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Keep it Going! Holiday Motivation Event / Challenge

on December 2, 2013

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Week 2 of our Holiday Motivation Event/Challenge!

Week 2?  Really?  What happened to week 1?  Well we started an event through my Facebook page BUT No worries In case you missed it you can still join us by clicking here Run Find your Happy Pace.


This is a great event to join if you need that extra little motivation between now and January 5th.  We are posting healthy recipes and links and keeping each other accountable.  Hey there have been days that getting in one mile has been a challenge!

This week my goal is to get in at least 10 miles.  My family is super busy with travel between Thanksgiving and New Years but I am determined to keep my exercise up and my sweet consumption to a minimum.  I am sticking to the Motivational Monday that I posted last Monday:




Keep up the great work everyone and remember these tips:

  1. It’s never too late to join us click here for the events page
  2. Any small amount of exercise be it a mile or a walk is always better than none at all
  3. Holiday eating in moderation is key
  4. If you fall off the “healthy eating” wagon for one or even two meals remember it is NOT the end of the world
  5. Enjoy your special times this holiday season without guilt of missing a workout or over eating a meal or two


Would love to hear from you!