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Rock n Roll Relay Recap

on September 7, 2013

Last Weekend I participated in my 3rd Rock n Roll in Virginia Beach.  VB Rock n Roll was also the first half marathon I ever ran back in 2011.

After last years extreme heat I promised myself I would not run it again, it was just brutal.  I don’t remember much from after that race.  I do remember bumping into people (literally) on the way to get my checked gear.  I remember having no idea what the heck I did with all the power bars someone handed me after the race.  By the way I found them two days later in my Sparkle Skirts Pocket?!  I do remember my skirt was literally dripping with sweat onto my feet while I was waiting for some friends to finish and thinking “did I just have an accident?”  Seriously it was crazy hot and humid and the “feels like” temp was 102!  You get the picture.

I digress, so this year I opted for the relay.  My good friend Allie jumped in as my partner.  All the fun of RnR with only half the sweat 😉  Team Happy Pace finished in 36th place in the all women’s group, not too shabby.  My part of the relay left much to be desired however.  Again the weather this year is was hot and humid.  I ran too much on the treadmill over the summer and I paid the price during the race.  I didn’t finish as fast as hoped but I got it done.  I have to admit I was a bit envious of those I saw finishing the half.  I am sending big props out to my friends that did do the half, especially Cara from Running In Sanity.  She finished it despite some obstacles.  I am proud to call her friend and super half marathoner 🙂  I was also proud of Cara’s sister Sarah for doing her first race ever!   Do I regret not doing the half?  Yes and no.  I think this was the right decision for me this year, but my heart yearned for 13.1.

Here are some pics from last weekend.    Upper left some of the girls from MRTT Virginia Beach/Chesapeake, Upper right me and Allie “Team Happy Pace” Lower right Sarah at her first race ever!


4 Responses to “Rock n Roll Relay Recap”

  1. I ran that race, too, and I can’t believe how hot it was…the minute I walked out of the door in the morning, I knew it was going to be bad. I ran so slow but I finished and that’s all that matters, right!? Great job!! 🙂

  2. I ran that race, too, and I couldn’t believe how hot it was! As soon as I walked out the door in the morning, I knew it was going to be bad! I ran slow but I finished and that’s all that matters, right!? Great job to you and your relay partner!

  3. I ran the half, you’re right, it was a scorcher! I was dumping water on myself from the first aid station on. It was a great course though.

    Congrats on your successful relay, fabulous!

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