a whole different topic.  Anyway I went with Organic Hot Cocoa that uses raw cane sugar in it.

So this is how I reconfigured it and made it dark and delicious:

1) switched to dark chocolate (because I love, love, love dark chocolate)

2) I used Green & Black’s brand organic dark hot chocolate mix instead of diet hot cocoa (yuck)

3) Dark Chocolate Cocoa powder instead of milk chocolate powder

4) I added a half cup of coconut milk because I didn’t want to add whip cream (which was suggested in the original recipe)

5) I used my fav – Garden of Life Raw protein powder

Ended up with 32 grams of protein thanks to my protein powder and cottage cheese. Not too shabby!

It was AWESOME 🙂  Maybe not something I would have everyday…well maybe 😉  But I thought I would share:  I took this straight from my MyFitnessPal page:


Runfyhp Frozen Dark Chocolate Smoothie

Blue Diamond – Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla 30 Calorie 1/2 cup 15 1 1 1 1
Cottage Cheese – Cottage Cheese Breakstone’s – Small Curd Fat Free, 1/2 Cup (120g) 80 8 0 11 0
Garden of Life – Raw Protein Beyond Organic Protein Formula (Vanilla), 23 grams (1scoop) 90 4 0 17 3
Hersheys – Dark Chocolate Cocoa Powder, 1 tbl 10 3 1 1 2
Green & Black’s Organic – Hot Chocolate Drink – Dark Chocolate, 4 tsp 80 15 2 2 2
Add Food

275 31 4 32 8

10 -12 ice cubes

Mixed in my Vitamix….YUM

Totals:   275 Calories, 31 gm carbs,  4 gm fat,  32 gm protein, 8 gm fiber 

2 Responses to “Frozen Dark Chocolate Protein Shake”

  1. This sounds amazing! Did you add the cottage cheese in just for extra protein, or to add flavor as well?

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