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2013 Elf on the Shelf Winners!

Can you believe the “Elf” season for 2013 has officially come to a close?  We had another wonderful turnout for the Photo Contest this year.  There was so many submissions and such awesome creativity!  You guys really stepped it up this year and it didn’t make the judging easy.  One of my favorite things about the contest is that you all give me great ideas to use for my elf!

I need to take a minute and thank both Running While Mommy and Barking Mad About Running for each sponsoring an iTunes gift card again this year.  I appreciate your support with this contest and throughout the year.  Please check these wonderful ladies out for more inspiration and fun in 2014.

Without further ado….the three winners (each will receive a $10 iTunes gift card to get their groove on in 2014) are, in no particular order…..

2013 EOS


And for our grand prize we had to go with a first and very creative video submission.  A singing elf!  We were laughing out loud and now my kids want a talking elf too!  And our grand prize winner of a $20 iTunes card is……  

“Ice Box Signing Elf” CLICK HERE TO LISTEN 🙂



 Congrats Krista, Lori, Linda and Francesca~

Thanks again for participating everyone!  

Here is looking forward to a happy, healthy and fun 2014. 


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A Look back at the 2013 Shout Out Lists – What a year!

I have had so much fun cheering you all on in 2013.  

Your accomplishments continue to amaze me each week!

What an awesome bunch!

 I hope you have enjoyed the weekly SHOUT OUT as much as I have.  

Have you miss the weekly SHOUT OUT’s in 2013?  No fear just follow me on Facebook

at Run Find your Happy Pace.

Each Thursday we do a shout out sign up and on Friday I compile the list and SHOUT OUT all the weeks racers.

Because after all that hard work, you deserve to get treated like the ROCK STARS you are!

2013so1 2013 so 2 2013so 3


My 2013 Recap and Merry Christmas from Me and Running Santa?

First and foremost I want to say  a BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC thanks to all of you who follow the blog, Facebook, twitter and/or instagram.  I started this page with no preconceived ideas other than to keep my family back home up to date on my running adventures.  You guys have been the ones to make the page a great success.  Blessing to you all, I have enjoyed getting to know and give / receive support from so many of you on our running adventures.

As for the blog:

Well all I can say is Wow!  2013 was a busy, busy year. I am so honored to continue to be a part of both Girls Gone Sporty and Sweat Pink Ambassadors for the second year.

New Communities:

This past year I was excited and blessed to add a bunch of new communities to my blogging circle including Running Bloggers, Happify, IDEA Fitness Bloggers and Miles to Blog.

I also had a blast being part of Team Pretty Muddy and a Color Me Rad Ambassador, 13 in 2013 and the Sub 30 5k Group.

Here is a great pic of all my medals (both “real” and “virtual”) I earned this year participating in 13 in 2013.


Dreams Fulfilled:

I fulfilled a dream to run with Team in Training at Nike Women’s DC back in March.  And in 2013 my and Cara (Running in Sanity) Cupcake Virtual Runs for Charity have raised thousands of dollars for both Team in Training and Susan G. Komen with your help.

I ran my first mud run, my first color run AND I finally pulled out a sub 30 5k!

 So what’s new in 2014?  

I  am excited about continuing on with those great communities in addition I will be adding the following pretty cool items to my list:  Team Tough Chik  2014, Team Pretty Muddy 2014 and attempting to run 14 in 2014!

Have a wonderful Christmas

and I will catch up with you all again in 2014.




I need to thank all the great companies that allowed me to participate with them this year so here goes….

Healthy Suprise, iGlow Running, Runner Decals, Consious Box,, DPI Tees, Shubeez, Zola, Lunatik Athletiks, Oral IV, Janji and The Sox Box.  I hope you all had as much fun with them as I did in 2013.




Runfyhp and Friends Best Races of 2013 in Pics

Over the past few weeks I asked my Facebook followers to send in pics of their best / most memorable running moments of 2013.  I received a vast array of pics.  Everything from Mud Runs and Spartan Races to kids and families.  I really enjoyed looking at all the pics and why they were so special to each of you.

I have been so blessed in 2013 with a fantastic year of running, including being healthy, having great weather for my races and a wonderful travel buddy and friend in Cara from Running In Sanity.

Congrats again to everyone on all your accomplishments over the past year and thanks for sharing your time, kind words and pictures with me.

Enjoy the holidays and here is to a wonderful 2014!!

20131 20135






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Motivational Monday – 12-16-13 Building on our Mistakes

Screen shot 2013-12-15 at 11.12.06 PM


This weekend was my daughters first ever Gymnastics competition.  Before the competition we talked about winning and losing etc.

I keep telling her we will always love her whether she comes in first or last, and that the important thing is to do her best, be humble and remember that this is just one part of what makes her special.  Gymnastics doesn’t define who she is,  it is a piece of a bigger puzzle that makes her unique.

She had four different events.  Two went fantastic….the other two, well not so much.  She was crushed, heck I was a little heartbroken, because I just hate to see my kids hurt.  We hugged and I reminded her of what we had talked about before the meet.  I told her about a 5k I once ran and TOTALLY tanked and that the best thing I did was to sign up for another one and keep running.

But in all honesty it was hard, its one of those life lessons that has to be learned, whether we like it or not.  After a few tears and words of doubt she turned things around by deciding she wants a beam and mats for Christmas so she can work on things at home….Santa get on that 😉

In the end to both our surprise she ended up placing in both of her better events and got 8th overall.  We talked again before bedtime about how God knows how everything will go even before we do.  And we can then use all things, good and bad, and grow from them or dwell on them, the choice is ours.

We choose to build on ours!



CLOSED – The Sox Box Giveaway – “Navy Wife” Sox

Update our winner is….Holly Gustavson, congrats!

Easy peasy Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, let’s have some fun giveaway!

Thank you to The Sox Box for being a great supporter of Runfyhp, our

Pink Awareness Cupcake Race that benefited Susan G Komen Fund

and all around fun people to work with in 2013!

The winner will receive one pair of pink and white Navy Wife socks.


Ready…..set….. GO Navy (Wives)!

Rafflecopter link is on the right hand side of the blog! ——–>

Not a Navy Wife?  No fear we will have a “Happy Pace” socks giveaway coming in a few days!




Finally, Be it Late, Here is my OBX Half Marathon Recap & Meet Jim

And the winner of my 2013 “Better late than never blog”..  If anyone is still interested, lol.   is my review of the OBX Half Marathon.  After having some phone issues (that’s where my pics were) here it is 🙂

Sunday, November 10, 2013 I participated in The Outer Banks Half Marathon.  Regardless of my time (we will get to that later) this race was a big milestone for me.  I broke into double digits for by completing 10 half marathons.  Now I know for some people, ok a lot of people, ten isn’t a big deal.  For me it is HUGE.  You see I was the girl who only 3 1/2 years ago had about zero self-confidence that she could finish even 1 half marathon, in the upright position and still breathing.  I owe a big thank you to 3 very special people and I hope you don’t mind me taking a minute to thank them.

Sue:  You are the one who convinced Alicia and I that we not only could but would finish a half marathon.  You gave us our first training plan and ran all those slow long runs with us.  Thank you for seeing in me what I could not, the confidence I have received through running has spread throughout all aspects of my life.  YOU, Sue, are a true inspiration.

Alicia:  Thank you for being my buddy and close friend over the past 3 1/2 years both in running and life.  When we first met I was on a running hiatus recovering from hip bursitis.  Thanks for asking me to run that almost 5 mile loop with you 5 days a week.  Before we had a GPS and realized just how far we were running, lol!  I am proud of us both from making it from a 5k all the way to a half marathon together!

Cara:  My travel buddy and more importantly my very close friend.  Without you I would NEVER have made it to #10, never become a half fanatic and probably never done a destination race.  You inspire me to keep working on my running by your hard work and persistence.  I am so proud of everything YOU have accomplished in running and life.  You are way past #10 on your journey so congrats to you!


OK so I came into this race with a sense of calm, not from being well-trained but just turning everything over to God.  I had suffered with IT band issues on a few long training runs, this derailed my longest training runs to be 9.5, 10 and 10.5.  A few days before the race I decided to “Keep Calm and carry on”.  There was no sense in worrying about how the race would go or how I would hold up physically.  I knew I would do the best I had that day, whatever that might be.


I left for OBX on Friday and was lucky to have a local Moms Run This Town member, Kate, who was kind enough to provide me with a free room for the weekend.  Thanks Kate!  Saturday was packet pickup and the expo.  It was bigger than I expected and pick up was easy and everything went along smoothly.  We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and walking on the beach.  Both Kate and I had individual concerns about the race, but while walking the beach we saw a glorious rainbow in the sky.  I told Kate I thought for sure that it was a sign that everything would be fine for us both.  God is good and this was just what we both needed.

The race start was only about a mile from the house.  We got up at about 5 and headed out at 6 to meet some other MRTT member who were staying about a half mile away.  Kate and I decided to roll “OBX style” and took two beach cruisers down to meet our friends.  Can’t say I have ever done that before, but it was fun!

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 2.24.46 PM

I had planned to try to run the race with Allie, another MRTT member, as we had done some training runs together.  I got caught in the port-o-pottie line close to start time and we were never able to find each other again.  In the end I think this worked out great for Allie as I would not have wanted to hold her back.



The weather was perfect fall race weather although a tad breezy.  After about mile 2 I was able to shed my warm up jacket, I was glad I brought some arm sleeves as I pulled them up and down a few times on the course.  The course was a beautiful run through the beach neighborhoods.  At one point the water was so close to the road you could actually lean down and touch it!  During miles 1-8  I was pleased with my pace and thoughts of a PR still lingered in my mind.  However soon after my IT band started to bother me, not severe pain but enough to cause concern about the end of the race.  I decided to pull off the course and do some stretching, the main reason?  A big a$$ hill (well bridge actually)

I had tried to practice “hills” but you see there aren’t really hills in VB.  I did my best by doing a rolling hill workout on the treadmill about every other week.  The actually hill was less daunting than it appeared which was quite ominous looking even back at like mile 6 when we caught a view of it.   I was running, be it slowly, up it but I finally decided it might be better to just walk it rather than cause more knee problems.  Good decision, in fact I walked up it faster than many people where running it.

After the bridge my pace slowed considerably, I was worried about my knee, and I got frustrated.  That’s when I noticed an older man (80+ years old) shuffling to my right.  I finally said to him “Are we gonna finish this thing or what?”  He said “Oh yes we’re gonna finish this thing!”  We got to talking and I found out his name is Jim.  I asked him how many half marathons he had done.  “I’m not sure how many halfs, but I have completed 550 (yes that is 550!) FULL Marathons”  What?!  It just blew my mind!  Jim said he has been running for 30+ years.  His comments gave me a boost and I told him I hoped to see him at the finish line.  He said we would have a beer together, I was sad that I never saw Jim after the finish. 🙁

After meeting Jim I looked up and thanked God for sending me some extra inspiration and then I knew I would finish and be happy with my time no matter what it was.  Yes Jim, I was gonna finish this thing with a smile on my face. 🙂

I did finish, about 10 minutes off my PR but this will be one of my favorite running memories…thanks to Jim.



Motivational Monday Dec 9 2013 – The Season for Extra Sparkle

The 2013 Holiday season is in full swing.  Or as I like to look at it “Extra Sparkle Season”   Christmas lights and decorations shine brightly all around town, parties and family gatherings abound.  There really is nothing like the feeling of the Holidays!  On the other hand we are all busy, possible stressed (ok probably stressed) and excited all at once.   Between the shopping, the wrapping, the baking and the crazy kids (please tell me I’m not the only one with crazy kids) the season can really take a told on one’s Sparkle!

So as you go through the season may I suggest you remember a few things to keep your sparkle bright:

1) Let your inner sparkle shine throughout the season.  Let it light the whole world around you.  Be a beacon in what our world has made a busy stressful time.  Remember the true meaning of the season is a one of giving, good will, celebration and love!  Not baking, gifts and all the other things that can derail your mojo.  Be the light to others in these crazy busy times.

Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven

2)Don’t forget to continue to get your sparkle (aka: sweat) on! However, with that being said don’t let there be guilt over a missed workout or overindulging in a meal.  This will surely dull the sparkle within you and we definitely don’t want that!  Being healthy and fit is a process and is NOT made or broken over one meal or even one week.

3)Don’t let others dull your sparkle  Easier said than done at times I know, believe me.  Take a deep breath, say a short prayer do what ever you need to do to keep it glowing.

Sparkle on my friends!  Happy Holidays!



Fun FREE Christmas Ideas for Families

I LOVE Christmas!  At our house we love baking cookies, decorating, having our Elf on the Shelf visit (our’s is named Kayla) and letters from Santa.  I have been searching the web for fun ideas for my family, and thought I would share some of the great ones I have come across.

Here is a list of fun FREE ideas I found to add some holiday memories to your Christmas this year.  Enjoy!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

My little guy was big into writing Santa a letter this year.  Last night our elf Kayla left an adorable North Pole mailbox (psst. I got it at the Dollar Tree) for him so she can do the delivery personally.   In the meantime I have found a wonderful site which allows me to personalize and print a return letter from Santa to him.


Letters from Santa

Letter from Santa Personalized Letter for your child!   (I used the FREE option)

Free Video Message from Santa

PNP (Portable North Pole) (this is awesome and we have done it several years now)

Elf on the shelf ideas!  Great simple ideas for your elf.  

I found some really great blog ideas this year, check them out:

  1. Genius Elf on the Shelf Ideas – from
  2. Top 75 Elf on the Shelf Ideas – from Life Skills Blog
  3. Join my Runfyhp Elf on the Shelf Photo contest here  – get great idea from fellow followers 🙂
  4. Elf on the Shelf 2013 Calendar from – A Little More Blog 

Your kids can keep a live eye on Santa this Christmas Eve!

This is so cute NORAD tracks Santa all Christmas Eve and give updates of where he is, has been etc.  Prior to Christmas you can explore the north pole and play games, listen to holiday music, and learn about Santa and his magic sleigh!

Official Norad Santa Tracker! –


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Welcome Back Everyone!

Where have I been?  Good question.  Well I have been missing you all that’s for sure!  I have been busy getting moved over to a self hosted blog site and I finally got all my subscribers moved over too!  Yeah!!!   I am so excited to connect with you all again.  

If you have a minute please stop on by and check it out.  All the same great features plus cupcakes 😉

Feel free to catch up on what you may have missed by clicking on these past blog links.  So happy to be back on track with you all!

Gift Giving ideas that Give Twice!  (great companies that pay it forward)

Motivational Monday – Thanksgiving and beyond!

Join our Holiday Motivational Event / Challenge

and so much more!!!

Thanks everyone and Happy Holidays!!!


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