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What’s Best for Me in 2014?

on January 22, 2014

I have been thinking about writing this blog for a while.  It’s not an easy one for me to write.  Thanks to my running buddies who I reached out to for support, I can now write it without a heavy heart. So here goes….

2014 will most likely be a nearly race-less year for me.  A time to take a step back and keep the mileage low.  I have been so blessed the past few years to have been able to run and travel to many, many races.  It helped me so much in keeping my motivation and sanity throughout my husbands many deployments.  However this year I have come up against scheduling conflicts with nearly EVERY race I have wanted to enter.  Does it hurt?  Yes to be honest it does, however I need to put my family first and I know it’s the right thing to do.  I am so proud of my kiddos and I know they won’t be “kiddos” forever.  Although the feet say go!  The heart says stay.

Am I done with running?  Hey, hey now just you wait a minute there mister!  Put your pants back on!  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  I just don’t see myself doing any half marathons.  I do however see some virtual races in my future 🙂   If an “actual” race comes up that I can fit in my schedule, I hope to be able to do it, if I am ready and able.  In the mean time I will continue to support others in their fundraising efforts with things like Team in Training.  

Although I know it’s the right decision it hasn’t been an easy one to admit.  I let myself fall into the trap of “racing makes me who I am” instead of  “running is a great part of who I am”.  After weeks of feeling down right sorry for myself I have finally decided to take some really good advice from the following friends:

~ The Sub 30 Club and “Suck it Up Princess!”  and keep running


~Courtney from So Many Miles, So Little Time, who told me “It is TOTALLY OK to not run 5 half marathons or 14 in 14 or do every online challenge you come across.”

Therefore, I am going to make 2014 a great year in so many other ways!  Physically I am using my time to get healthy (my IT band is still acting up) get stronger (more focus on weight training and yoga) and work on eating healthier (thus the year of the veggies).  I also recently went low carb, not exactly the eating style of champion runners, lol.  (more on that in future blogs.)  I am also really excited to put an even bigger effort into growing in my faith.  Because God made me to be the best me I can be whether I am running half marathons or not 🙂

So I hope you all stick with me and I promise to keep cheering you on from the sidelines!  

Have a great year everyone, no matter what you do.  Be your best, have fun and find YOUR happy pace!!!



11 Responses to “What’s Best for Me in 2014?”

  1. I agree with what Courtney said. I actually don’t like to race, so I usually only do 1-2 races a year, and some years, I don’t do any, just run for the love of it. I think you have a great mind set and focus for this year. I wish you the best!!

  2. Wow, good for you Darlena! I focused so much on the number of races in 2013, that I often found myself feeling very burned out. It’s easy to get caught up in the race hoopla and feel compelled to race all the time. I’m planning to take a step back this year as well and try to find a little more balance…friends, dating, other sports, work, other hobbies, etc. 🙂 I hope to see you around HRVA!

  3. runswithhope says:

    You are one awesome mom! I bet this is a hard thing to swallow but as you said, they are only young once. Embrace that and them <3 I'm sure you will lace up throughout the year and I look forward to hearing how amazing 2014 will be for you 🙂

  4. Courtney says:

    It sounds like you are at piece with your decision. It’s so easy to get caught up in racing when that’s only part of what being a runner means. You are going to have an amazing 2014!

  5. I am running less races this year and focusing on really hitting some goals in the ones I do run. I also really want to concentrate on some other fitness options too. I think it’s great, it will make you appreciate the ones you run!
    And your kids will grow up too fast, my baby starts 7th grade this fall and I am in complete denial.

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