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Why I am NOT a Jerk and Neither are YOU

on August 23, 2013


A running friend sent me an interesting blog link last night…

So apparently this pic of my car (you may have seen it)


has been used in a rather non-flattering anti-runner blog post?  Side note:  This pic is a bit old and I now have 9 flowers…too offensive?  lol.  The post was NOT directly targeted at my blog (just my picture was used not my blog name etc) so it wasn’t literally personal.  Nevertheless I will NOT be linking to that article because I personally found the blog page’s additional content offensive and don’t want to direct my online friends there. (some people will use anything to boost hits)  Sorry not my deal.  If you have read it and you’re a runner you probably weren’t that happy about it anyway.  Can you imagine what he must think of my “I run for cupcakes” decal….oh the horror 😉

As for me after reading the post (yes runners do read by the way) Susan from Runner Decals and I decided to spread the joy of Peace Runner Girl decals around a lot more 🙂  because well I love mine, I love to see other cars with running decals and I love to share 🙂  ….. see totally NOT a jerk.  Plus if we get additional decals spread all around the country maybe the author will get to see even more of them every day!  Wohoo!  That sounds fun and makes me giggle on the inside 😉  ok it makes me LOL.

So first off kudos to my good buddy Susan and her Runner Decals because apparently her designs and my ideas were cool / obnoxious enough to garner the attention of this blog amongst a sea of  other runner related posts out there floating in cyber space.  My car decals are now famous, hehe.

I’m fairly certain I am not a jerk and neither are you.  However, let free speech rule!

On the other hand we as runners do understand each other and that’s what counts.  Running is fun, it keeps us healthy, sane and most of all we are a strong, supportive community.

So keep running, keep smiling and keep finding your happy pace peeps 🙂

Oh and how about we give a few more of those now famous Runner Girl decals away 🙂

 Want a Peace Runner Girls to plaster your ride 🙂  Click on the rafflecoppter link to enter.  Top right corner.

Due to free rafflecopter set up this contest will not officially open until tomorrow. – don’t worry I will remind you 🙂

****Contest Starts Aug. 24th and runs thru August 31st****

9 Responses to “Why I am NOT a Jerk and Neither are YOU”

  1. judaruna says:

    I saw the other blog. I thought it was silly and sarcastic and it made me proud to say I’m a jerk however it did bring me to your awesome blog which is much more awesome!

  2. Wow, yeah I’ve seen the “article” floating around. GREAT post!! keep rocking your decals

  3. I don’t know what you are referring to, but I love those decals!!! I dot see why the big deal is?! Oh well. I may have to check out your friends site for those decals!! Thank you!!

  4. Karen :0) says:

    Persinally, I like your decal and I don’t think you are a jerk. Some people are poo-heads. :0)

  5. I love your decal and do not think you are a jerk. I haven’t read the article, but I’m sure it stemmed from jealousy. Usually does.

  6. Maryalicia Verdecchia says:

    How awesome he used your pic! I know a celebrity!!!

  7. I also LOVE your decal combo. I have a colorful 13.1 sticker ready and waiting to be proudly slapped onto my vehicle this November. 😉 By the way… the link to your Twitter account in the rafflecopter popup is incorrect (you left out the “h”)… and is not linking to your twitter page.

  8. marylynn78 says:

    Love the decal! Found you in my quest to find the decal in the “jerk” satire.

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