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Wicked 10k Race Recap 2013

Last Saturday I participated in my third Wicked 10k race here in Virginia Beach.  The morning started out down right chilly with temps in the upper 30’s which is cold for this time of year in VA.  I was a tad worried that I was not going to be warm enough in my bunny costume, but in the end decided to go with it anyway.  I did however add a sweatshirt and gloves….brr.

This race is always an entertaining one.  While some run the race for time tons of people go all out for the costume contest and this year was no exception.  I am always amazed at some of the creativeness and just craziness of some runners.  There was a Scooby Doo crew complete with Mystery Machine Van, the entire Duck Dynasty crew running in a canoe and a Tiki….yes a Tiki and yes she finished the entire race wearing it!  Check out this awesome pics below..

PicMonkey Collage

For the first half of the race I Ran with my husband, something we never do because he is much faster than me.  He let me pace and we had a great time checking out the costumes and talking.  Problem is I paced a bit too slow.  By the halfway point we separated and both picked up the pace, at our own pace.  I was hoping to finish under last years time, but this day it was not meant to be.  I finished 1 min 15 sec slower than my previous year, but I still had a great time.

The after party had a live band, The Delorean’s 80’s band (check them out here) they were really fun to watch and listen to.  They play all sorts of 80’s music.  Everything from Billy Idol to Toto.  They are a very talented group of musicians and both my husband (who is also an accomplished musician) and I enjoyed the show.  People continued to dance and really get into their Halloween characters.  A big hit was hilarious guy dressed as “Richard Simmons”.  He and his side kick (a woman if full-out Jane Fonda brightly colored thong leotard and tight outfit) really got the crowd up on their feet and enjoying the music.  I wish I had gotten a good picture of them 🙁

J&A racing always does a great job.  Their races are always well run and the swag is always top-notch.  This year we got a long sleeve Halloween themed tech tee at packet pick up our finisher item (other than the awesome medal) was an insulated Wicked 10K coffee mug.  The only thing missing from the post race food was the usual delish bread bowl for our chili.  This year we just got chili in a cup, nevertheless it was much appreciated.  Thanks J&A!



Motivational Monday – Running with Women for Women

This Motivational Monday is going to be a little different because it is also two race recaps.  Last weekend I ran Komen for the Cure in honor of my Mother, Sister and Aunt.  This weekend I ran for the HERA Foundation to help fight Ovarian Cancer.  It feels so good to be running two weeks in a row for great women’s causes.

I participated in Komen for the Cure with my entire family, all five of us.  I made us some cool Team Happy Pace Tie Dye shirts (with the help of Cara from Running In Sanity….ok she is the crafty one)  I added a little number bling to the back.  The kiddos got in to the spirt by wearing crazy socks and clothes.  Together the five of us walked.  We walked for Mom, Grammy, Auntie, Sister and Great Auntie.  Although my family does NOT carry the gene for Breast Cancer, we have had three cases within my direct female line on my mother’s side of the family.  My chances are raised each time, and therefore so are my daughter’s, sisters and nieces.  I was so proud of my hubby and kids!  We walked in the light rain together, sometimes holding hands, telling jokes and getting along.  It was a great day and a memory I will treasure.  Maybe it might seem silly to you, but it meant a lot to me.

Team Happy Pace

Team Happy Pace ;)

This Sunday I ran the Run Like a Girl an all female Trail Race in Virginia Beach.  I ran with team “Moms Run This Town, Virginia Beach/Chesapeake“.  This was my first official trail race and I LOVED it!  I love everything about trails…except snakes, I hate snakes. Luckily there were no snakes Sunday.  Whew!  I ran sans music ( also a  first during a race for me) and enjoyed the beautiful sounds and smells of nature.  Another runner actually said to me “Ahh smells like nature, I love it.”  “Me too” I replied.  🙂

The race was held at First Landing State park, a place my family and I love to run and hike.  As I ran I tried my best to enjoy the beauty around me and NOT look at my Garmin.  I wanted to take in everything about the race without thinking about how far I had left to run.  My feet felt light, the weather was cool and sunny, just perfect for a fall run.  The trails had slight inclines and declines, some sand and a few bridges.  I picked women to pace with and when I passed them I picked someone else ahead of me to pace, that works for me in a race.  The race was originally an 8k but had to be shortened to a 4 miler.

The race was held to raise money to help fight ovarian cancer through the HERA foundation.  After the race a few women spoke about their fight, and for some their continued fight with cancer.  It was very emotional and made me that much prouder to be part of the day.  This was a smaller race, only about 400 women, but I will say it was one of my favorites yet.  I wish it was a 10k or trail half marathon, that would be awesome!  The director of the race notified us that the race would NOT be held at First Landing next year, but for a good reason.  They have gotten too big for the park.  I am hoping it stays a trail run though, its different and it was a great experience.

Team Moms Run This Town Virginia Beach / Chesapeake

Team Moms Run This Town Virginia Beach / Chesapeake


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Motivational Monday Oct 14 2013


What once was may no longer be, as humans we must learn to adapt and grow

Growing can be painful both physically and mentally.  It’s usually not easy.  It’s so

much easier to go through your days with a schedule, a purpose, a plan.  But

if we accept changes as new experiences and opportunities rather than upheaval,

and chaos, maybe we can also grow along with the changes, expand our understanding, look

for opportunities to better ourselves.  Just like a butterfly…..


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Say Hello to Janji – Run for Another

Recently while searching for some new running gear I came across an inspiring company and I wanted to share it with you.

** Please note: I was NOT given items from Janji free of charge.  I approached and contacted them and asked to help spread the word about their great work.  I was offered items at a discounted price.  Opinions expressed are my own and I was not obligated to provide a favorable post in any way.  *** Runfyhp

In my personal life I believe that one of the most important things we are put here for is serving others in any way we can. Wether that’s by giving of your time, financially supporting, or fundraising for a cause your believe in.  With that being said, and running being a big part of my life, I was very excited to “run” across Janji.

So what in the world is Janji and what are they all about?

 Janji is a running apparel company that was started by co-founders Mike and Dave (learn more about how the company got started here).  This isn’t  your run of the mill apparel company by any means.  With the purchase of any product you will do more than just run in some nice gear, you will “Run for Another”.

 Because with every purchase of any Janji product you help fund solutions and raise awareness for the global food and water crisis both in the US and around the world.  

How cool is that!  Funds go to places as close as Boston, MA all the way to Kenya and beyond.

The particular items I purchased will help fund a growing seasons worth of water for a family in Kenya,  six (6) months of clean drinking water to a person in Tanzania, and eight (8) meals to a family in need to the Greater Boston area.

I helped lots of different people all over the world by purchasing items I would normally buy anyway.  The quality of the gear I purchased is top notch.  They have also recently added a whole new line of fall/winter gear in both men and women styles.

PicMonkey Collage

You can learn more about Janji and all the charities they assist by clicking here.  You can also check out all the great gear available by visiting  Janji’s home page.

If you get a chance I hope you take some time to check them out and Run for Another” Janji.  


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Motivational Monday Oct 7 2013

Being human we all want to get things accomplished, to finish the race, to obtain to the prize.  But in running, as with most things in life, its the little steps that are the most important ones.  For without time and struggle we cannot reach the goal we have been searching for.  Small steps are essential to the process for that is when we usually learn and grown the most.  At the time baby steps seem tedious and sometimes monotonous.  But without them we cannot accomplish forward progress.

Just keeping going, taking the small steps and someday the path well-worn with also be the one you may treasure the most.


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