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Motivational Monday Jan 20 2014 – The Power of Laughter

on January 20, 2014

Laughter has to be, without question, one of THE most wonderful expressions a human can experience in life.  You cannot deny the feelings of joy, happiness and exhilaration a really good belly laugh can bring you.  And let’s not forget how contagious it can be!  Is there nothing more wonderful than the giggle of a child’s laughter, or a laugh from so deep in one’s soul it sends you to the ground in tears!  aka ROTF  

It’s one of the few emotions that can cut through other emotions such as sadness, pain and even fear.  And when used in its purest form (I’m not talking about when it’s used to be spiteful or malicious to another for that is not true laughter and joy.)  is it not one of the most delightful gifts God has blessed us with!?  Here is to at least one good belly laugh this week….happy Monday.






6 Responses to “Motivational Monday Jan 20 2014 – The Power of Laughter”

  1. Sami says:

    Great post! I always feel better after a long day of work when I have a chance to laugh with friends or family. It’s therapy!

  2. Who doesn’t love laughing? Thank you for this reminder of how positive it can be in our lives! I know sometimes I start taking life too seriously, so this is a good reminder. And thanks for linking up with Motivate Me Monday as well!

  3. Kim says:

    I love those things that cause a true – can’t stop kind of laugh!! And, my favorite sound is still the sound of my boys laughing!!!

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