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Let’s talk Hydration

on September 13, 2013

** Please note this is my personal review of Oral IV.  I was provided with free samples but was not monetarily compensated nor required to provide a positive review in any way by Oral IV.  The following opinions expressed are 100% my own.  You should decide for yourself what is right for you.

So your going to run or workout and get a really, really good sweat on. Great feeling right?  But maybe you’ll end up a little drained or tired too.  I know for me, especially when running long or in the extreme heat, one of the first things I think about is hydration.  I also tend to have a sensitive stomach.  My normal hydration of choice is good old H2O.  However I was recently sent a 4 pack sample of a product called Oral I.V. (rapid hydration ultra concentrate)  The product comes in break open tubes and are available in packs of 4.


Oral I.V. is a orderless tasteless concentrate that you add to water.  It’s as simple as breaking open the tube and mixing it with 16 oz of water.  Per the company it is ideal to use it before and during lengthy / strenuous exercise.  Another great feature is they contain no sugar, sugar substitutes and no stimulants.  So no overly sweet taste or fizz.  Those are all big positives for me because of my sensitive stomach.  Can I say that it “worked”?  I think so.   I can tell you  I felt good after my long run and didn’t have any side effects such as stomach upset which I have gotten with other sweetened products.

I will be trying the additional vials I received over the next coming long runs to see how it goes.

Want to learn more or try some for yourself?    Check out Oral I.V.

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