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Motivational Monday – 12-16-13 Building on our Mistakes

on December 16, 2013

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This weekend was my daughters first ever Gymnastics competition.  Before the competition we talked about winning and losing etc.

I keep telling her we will always love her whether she comes in first or last, and that the important thing is to do her best, be humble and remember that this is just one part of what makes her special.  Gymnastics doesn’t define who she is,  it is a piece of a bigger puzzle that makes her unique.

She had four different events.  Two went fantastic….the other two, well not so much.  She was crushed, heck I was a little heartbroken, because I just hate to see my kids hurt.  We hugged and I reminded her of what we had talked about before the meet.  I told her about a 5k I once ran and TOTALLY tanked and that the best thing I did was to sign up for another one and keep running.

But in all honesty it was hard, its one of those life lessons that has to be learned, whether we like it or not.  After a few tears and words of doubt she turned things around by deciding she wants a beam and mats for Christmas so she can work on things at home….Santa get on that 😉

In the end to both our surprise she ended up placing in both of her better events and got 8th overall.  We talked again before bedtime about how God knows how everything will go even before we do.  And we can then use all things, good and bad, and grow from them or dwell on them, the choice is ours.

We choose to build on ours!


4 Responses to “Motivational Monday – 12-16-13 Building on our Mistakes”

  1. runsaltrun says:

    My daughter is still very small so we haven’t had to have discussions such as this yet, but I know they are in our future and I love your encouraging words to her. It sounds like your daughter did great and I hope that Santa brings her everything she wants this year. 🙂 Wonderful post!

  2. Pam says:

    It is difficult to watch your child disappointed, but with the “everyone is a winner” attitude that pervades our current society, it is important for them to learn failure as well. You are obviously a very caring and supportive mother, and she is lucky to have you. Good luck to Santa finding those special items on her list!

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