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A Look back at the 2013 Shout Out Lists – What a year!

on December 27, 2013

I have had so much fun cheering you all on in 2013.  

Your accomplishments continue to amaze me each week!

What an awesome bunch!

 I hope you have enjoyed the weekly SHOUT OUT as much as I have.  

Have you miss the weekly SHOUT OUT’s in 2013?  No fear just follow me on Facebook

at Run Find your Happy Pace.

Each Thursday we do a shout out sign up and on Friday I compile the list and SHOUT OUT all the weeks racers.

Because after all that hard work, you deserve to get treated like the ROCK STARS you are!

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9 Responses to “A Look back at the 2013 Shout Out Lists – What a year!”

  1. shannonjoe says:

    Those are so cool. How did you make the images?


  2. I am in a whole bunch of those! Looking forward to more about outs in 2014! Thanks for making us all feel awesome-er every week 😉

  3. So fun to see this! I loved it, even though I missed a couple. Great job putting it together.

  4. I always loved the Shout Out List!! So much fun! Thanks for doing this 🙂

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